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And then there were four

Posted on Sun Sep 1st, 2019 @ 2:48am by Commander Gary Taylor & Commander Liselle Qwyyn & Commander Aurelia Holmes & Envoy Anje Brett
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Mission: Mission 2: Heaven On Earth
Location: USS Elysium, Star Base One
Timeline: Current



Lia had had her fill with Doctors and shrinks, Rebecca might be gone but in a strange way Lia still felt she had to go. She had missed her appointment with the Orion agent, but just maybe he was still on the station. Lia had sent three messages to her three closest friends, saying good bye and giving only basic details about what she was going to embark on. Elle, Anje and Gary had all by now received their respective message, Lia's next action was to leave the ship. Dressed in an orange Yukata and carrying a small package she entered one of the bars on the station, sitting in one of the corners facing the door she waited. Within the package a tracking signal had been activated, the Orion's would know she was ready for collection and be heading straight for her. Star Fleet wouldn't miss her, and she doubted anyone on the Elysium would either.

On the Elysium, Gary had received his goodbye note from Lia and it was the jolt he needed to get him out of his funk. He wouldn't fail her as he had the others. He looked around his quarters, grabbed his cricket phaser, tucked it in his waistband and headed for the transporter to retrieve Lia and bring her home to the Elysium where she was needed and belonged.

In her quarters, Liselle stared at the notification on her screen. It was from Lia. She wanted to open it, but the last thing in the world she needed was more people putting forward their best efforts to make her feel better. Qwyyn was in a funk and she wasn't interested in getting out of it. Not yet. Then again, the idea of leaving a message from Lia unread didn't sit well in her stomach. She leaned forward and hit the control, opening the message onto her screen. In seconds she was out the door.

Gary made his way to the transporter room. Lia's note had him more than a bit worried. The whole tone of the note was wrong and sounded nothing like the Lia he knew.

"WHAT???" Anje shrieked as she read Lia's note, grabbing a Bajoran made holdout phaser her Aunt had gifted her and tucking in into her waistband as she bolted out the door heading to the transporter room, "This shit is not going to happen."

Gary looked up as Anje raced into the transporter room. "You got a note from Lia as well?" He asked as he stepped onto the platform.

"Da." Anje answered in Russian, not realizing it until after she'd done it, "Damn near killed myself for this shit..."

Gary nodded at Anje's use of Russian. "Step up here and we'll go fetch her back." Then he thought on what she said, "Almost killed yourself how?''

"There was a mind-meld and a mind-meld inside the mind-meld, and it just escalated so quickly..." Anje began, then said, "I'll explain later, we don't have time for it right now."

"Right, we don't. I'm holding you to telling me about this later." Gary answered firmly.

"Right, right." Anje nodded, adding, "It was my idea, anything that happened to me or could've is on me. Just like now."

"Very noble." Gary answered "But wrong. This is on me."

"Bullshit." Anje replied, "What happened to you all was on the damn Romulans and we're going to make them pay. AFTER we save Lia."

Gary shook his head at Anje's reply but didn't make one of his own in rebuttal instead he said. "I'm glad you're on our team."

"Right." Anje nodded, silently amused at how surprised everyone seemed to get when they found out how much like her aunt she really was.

Gary was about to say energize but something told him to wait, so he would for a few more seconds.

And in those few seconds Liselle Qwyyn entered the transporter room. She stopped dead upon seeing Gary Taylor. And she was surprised to see Anje nearly gasp upon seeing her. The look of loss in the woman's eyes completely bewildered Liselle.

It was all too much to process. Qwyyn wanted to leave the room, but she couldn't move. Her mind was yelling so many things at her that she couldn't hear any of the commands. And so she stood there dumbly -- only realizing a moment later that she was actually backing away toward the door.

Gary fought the urge to greet Liselle like he once would have instead he took the professional approach. "Commander Qwyyn, I'm guessing your appearence here means you also received a note from Commander Holmes. We're beaming over to the station to retrieve her. Your presence is needed and required."

Liselle cleared her throat, the action carrying on longer than she had intended." Yes. I - I heard that she was... " She cleared her throat again.

Gary nodded and made no comment on Liselle's statement. Instead he said, "Step onto the pad Commander and we'll beam over and retrieve our wayward Commander Holmes."

