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Replicator Troubles

Posted on Tue Aug 20th, 2019 @ 12:44pm by Major Azhul Naxea & Lieutenant Carter Smith

Mission: Mission 2: Heaven On Earth
Location: Azhul's Quarters; USS Elysium
Timeline: Shortly after arriving at Earth

Dressed in her standard duty uniform minus the jacket with the shirt partially unzipped, Naxea sighed in frustration with her arms crossed at the replicator. It was replicating dead Klingon Gagh non stop as it ran over onto the deck of her quarters in front of the replicator, instead of the Hasperat she had ordered. She had hoped to eat a quick bite before heading down to Earth.

Smith was sitting at a console in engineering running diagnostics on the ship's systems. As the diagnostics continued, the computer indicated that a replicator was malfunctioning in one of the crew quarters. The computer indicated that the problem replicator was in the Marine Detachment Commander's quarters. By now, most of the crew had transported down to Earth, so he grabbed a repair kit and headed to the nearest turbolift.

He arrived on the correct deck and walked to the Commander's quarters. In case someone was there, he pressed the door chime.

"Enter," she called, as she turned to the door and saw a familiar face. "Ah, hello lieutenant."

"Captain. I received an automated repair request about your replicator. I wasn't sure you would still be here...figured you be down on Earth."

"Not quite yet," she replied. Being Bajoran, Earth didn't hold the same meaning for her as Bajor and New France did. "But I do have some business to attend to later at Starfleet Marine HQ." She wanted to speak with the Command Staff to see about getting new equipment for her Marine Detachment. "But as you can see," she gestured at the replicator and the mess. "I'm losing my appetite," she chuckled.

"Oh." He walked over to the replicator and pulled out his diagnostic tool. "Some of these older models sometimes go on the fritz, but with a little tender loving care, I can usually get it to work properly." He removed the front panel, and looked underneath. "Hmmm...the filter is clogged...shouldn't do that, their suppose to be self-cleaning." He stood up and moved to the door. "Be right back, ma'am." He left her quarters, pressed the chime to the quarters on the other side of the corridor, and when no one answered, used his security authorization to open the doors. Once inside, he went to that replicator, programmed the it and asked for a medium size pail. When it arrived, he picked it up and went back to the captain's quarters, pulled on some rubber gloves, and started scooping out the sludge that had accumulated and deposited it into the pail. "Once I finish it, I can reset the master control, and your replicator should be running smoothly, ma'am."

"Thanks. So, have you made any plans to go down to Earth yourself?" Naxea asked as she watched him work. She partly felt bad about the situation and for Lieutenant Smith to get dirty. "Can I give you a hand?"

"No thank you, ma' sense both of us getting dirty, with you all dressed up." He finished scooping the sludge out, and put the pail and gloves aside. Then he ran another diagnostic on the replicator. Inputted some commands into the replicator, turned if off, waited a bit, then switched it back on. "Should be ready to go in a few seconds, captain." He watched the readouts on the panel. "I wasn't planning on going down to Earth, captain, seems I have a lot of backlogged requests I need to finish." The replicator turned back on. Smith stood up, "Computer, water, iced." The glass of water arrived, with ice cubes in it. Smith tasted it. "Looks like you're good to go, captain." He packed up his tools, grabbed the pail and gloves. "Enjoy your meal and your trip to Earth, captain." He headed to the door.

"You're welcome to have a bite to eat with me if you have the time," Naxea offered,. She had always been taught to offer a person to have a meal when possible in turn for them helping.

"I'm not exactly dressed properly to have dinner with you, captain. And it's probably not proper protocol, ma'am."

"I wasn't asking you on a date, just offering a bite to eat," Naxea said with a grin.

"I appreciate that, ma'am, but I do have duties waiting for me in engineering." If the woman wasn't a marine captain, he'd probably make a play for her....but she is, so he won't.

Naxea shrugged. "Very well, lieutenant. Enjoy the rest of your day and thank you again for your aid."

"Always happy to be of service, ma'am. Let me know if the replicator gives you any further problems." He nodded and headed to the door.


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