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Time Wars

Posted on Wed Sep 11th, 2019 @ 3:51am by Major Azhul Naxea & Varis

Mission: Mission 2: Heaven On Earth
Location: Marine HQ Deck 43
Timeline: Before departure

The more Varis dug through the Elysium the more he realized that it was not just the Captain who could contaminate time, it was anyone with any authority. As such he decided to go meet the Marine CO, a Bajoran according to her service record.

When he arrived at Marine Country he was greeted by a Private who tried to give him the runaround. "Private I was killing people before you stepped from the ooze. I think you should let me see your boss." In short order the imposing El Aurian was standing outside the MCO's door ringing the door chime.

"I want the shipment of our new weapons and equipment from Marine HQ unpacked, processed and stored as fast as possible, Sergeant," Captain Azhul Naxea ordered an Andorain wearing a Marine uniform. Her office was pretty much the standard Federation Spartan D├ęcor save for the guideon holding a SFMC flag and a large picture of Bajor with Deep Space Nine in the background behind her desk.

The Andorian Sergeant nodded. "Yes ma'am."

"Enter," Naxea called to her door, standing. "You're dismissed, Sergeant."

"Aye, ma'am." The Andorian about faced and exited the office.

Varis watched the stone faced Andorian walk out. He took special note of the emotions that the face betrayed. "Captain, good day to you. I am Varis and I thought it best to make the rounds meeting all of the Department heads. I also wanted to meet you in particular." The black eyes of the El Aurian took every movement in, every nuance that the MCO made.

"A pleasure, Mr. Varis. So what did I do to deserve such special attention from you?" Naxea asked, raising a curious eyebrow.

"This is not special attention merely and informal get to know everyone. I am the Assistant Director of the DTI. As such I would like to get to know all of the Department Heads on the ship. What is your view on temporal incursions? I am finding that everyone has something a little different to say about them. And I would imagine that a Marine has a unique view." Varis let his eyes do the walking taking in everything there was to see in the office. One could learn a lot from what people keep in their office.

'Ah, time cops,' Naxea thought for a moment, gushing the man. He didn't look over fifty in age but his eyes and body language said another. "Have a seat, Mister Varis," Naxea offered with a gesture. After she sat back down behind her desk, she paused for a moment before speaking again. "It depends on the purpose of the incursion. Sometimes I believe they're needed but to be honest, it's all gives me a headache. I never did excel in my Temporal Mechanics 101 Class at the Academy."

Varis saw the picture of Bajor and Deep Space Nine. He knew by that picture that like most Bajorans Azhul must be proud of her home, and what it has accomplished. He exhaled deeply and cocked an eyebrow in the Vulcan manner when she said that incursions were at times needed. "Can you tell me when an incursion into the timeline would be warranted?" He crossed his legs as he spoke. This was a line of thinking that was both dangerous and interesting in his line of work.

"Well if an event occurs where it screws up our time then an incursion would be warranted...but then again would we know that time would have been altered? That's why I hate time travel," Naxea admitted.

"And there you have the crux of it. The only way you can be sure that it is warranted is if you experience the time dilation. This is a rare event where you experience the time change first hand but are unaffected by it. Such as what happened to the Enterprise E during it's incursion with the Borg. We at the DTI are first scratching the surface of how to scan time itself and learn when incursions happen and if they should or should not have happened." Varis explained. "Can you tell me do Marines go through any specialized training on how to deal with temporal related emergencies should they find themselves involved in one."

Naxea shook her head. "No. That is usually left up to the Science Department or to follow the basic temporal directives. It's not much but we're fighters, not scientists."

"Perhaps it might be best if you and I began to work on some training protocols. I would rather be safe than sorry. I bet we can make some fighting scientists." Varis said with a smile.

"Knowing some of my Marines...that's highly doubtful," Naxea replied with a grin. "But I will never turn down new training opportunities."

"Thank you and I believe I can make it fun for your team. Just an idea off the top of my head is perhaps during a routine mission your team is trapped in the past. How do they survive? Get home? Not change the timeline?" Varis knew that if he could watch the Marines train he would be able to gauge what is inside their heads. Once he did that he would know all he needed to know about them.

"Fun often has various meanings," Naxea replied. Normally Temporal Officers were a pain in the ass to deal with but so far, this Varis seemed alright. "Alright, did you want to write up the program since you're the temporal expert, or should I."

"It would be my pleasure to create the program. This way the scenario will be equally as surprising to you as to the rest of your unit. Your responses will be ummm..." Varis' voice trailed off as he lost his train of thought for a moment, and his mind wandered. "...real and unhampered." He finished his thought.

"I see...challenge accepted then," Naxea grinned. "I look forward to see what you can come up with."

"Thank you! I will have an outline of the exercise for you to look over in a few days." Varis spoke with a little bit of excitement in his voice. He rather liked the idea of seeing people respond to temporal anomalies as they happened. "Thank you for your time Captain." He added with a smile and an extension of his hand.

Naxea nodded and shook the man's hand. "Of course," she replied before watching the man turn and leave her office.


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