"Yes, sir," she said, the acknowledgement coming awkwardly - - though she was thankful he did not order her away from this unexpected attempt to stop Lia. She moved into position and stood awaiting transport.

Gary turned to Anje, "You said you did a mind meld with Lia. Has it given you any insight to where she may have gone?" Before Anje could reply, he returned his attention at Liselle, "Commander Qwyyn, do you have a phaser?"

"Uh, no. I - -" she stammered. Ever since the prison, the thought of holding a weapon again hadn't sat well with her. But what would she do if something happened and she needed to defend herself? She stepped down from the platform and looked to the transporter chief. "Would you be so kind as to requisition a side arm for me?"

The young woman gave her a nod even as she began to tap away at her board. "Consider it done, Commander."

"No need Commander." Gary spoke and reached into his waistband removed his phaser and handed his to Liselle. "Take mine." He said and knew handing Liselle a phaser wasn't the smartest move he ever made considering her feelings for him. However he hoped her feelings for Lia would override her feelings concerning him at least temporarily. "It's set to stun." He added.

"Yeah, I know exactly where she's going." Anje answered, thumbing her phaser to kill; she hadn't been able to kill Rebecca apparently, but she fully intended to kill anyone between her and rescuing Lia, "She's trying to hand herself over to the Orion Syndicate." She attached her PADD to her belt and turned on the camera function, linking to her Aunt's files on known Orion members and associates, "We gotta move."

"Damn." Gary said softly, "The Orion Syndicate. Your right we have to" Commander Qwyyn back on the pad if you please."

"Liselle..." Anje began, her anger fading fast and being replaced by fear, "Please. We've got no time to waste."

"Yes Commander, time is of the essence," Gary added.

Hesitantly, Qwyyn reached forward and took hold of the offered weapon. "Stun," she repeated softly, herself not exactly sure why she said it out loud. Suppressing a shudder, she stepped up onto the transporter pad. "Alright. Let's do this."

"Energize." Gary said and an instant later they were on the Starbase's Promenade Level. He turned to Anje, "Alright Anje, where would Com... " He corrected himself. "Where would Lia be?"

"Orions like to meet in places with lots of exits, a crowd they can vanish into." Anje replied, "Bars are a favorite." She walked with her PADD in front of her, scanning every face she saw until one pinged, "This guy... We follow him."

"That's our man." He turned to Liselle. "Liselle, this is the man we want." Calling her by her name and not her rank of Commander. "But first. " He stopped a station security officer by walking up to him then started coughing and fell into him before righting himself and apologizing profusely. Walking away, he showed Anje and Liselle the phaser he had lifted from the man.

"Wherever could you have learned that?" Anje asked sarcastically, knowing her namesake Aunt had run that drill with her hundreds of times.

Gary smiled and winked at her, knowing that Anje knew full well where he had learned the trick. "I'll never tell." He answered with a smile.

In the bar, Lia sat waiting. Then suddenly a man appeared at her table, "Rebecca Cummings?" Lia shook her head, "She couldn't make it, so I'm it". The man looked at her, "Where's the goods?" Lia smiled, "Coming, but we need the Gold pressed Latinum first". The stranger looked around, "I need to inspect the goods before we buy, that's how this works" Lia stood up, "Then we're finished here, because we don't hand the goods over until we receive payment". The agent now sat down, "Ok, ok. Here's what was asked for, 100 bars". Lia tipped out the Latinum, "And here's the doohicky you planted to get it back". The man grabbed the transport enhancer, "Some you win, some you loose". Lia now placed the Latinum in a box with the words, (Remember me) on it. She then transported it to Phoenix's cabin, she now looked at the agent. "Right that's the finance out of the way, now you want the goods". The man stood up and nodded, "Just hand her over and we'll be on our way". Lia stood up and pointed at herself, "I'm the goods". The agents face now made some unusual shapes, "You! Are you crazy? You've just sold yourself why?" Shrugging her shoulders Lia made no reply, she simply waited to be told where to go. "Right", the agent said. "We have a room behind the bar, head over that way", he pointed in the direction Lia was to go.

