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The Circle of Time

Posted on Mon Aug 12th, 2019 @ 5:36pm by Varis
Edited on on Tue Aug 20th, 2019 @ 2:47pm

Mission: Mission 2: Heaven On Earth
Location: DTI Headquarters Earth
Timeline: Current


Varis had command of the Herodotus for five years, and although he refused to admit it they were the best five years of his career. However, he had received orders to bring the ship back to Earth. Upon arrival he was further informed that his crew was all reassigned, and he was to report immediately to the office of the Director.

Jerimiah Isaacs the DTI's Director and Varis did not get along. In fact they haven't gotten along since they met. Varis was on his way out of the DTI and Isaacs was a fresh faced new agent. The two just did not mesh; Varis wanted to go gung ho and fix the timeline, Isaacs was more a plan of action kind of man. Well, time showed the El Aurian who was right and who was wrong. Varis was forced out, and Jerimiah now ran the department. Now Varis had to go see the man hat in hand.

When Varis arrived at Jerimiah's office his secretary greeted him. "Morning Varis... Grab a coffee and have a seat the Director will be with you in a little while." Meghan Kilkilli was a striking woman who wore her hair and glasses are the style of the old 1920s and there was just something about her that Varis always found attractive. However, he never could bring himself to ask the woman out due to her connection to Isaacs.

The Director's office opened and the melodic yet stern voice of Isaacs could be heard coming from within. “Varis get on in here." When Varis walked in he found a glass of amontillado his favorite wine poured and a smile across Jerimiah's face. "My, don't you look like the cat that swallowed the canary." Varis said as he sat down with little to no respect for the Director or his position.

"In fact I did. I roped you in didn't I. Help yourself to the wine, and here have a cigar even. I got these from Castro in 1985 Cuba. God I love those timeships.” Jerimiah lit one of the cigars and dropped into his chair as he threw his feet on his desk. "You are probably wondering why I brought you all the way back in to HQ. You are further wondering why I have personally reassigned the crew that has served you and the department well for the past five years." He puffed and sipped smugly.

Varis looked at the cigar and thought about the blatant abuse of power that it represented. But, that did not stop him as he lit it and took a puff. "Look let us cut to the chase and to use a cliché time is too precious to waste on heavy handed words." He raised his glass and toasted Jerimiah. "I am going to warn you if you take that ship away from me it will be the last thing that you do before you are erased from time itself."

"Right, right... First of all I am taking the ship away from you. But before you erase me from time, won’t you at least hear me out first.” Jerimiah smiled in that smug backhanded compliment sort of way. “What do you know of the Vorrath Cluster?" Jerimiah cocked an eyebrow thinking that he had Varis intrigued. "Only that it is a new area of space that Starfleet has just begun to explore. Confidentially it is the crossroads of time. All of the time streams intersect in that Cluster and no one really knows why." Varis replied smugly, the game of chess that the two played had begun.

Isaacs was surprised by the amount that Varis knew, he was even taken slightly aback. "Too right, too right..." Isaacs’s voice trailed off for the moment. He took a breath and continued. "Varis you and I have something in common. We are both determined to be the top dog and make sure there is no one else at the top. I have a proposal for you along those lines. I propose that we join forces and take the cheese. I need someone to monitor that cluster..."

Varis interrupted Jerimiah and he jumped to his feet to pace the room. "You mean the DTI needs someone to monitor the cluster." "No gorram it, I need someone..." Isaacs cut the Lieutenant short and continued speaking. "This is not for the DTI or Starfleet or the Federation. This is for us you and me. All that you discover and correct will be done at my bidding. In return when the cluster is all done I will issue you orders to take the Herodotus back and stop her. Stop the one woman who got away and ruined you."

Varis' eyes widened, he could not believe what he just heard. The Director wanted him to break every oath, every Starfleet order just to grab at power. What was worse was Isaacs offered him the one thing he could not refuse. Varis paced and drank and the silence in the office was so thick that you could cut it with a knife. When the wine was finished, he smiled. "Right first more wine, second what do you have in mind."

Isaacs returned the smile "The Herodotus will go to the cluster with a crew and commander that you and I will hand pick. You will resign your commission with Starfleet in order to be appointed as the new Deputy Director of the DTI. I have made arrangements for you to set up offices aboard the USS Elysium. Their patrol sector puts them close to the cluster. This way you can monitor the Herodotus’ progress. Once the crew and commanding officer has arrived you will transfer the command as your last duty in Starfleet. From that point on your every mission, every move will be decided upon by both of us. You are my man as of this moment; nothing is done without my say so."

Varis took a refill of wine as Jerimiah spoke and the words sunk in. He raised the glass and clinked Isaacs' glass, his slow methodical way of speaking drawled out. "As the Department commands, I will see it done." He smiled and the two men drank. Varis placed the glass down and looked at Isaacs the look said a thousand words. Among them was the insinuation that he was leaving.

He straightened the tunic of his uniform. He thinks he bought himself a sheep, but what he got was a wolf. Isaacs, I am coming for you and for her. For Janeway.... He thought as a maniacal smile crossed his lips.



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