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How to keep your horse on time

Posted on Tue Aug 20th, 2019 @ 1:50pm by Varis & Lieutenant JG S'hib

Mission: Mission 2: Heaven On Earth
Location: Transporter room
Timeline: Three Days After "The Circle of Time"


S’hib waited patiently inside the transport room, one hoof scratching at the floor out of habbit.

He had been assigned to escort new crew to their quarters as part of his last shift duty before shoreleave. It was wholly unremarkable and so far quiet boring.

The con officer leaning lazily against the wall was reading from a PADD, as the transporter pad began to activate both men straightened their shoulders and looked their best to at least appear professional, although the last few hours where taking its toll.

Varis' journey to the Elysium had been an eventful one. Numerous meeting with Isaacs and the new crew of the Herodotus. But he was excited to get aboard the Elysium. Varis loved to meet new people, it was one of his eccentricities to meet someone and deduce everything about them.

He materialized in the Elysium's transporter room wearing a navy blue suit, with a blue and black tie. A pin bearing the seal of the Department of Temporal Investigations was on his lapel. A briefcase bearing the same seal was in his hand.

Walking towards the platform S’hib didnt really take notice of whom was before him, he was practically running on auto pilot at this point and his dry mouth began to work on its own monotonous accord “Welcome aboard the Elysium, I’m Ensign S’hib and I'm here to show you too your quarters.” He finished, hands behind his back and awaiting a response. A loud snort leaving his muzzle echoed around the small room.

Varis looked at the Ensign incredulously. In an even voice, he spoke as he tilted his head to the side in to examine what could be wrong with the Ensign. "Good day Ensign. I am Varis the Assistant Director of the Department of Temporal Investigations. Please lead on..."

"That's funny." S'hib said looking at his wrist regardless of the fact he never wore a watch. "You're actually a little early." He quipped as he backed out of the door, ducking heavily under the archway out of instinct until he was in the corridor.

"The DTI arrives precisely when it wants to." Varis smirked. "So what can you tell me about this ship, it's crew?"

"Well for starters she's a big girl, So don't go wandering around as I've gotten lost a few times myself." S'hib admitted, his large hoofs slowly clicking along the floor so as to not outpace Varis.

"As for her crew, we are all very approachable." He said waving a hand about, S'hib had found it was easier to overly animate than to try and mimic human facial expressions. "And if someone like me can fit in I'm sure you'll do just fine." He finished, placing his large hoofed hands behind his back, gripping one another with their strange four digits.

"I see and how does the crew feel about their dealings with time? More accurately how do you feel about dealings with time?" Varis asked as he fell into step next to the Ensign. He wanted to express with body language that they were equal.

“We do get the odd localised time distortions during Gamma shift.” S’hib said letting out a neigh like snigger at his own joke. “But in all seriousness I’ve not had any experience with time travel... aside from during meetings.” He added in a false but convincing seriousness.

"I see and how long have you been on the Elysium?" Varis continued however, he was getting the idea that the Ensgin was not the right person to speak with.

"Not very long." S'hib said, stopping in front of a turbolift as the door opened. "After you." He added politely, extending his arm out to usher the unfamiliar face inside.

Varis stepped into the turbolift and turned to face the door. The magnitude of how big the ship was began to dawn on him.

"This is my first assignment as well, it's been... Interesting to say the least." He sighed, walking inside with the doors closing behind them. "Deck twenty two."

"This is not my first assignment, not by a long shot Ensign. Have you personally ever been involved in a temporal incursion?" Varis kept his eyes forward it was time to get to the nitty gritty of the conversation. If Varis was going to go over this entire crew it would take some time, and who better to start with then an Ensign in Security.

"No, no I have not." S'hib replied matter of factly with a slight squint to his brow, shifting his body to face Varis "And I'd like to keep it that way." S'hib added, the fur on the back of his long neck prickling up.

Evolving as a prey species had heightened his primal senses towards predators, and something felt extremely off with the humanoid inside the turbolift with him.

By now the doors had long since opened for Deck twenty two, and S'hib was stood there looking down at Varis with an inscrutable curiosity. The giant Gorn he could understand, But why was he suddenly startled by someone so... ordinary.

After a long moment of silence, S'hib extended his arm once more. "Your quarters are this way." he said, his usual cheery disposition entirely removed from the sentence.

"Thank you Ensign. Yes staying out of the business of time would be a prudent course of action. Hypothetically speaking if you could though. If you could travel through the vortex of time and change an event, would you?" This would be the question that made the conversation, would the Ensign break the Temporal Prime Directive. If he would it would be safe to say others on this crew would as well.

"Well, that entirely depends on the context." S'hib snorted, the sound of an impatient stallion filling the corridor. "When the Enterprise followed a borg sphere through a time vortex where they not technically breaking and simultaneously upholding the Temporal Prime Directive?" He added stoically.

But before Varis could reply S'hib continued. "As for personal gain? no, the risks are far too reaching." He added as they approached Varis's quarters. "Ah, Cabin 52 here we go." S'hib finished, standing to the right of the door and accessing the control panel.

"The Enterprise did not breach to the best of my knowledge. Well at least in the example you gave they did not breach. There were other times. However, that can wait for another conversation. Ensign thank you for the escort and conversation. Would you be able to tell me where my office would be located?" Varis responded in kind. Of course, he already knew where his office was, however, he was told situations like this it was polite to ask.

"Deck Nineteen I believe, close to... main security." S'hib replied, implying he would be able to somewhat keep an eye on Varis, but for what reason he wasn't sure.

"Now, If you'll excuse me I must get back to the transporter room." S'hib said with a slight bow before walking back the way he came, Keeping a solitary ear turned towards him as the sound of his hooves clicked down the hallway.

Varis watched the Ensign leave. A curious individual Varis thought. If he was any indication of the rest of the crew the Assistant Director would have his hand full.


Ensign S'hib

Assistant Director
Department of Temporal Investigations


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