She walked towards the bar and stopped when she got there, the agent simply saluted the barman and a door was opened. "Oh Tyler, your boss and two others are already in there waiting". Tyler looked at the floor, "Shit, just what I don't need". He now pushed Lia through the door and closed it behind him. A voice now called out, "Tyler! Is this our new kinky doll?" The agent replied, "Yeah just going to see what she looks like, and check if she's what we want". Tyler now pushed Lia towards the three men sat around a low circular table, "Get on there and strip". Lia swallowed hard but did as she was told, taking off her shoes before climbing onto the table. The False bow and obi were quickly removed, next came the Yukata. Standing in only underwear, she now removed her bra and knickers. One of the men now stood up and cupped her breasts, "Not bad, nice size". He turned Lia around and ran his hand down her back and over her backside, then he spun her back to face him. "Everything seems in good order, now for the best bit. Open your legs bitch!" Lia opened her legs and a hand now explored her intimate parts, first one then two fingers were inserted and then withdrawn. "We have a winner, Tyler get her dressed and on the ship as soon as possible" Tyler nodded, "Ok boss".

Throwing her clothes at her, Tyler shouted at Lia. "Get dressed slut, never mind about underwear you don't need it anymore". Lia caught the Yukata and shoes and put them on, she scooped up the false obi and bow and also put them on. *Guess this is the new life, sex object*, she thought. A slap across her backside brought Lia back to reality, "Quit the daydreamin' and move it bitch". Tyler almost spat the order out, as he grabbed her arm and pulled her out the room. In the bar, Tyler spoke quietly to Lia. "From now on your name is Sky, got it". Nodding Lia followed this small ugly man, "Sky, ok got it". They left the bar and headed for one of the landing bay's, Tyler now looked at Lia. "When we get on the ship, loose that rag your wearing. Nobody wants you to wear things from now on, you live and eat naked. If someone touches you, you let them do what the hell they want. But you tell them how much it will cost them, and just for the record I get to play for free". Lia simply nodded, and continued to follow Tyler.

They reached landing bay 4, and Tyler entered and opened a door into a small room. "Get the fuck in here". Lia entered knowing that Tyler had the intention to `enjoy' himself with her, a hand grabbing her breast confirmed her fears. Another hand now found its way between her legs, "I'm gonna fuck your brains out, so shut the fuck up and enjoy it". Before Tyler could get any further a head appeared from around the door, "Ah Tyler, you'd better get out here. Some interesting information has turned up". "Bollocks!!!" Was Tyler's reply, as he stormed out. Lia got dressed and approached the door slowly, what she saw caused her major problems. Marcus DeLainey or as he was known to many, the Fixer. Was stood talking to Tyler, he pointed towards the door several times. The pair plus one other now headed for the door, Lia stepped back towards the rear wall quickly.

As he entered, Tyler lashed out and knocked Lia flying into the wall. "Ok bitch, who are you?" Lia looked up and replied, "I'm sky". Marcus now stepped forwards, "Oh come on now you slut, I know you. Your a Star Fleet Intelligence Officer, got me five to ten if I remember right". Lia shook her head, "I don't remember, things haven't been to good for me over the past two years". Marcus looked at Tyler, "Tell me you checked? Or did one Tyler Waterson just look and buy?" Tyler hung his head, "Never crossed me mind, Mr. C. wanted a kinky doll, Rebecca Cummings had one for sale. This slag is what turned up, on her own and not wired". Marcus looked at Lia, "Ok lets say you've fallen on hard times slut, your gonna prove to us here and now that your nothing but a kinky doll". He grabbed Lia and thrust an old broom handle at her, "Use it on yourself, and make yourself come you bitch". Lia knew she had to obey, and stripped off her Yukata. Laying in a corner she started to use the broom handle on herself. She closed her eye's and allowed her body to react, her breasts moved and her nipples grew as she felt the stirrings of sexual pleasure. As she continued her breathing got faster and the feelings became stronger. Then climax, she exhaled and let out a quiet sigh quivering as the climax coursed through her body.

