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Joint Training

Posted on Tue Aug 13th, 2019 @ 11:09am by Major Azhul Naxea & Lieutenant S'hib

Mission: Mission 2: Heaven On Earth
Location: Phaser Range; USS Elysium
Timeline: Enroute to Earth

Naxea stood with her arms crossed, monitoring the Marines from Second Platoon as they fired off shots at fast moving targets. They would soon be joined by some members of the Elysium's Security Department for joint training. The majority seemed to be hitting, except for Stevens at the end. "Stevens! How the hell did you join my Marine Corps? I've seen tribble shoot their loads more accurately!"

The comment caused a ripple of laughter among the rest of Second Platoon.

At hearing the sound of the doors to the phaser range open, Naxea turned to see a lone Security officer enter.

Ducking ever so slightly under the door frame S'hib quickly noted the eyes falling upon him and stood up straight with a full chest. "Ensign S'hib reporting for training." He said with a gruff snort at the end.

Naxea grinned and approached S'hib. His size and build was impressive as she stuck out her hand. "At ease. Welcome to the range, ensign. I'm Captain Azhul, the Marine Detachment Commander."

"Thank you." S’hib said calmly, his ears flicking at the sound of the target drones moving around. He then tranafixed his gaze back to Captain Azhul. "I would also like to apologise that the others could not attend, there were unforeseen department scheduling."

"I see." Naxea said, nodding slightly. She wondered what was more important than cross departmental training. However, not everyone viewed training as Naxea did--she loved it. "So, any good with a phaser, Ensign...what's your name by the way?"

Cocking his long skull to one side in slight confusion at the question, pausing for a moment before opening his lips. "S'hib ma'am, You'd have to be a Sequus to pronounce it correctly." He finished, a slight twitch to his upper lip and nostrils. "And I would like to say I'm competent with a phaser, but I'm no marine."

"Nice to meet you, Ensign S'hib," Naxea grinned, studying the ensign. "As for not being a Marine," she cast a look back at Stevens. "Don't believe the hype that we're all expert marksmen. Let's see what you got," she gestured at an empty spot on the range.

Nodding slightly in agreement S’hib started walking towards the range, his hooves clicking loudly as he moved across the metallic floor and up to the empty slot on the range. "I’m sure you’ll all feel like experts once this is over." He smirked, glancing back over towards Naxea, his ears turned towards her constantly as he picked up the phaser on the table before him.

~Please don't show up your department.~ S’hib whined internally as he quickly opened the phaser and checked the powerpack.

Happy that the device was in serviceable condition he holstered it to the side of his head and then awaited for a target drone to come his way.

Naxea watched as S'hib's target drone appeared and began to initiate it's programmed flight path.

Watching it for a few seconds S’hib flicked his wrist forward and fired two shots in quick succession, the first short skimming the side as the drone adjusted its flight. However the second shot struck home.

"Not bad," Naxea commented. "You just need to work on your speed of acquiring the target and firing. How long have you been a Security Officer?"

"I actually only just graduated a year ago." S’hib said sheepishly before taking aim again and firing. "This is my first assignment since the academy." he added, the target drone blinking after a hit.

"Ah," Naxea began with a grin, taking note of his hit on the drone. "You seem to be doing more than fair at the range. Want to join the Marines?" she chuckled.

"Well, I did have plenty of practice recently." S'hib remarked, thinking back to the Romulan boarding parties. "So I kinda already feel like one." He said back with a slight laugh, throwing his aim of as he missed the next shot. "Damn it" S'hib muttered quietly with a frown over his brow.

"Am I distracting you?" she asked with an amused voice, raising an eyebrow and cocking her head to the side somewhat.

Turning his head to face Naxea S’hib continued to track the drone with his ears as it moved about its compulsory flight path. "Perhaps a little bit." He said before falling silent, analysing the marine before him as his arm shifted slightly and fired, the shot narrowly hitting.

"I'll leave you be then," she grinned at the hit as she turned to keep track of her Marines' progress. 'Much better trained than some of my Marines,' Naxea thought, her eyes turning to Stevens and shifting her stance to get a better look at his score. 'Found my new secretary,' she thought with amusement.

Finding himself staring at the Marine captain for longer than he realised S’hib blinked back to reality as he noticed the target drone blinking angrily at him for not firing. ~Down boy.~ he thought to himself disapprovingly before firing off three rapid shots.

After a few minutes, the rounds were over and Naxea looked at each score with S'hib near the top and Stevens at the bottom. "Stevens, you better improve a hell of a lot or I'm putting your ass behind a desk. I can't have a combat Marine shooting like that." She then looked at S'hib. "You lied to me're actually more than a decent shot. The rest are dismissed. Go clean your weapons at the armory."

"Aye, ma'am," the Marines replied in unison as they filed out of the range.

"Did you learn to shoot in Starfleet Academy?" Naxea asked as she hung back to talk with S'hib.

Powering down the phaser and gently placing it on the table S’hib turned towards Naxea as she approached. "I took extra classes, ma’am." He snorted, folding his arms behind his back as his ears transfixed on her. "And I practice in my own time when not on duty." S’hib added, his tail lashing at the table behind him like a whip.

"Well, I'm impressed. I mean no offense, but it's not often I find that much dedication to training in a Security Officer," Naxea complimented as the two exited. I'll be sure to relay my gratitude to Commander Holmes for your attendance despite being the only Security officer to show."

"I’m sure others will show up to the next sessions." S’hib said putting his hand behind his head and ruffling his mane. "but as for my dedication, I just want to be able to protect my ship efficiently." He added somewhat proudly. "I can’t do so by standing in a corridor becoming complacent." S’hib said with a slight disdainful snort.

S’hib then turned his head towards her, a cheeky smile to his lips as they opened "Besides, cant leave all the hard work to you girls in green."

"Oh, standing around looking pretty is what most of you security officers are good for," she winked with a chuckle.

"Its the yellow, brings out my eyes." He said cheekily as his tail gently flicked at her subconsciously

Naxea chuckled at the comment. "Well, it was good to meet you Ensign S'hib," she said with a grin. "I'm sure I'll see you around the ship."

"The same to you Ma'am, and hopefully you will." S'hib replied with a slight bow before opening his lips once more. "I'm quite often at the gym." He added without really thinking, a rush of blood going to his face making S'hib thankful his race couldn't blush. "Good luck with Stevens." He stammered before leaving, forcing his ears to remain pointed in front of him.

~The yellow brings out my eyes.~ He thought to himself as his eyes rolled up to the ceiling in abject irritation towards himself.


Ensign S'hib

Captain Azhul Naxea
Marine Detachment CO


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