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All Aboard - Captain's Chief Counsellor Interview.

Posted on Wed Aug 28th, 2019 @ 11:52am by Lieutenant Commander Rosalyn Parish & Captain Phoenix Lalor

Mission: Mission 2: Heaven On Earth
Location: Captain's ready room/Bridge
Timeline: Sometime in Shoreleave


A new counsellor chief, this was what? The fourth in as many months? Phoenix was over the constant changes and she was determined to make sure this one stayed. With restraints, if needed. Her crew needed stability in the counselling department. That thought in mind, she summoned the new chief to the ready room.

Rosalyn had spent the better part of her morning fussing over her meeting with Phoenix. Given that the Commanding Officer had a rich history with her cousin, Rose intended to present nothing but the best first impression. She'd arrived on the Elysium an hour before her meeting to get a lay for the land. Eph had assured her she'd never served on a ship of this size before and he was right.

After navigating the Elysium's almost labyrinthine corridors she finally found herself before the door that led to Lalor's office. After taking a moment to straighten her uniform, Rose hit the intercom to notify the Captain of her presence.

Phoenix looked up from her perusal of the new Counselor's record and called out "Come"

Tucking a strand of her hair behind her ear Rosalyn made her way into the Captain's ready room. Despite already knowing about the Captains youth compared to others in her position, Rose couldn't help but smile as she took in the accomplished young woman.

"Lieutenant Commander Rosalyn Parish, Reporting for duty" Rose announced once she was in front of Phoenix's desk. Hopefully, she would be everything Ephraim had built her up to be.

Phoenix smiled, almost brilliantly. "Ah Commander" She stood up and held out her hand, Human style. "Welcome to the Elysium, Please have a seat." She waved to the chairs.

"Thanks, Captain," Rosalyn said as she complied, "before we begin, I'd like to thank you for accepting my transfer request. Ephraim speaks of you all so fondly that it seemed only right that I join as soon as possible" she said with genuine gratitude.

The captain smiled back. "How is he doing? I have not heard from him in a while, but then, past events being what they were, not surprising."

"He's okay, he's takin some time away from the fleet. Things got a little intense with you all for a while I've been told, he's hoping to recoupe before taking a new assignment" Rosalyn shared.

Phoenix nodded. "Well I hope he rests up well," She said and it was clear she was telling the truth. "So, you have been assigned as our chief counsellor. Tell me, Commander, why you?"

Rosalyn took a couple of seconds to consider the question. Once she'd settled on an answer, she ran her fingers through her hair nervously, "I specialise in treating psychological trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder. Based solely off of what Ephraim has told me, it seems like this crew could use someone with my skill set," she explained, gaining more confidence with each word, "I've never avoided a challenge and I never will. Once I'm on assignment, I dig my heels in and do my work to the best of my ability"

Phoenix settled back in her chair and studied the Counselor. "You will be this crew's" She paused and counted on her fingers "Fourth Chief counsellor in the past 3 months. You have a team of four counsellors currently, one who is a 4th-year cadet, close to graduation I believe. The counselling team has been in flux for many months since the first one under my command was demoted."

"Some counsellors don't enjoy spending too much time with the same crew, attachments can make our roles difficult", In the civilian realm, it was common practice. Rosalyn didn't agree with that sentiment though, "I prefer to stay for a while. I find that being boots down and sharing in experiences with the same crew for a while fosters trust and shared vulnerability" Rosalyn admitted, it'd had been something she'd firmly believed in since her cadet years.

Phoenix listened well and nodded. "That sounds like a good thing. Well, were you briefed on the last mission this ship undertook?"

"I know that you and your and your command team went on an unsanctioned mission to Trill and it unfolded in the worst way imaginable," Rosalyn broached carefully, her lack of judgment plain, "I know that I have a lot of work to get to and I look forward to helping everyone move forward".

"It was a holiday. We were on R&R. There was no unsanctioned mission. And we were attacked by rogue Romulan forces." Phoenix clarified. "I am sure you do, there are a number of crew scared by those events."

"My apologies, Captain," Rosalyn said, "I admit a lot of my research has been through the media. Starfleet are being pretty schtum until we'd met and my transfer was official"

"That's understandable." Phoenix smiled. "I know there are a lot of crew for your team. You will find them .. reticent I think. We have not had much in the way of a full counselling department for a while."

"Hopefully that can be a permanent change going forward," Rosalyn answered, "I reckon the teams already got everything this ship needs, they just need ahead to deal with the endless paperwork," the counsellor joked.

"You could be right in that" Phoenix smiled.

"I hope so," Rosalyn admitted. She shifted in her seat a little, "is there anything else?"

Phoenix considered. "No, I do hope you enjoy your time on the Elysium through Commander. We are like a family here."

"Thank you, I'm excited to get stuck in. Hopefully, we can get that counselling department running smoothly in a short time" Rosalyn answered, rising from her seat, "Permission to leave, Captain?" She asked.

"Dismissed Counselor." Phoenix smiled.



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