The three men stood transfixed, as this woman pleasured herself in front of them. Marcus took the broom handle from Lia, "Looks like I got it wrong, this is just a kinky doll. But it's one I want to buy, how much?" Tyler frowned, "You'd better talk to Mr. C. That's if he's willing to sell that is, he's only just got her". Marcus turned to Tyler, "Where is Mr. C.?" Tyler answered, "Behind the bar, with a couple of mates. Their checking the new arrivals, you going up there to really buy this slut?" Marcus nodded, "Yep, 100%. I really want this one, and I can afford to spend big". The three left the room, and the door locked behind them. Lia broke down, how had she fallen so far. *Your a sex object, a thing for men to play with*, she thought to herself. Tyler and Marcus now made their way back to the bar.

It hadn't taken very long to track the idiots in question, they were lowly placed in the Syndicate and not really bright, not that Anje planned on discussing Chaucer with them or anything. As Tyler and Marcus rounded the corner to return to the bar, they were greeted by Anje and the others, her phaser leveled right between Tyler's eyes, "Well, hello, Tyler." She hissed, watching their hands, "If either of you move towards those weapons I'll vaporize you both, got me?" To emphasize her point, she moved her phaser to maximum setting, far beyond kill, to a level where it nearly would vaporize a human body, "Now, we're going to talk about a friend of mine, a pretty blonde, possibly dressed in something Japanese. You will tell me everything I want to know, the only choices you have in the matter are whether or not you survive and how much I hurt you before you talk. So, begin."

Gary stood behind and to one side of Anje. His phaser was also drawn and didn't waver a millimeter. "I would suggest talking gentlemen. My friend has a notoriously weak trigger finger and it could weaken and then poof! Two plies of ashes." He said humorlessly.

"Fact I don't like you isn't working in your favor, either." Anje added, "Now, the blonde, where and with who? And don't waste my time, gentlemen. I can kill you both and still get the information I need from the computer, I just want to send whoever is holding your leashes to prison until we all skinny dip on Rura Penthe."

As Anje spoke, Gary didn't move and his eyes never left the two men Anje was questioning but spoke to Liselle, "Liselle, don't move just make sure no one gets behind us if they do tell me." His voice calm and even like he was ordering from a menu.

Liselle adjust her grip on the phaser. Her eyes hardened. "Understood."

"Tick tock, Tyler." Anje reminded him, deciding that she didn't yet need to give him a shot in the ribs for emphasis, though time was running out on the hands free approach.

Gary let out a sigh of disappointment then his hand shot out so fast it was a blur. His fingers wrapped around Tyler's throat in a vice like grip. "Are you deaf as well as stupid?" He questioned. "Talk." As his fingers squeezed a little tighter. His phaser still on Tyler's partner. "Don't." He warned.

"I think we've got a couple of slow learners here." Anje decided, turning to her boss, "Perhaps a refresher?"

Gary didn't look at Anje as he replied. "An excellent idea. Should we start with this one?" As he shook Tyler.

"An excellent choice." Anje agreed, turning her attention to Tyler as Taylor shook him by his throat, "What about now, Tyler? Do you really need more glow stick treatment? Because he will snap you and shake you until the light turns on."

To drive the message home, Gary shook Tyler just hard enough to let the man know he wasn't fooling around.

As Tyler struggled for breath, Marcus simply watched on. "Tch! Just what do you expect us to say Federation?" He looked at Gary, "You wanna be puttin' him down, he's turnin' blue". He then returned his gaze to Anje, "You wanna chill bitch, try bein' nice. You might get further, and loose the gorilla". He looked around for back up, but couldn't see any. So he again replied to the three, "We don't have no Japanese Blonde, all we have today are brunettes. Any other girls you lookin' for, you have to go see Mr.C." He quickly looked to his rear, Tyler by now had pulled something from his pocket. As he did so a pair of women's knickers fell from the same pocket, Marcus now knew that Tyler had kept the Kinky doll's underwear. "He's a collector, that's his job. I'm a fixer, I fix things". Marcus had worked out a little plan, he now took a step closer to Tyler. Suddenly he shot forwards pushing Tyler against Gary, making both topple back. This put Liselle right in the way of the falling pair, as the commotion broke out he ran towards Landing bay 4. His idea was simple, grab the girl and beam to his ship then bug out before any Federation ship could light him up.

Gary was blessed with impossibly fast reflexes as well as impossibly fast reaction time. One wasn't any good without the other. As Tyler was pushed into him, he was already spinning away, his phaser up he fired. Striking the fleeing Marcus squarely in the back and knocking him to the floor. His other hand still around Tyler. "Talk now and no bullshit." He growled.

Tyler watched Marcus get hit, and squeaked a response. "We don't have any Japanese, what's with the Japanese thing?" Marcus had fallen and rolled quite a distance away, but fear can do strange things to people. And he suddenly bolted round a corner, his head felt fuzzy and his body was all over the place. But he was on the move, now to just keep going. Tyler watched as Anje picked up the underwear and scanned them, her face said it all.

Gary stuck the phaser under Tyler's nose. Ad he saw Marcus get to his feet and bolt away. "Anje! Liselle! The other ones on the move!" He turned back to Tyler, "Where's he going?" As his finger tightened on the phaser. "At this close. Even set on stun. This phaser will blow your head clean off your shoulders. Talk now and talk fast!"

"How the hell do I know? He could be going to a transport pad, or a landing bay". Tyler had an idea where Marcus could be going, but these Federation nutcases were after some Japanese slut. Not the blonde kinky doll they had in landing bay 4, so for now he'd keep his trap shut.

Gary pushed the phaser farther up under Tyler's nose so it was almost in a nostril . "Listen Einstein. You want to keep your head right. So listen closely. We're looking for an attractive blonde that dresses in Japanese style clothes. "Ring any bells?"

Tyler looked at Gary, "A blonde in Japanese clothes, like an orange dressing gown type thing?" He swallowed hard and then pointed, "We got a blonde kinky doll in landing bay 4, but some bitch called Rebecca Cummings sold her to us. But she's not Japanese, at least I don't think so".

"Smart man." Gary said and not releasing his hold on Tyler. Then over his shoulder he shouted to Liselle and Ange. "Lia is landing bay 4!" He turned back to Tyler, patted his cheek. "You did good. You get to live. You better be telling us the truth or I'm coming back to personally kill you. Now its night, night time." With that Gary slugged him hard, knocking him out and then dropping him on the floor. "We need to move!" He told his two friends.

"Piss on this." Anje shook her head, walking to a wall panel and entering a code, =^=Computer, site to site transport, landing bay four!=^= When they emerged she shrugged, "Diplomatic perks?"

Gary looked at her, "Don't hear me complaining to you? I love your diplomatic perks. Now lets find Lia and get the hell out of here."

Marcus had arrived just as the three Federation Officers started to reform, "Kyle!! Federation!" Kyle hit the floor behind a cargo container, Marcus slid in beside him. "Where's the kinky doll? We gotta get outta here", Marcus shouted. Kyle pointed at the door where two of his men now crouched with weapons drawn, "Right there, but we got another half dozen next door. What're they after?" Marcus shook his head, "Tch, the kinky doll. That gorilla wants her back, I say let's beam outta here to my ship". Kyle shook his head, "Don't you know why Mr. C. uses this bay? It's a secure bay, you can't beam anything into it or out of it. That's why they've arrived outside the bay it's self, the fucking place is shielded". Marcus swore loudly, "Bollocks! that's screwed things up".

Anje had a thought, though she knew it might mean the end of her career when the Starbase 1 commander found out what she was planning to do, "If I can get to an access panel, I might be able to lower the shield around this bay." She said aloud, "Aside from that, we'd have to blow the door."

Gary didn't hesitate, "Do it. It's my responsibility. We need to get Lia from these clowns."

In the small room, Lia heard the commotion. Instantly she just knew who was behind it, Gary. But she also knew he wouldn't just blindly charge in without back up, so who the hell did he have with him?

Marcus and Kyle sat behind the cargo container waiting for the Star Fleet people to make the first move, they hoped to catch the three in a crossfire between themselves and the two next to Lia's holding cell.

Gary looked over at Liselle and Anje, "This is a classic cross fire setup. So lets not rush in where angels fear to thread."

Anje hooked her PADD to the control panel, the software processes she was about to use were highly illegal, but she didn't care. One, they were hidden so far in her PADD that nobody could get to them without her DNA and Two, she didn't give a shit; even if they weren't hidden, she'd sacrifice her career for Lia's life, "Okay, establishing link..."

The assholes they were dealing with didn't understand they they were getting Lia back and there was no force in the universe that could stop them.

Marcus noticed one of the Federation females doing something with a PADD, but he couldn't get a clear shot at her. He raced for another container so he could fire at her, again he slid into cover and took a rushed shot. It struck the wall above Anje's head, Kyle in the mean time kept Gary in his sights taking the odd shot to keep him out of the bay. The two outside Lia's door now decided to split up. one pulled a container closer to the door while the other found cover else where and found Liselle in his sights. He took a few shots at her, just to keep her head down.

A few seconds later Anje had the doors ready to open and the alarms turned off, the programs could override damn near any security system, and Auntie's tech people were close to eliminating the 'damn near' from the equation. She returned fire on the guy behind the box, vaporizing the box he'd taken cover behind, "If you're smart, you'll scamper, one time offer."

Gary adjusted the power level on his phaser, all the way up to maximum. he fired at Kyle instantly vaporizing his hiding spot. "Your next asshole. Get lost or get vaporized. Your friends can collect you with a broom."

Marcus stood up slowly, "What's this kinky doll to you? She your sister or something?" He raised his hands and moved forward, "You want her, you got her. I 'aint gonna die for no kinky doll, no matter how good she looks". Kyle looked at Gary, "This is weird, you freaks just don't get it. There's no going back, you guy's have made enemies". He now stood up, and signaled his two companions, "Let them have the bitches, all seven of them. We'll collect later, I don't think they'll be able to keep any of them". As the four moved out Marcus looked at Anje, "You and that kinky doll would make a great pair, shame your both gonna get wiped".

Gary raised his phaser toward Kyle, "One..." He warned He didn't lower it until the four were out of sight. "Liselle, watch them make sure they don't decide to grow a backbone and come back. He moved to the door. "Lia? Are you there?"

Liselle nodded, and turned her attention fixidely upon them. "I have been going through some emotional issues lately," she said. "And I'm really just looking for any excuse to hurt somebody. Please, just give me a reason."

Gary smiled at Liselle's words to the thug and heard the steel in them. *Way to go Liselle!* He silently cheered her. *Good for you!*

"So, here's my diplomatic solution." Anje offered, "You give us Lia, you take a hike, and we forget about you. Your other option is we shoot you down like voles and I write the report to make it look like you dickheads started it. Whaddaya think?"

Kyle stopped and looked at Anje, "That room there, but both her and you with this little posse here are dead. Mr.C. don't like Federation interference, and the fact your stealing his latest kinky doll. Not good". The four now moved off, not bothering to even look back at the Elysium crew members.

Lia, now dressed, heard Gary's voice. She knocked on the door, as her tears made talking difficult. Now there would be questions, now others would know all about her. She could hear he wasn't alone, she guessed one of his team was Anje, her voice seemed familiar.

Gary heard Lia's knock. "Okay stand away from the door. I'm going to use my phaser to open it." With that he aimed at the lock, fired and an instant later the door swung open. He entered, "Lia? It's okay. It's over. Lets go back to the Elysium." His voice full of concern for her.

As the door swung open Lia's thoughts about Gary's team fell into place, yes there stood Anje and just behind her Liselle. She now placed her shoes on her feet and shamefully left the room, she couldn't look at her rescuers her fall from the position she had held to that of kinky doll was too great.

Gary was silent as Lia walked out and past him. His heart was breaking. he could see she was ashamed but he only saw a woman in trouble and he would do whatever it took to help her. he looked at Anje and Liselle. "Lets get out of here."

Anje didn't say a word, merely walking to Lia's side to take her hand, letting her know by a touch that it was all going to be okay.

Liselle, meanwhile, kept her distance. She was overwhelmed with conflicting emotions. At once she felt angry that this had happened, and then she felt herself near tears for the trauma Lia had just endured -- and so shortly after the prison! How could one person be expected to survive so much pain? Questions. Liselle had so many questions. But she knew those would need to wait. What mattered now was bringing her friend home where she belonged.

Anje's simple act made Lia feel safe, it also caused her to think. She now knew that she had a very destructive mind set, but to do something about it she would have to open up to the shrinks. But could she do that and remain Security Chief? She would have to think about that, and it could come down to having a talk with the Captain. But for now she wanted to get back to the Elysium

Commander Lia Holmes
Chief of Security/Tactical Officer
USS Elysium.

Commander Gary Taylor
Executive Officer
USS Elysium


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