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Lets get physical

Posted on Sat Oct 6th, 2018 @ 8:17am by Lieutenant Felicity Kaz & Lieutenant Commander Sthilg

Mission: Season 2: Mission 2: Just Breath
Location: Sickbay

After her meeting with her boss, she next headed to Sickbay, needing to get her physical done. She'd only recently had one done at the Starbase, but didn't mind having another one. She didn't have any medical concerns that she knew of, so hoped she'd be done quickly, and have a clean bill of health.

Felicity walked briskly into Sickbay, and walked over to the Chief Medical Officers Office. She knocked softly, and walked in. She was surprised by who she saw. It was a Gorn. But in a starfleet uniform. She was about to say something when he talked to her.

Sthilg was enjoying a coffee and breakfast wrap when he noticed the door to his office open. Finishing his breakfast and coffee he smiled as he stood up and walked over to the stranger who he knew he hadn't seen in sickbay before. " Hello, there my dear. I'm Lieutenant Commander Sssthilg may i help you?" He stated politely.

"Urm...urrrrr." Felicity said, unsure what to say. "I'm looking for the Chief Medical Officer?" She said, finally getting some words out over her surprise. "I'm sorry...I shouldn't stare." She said, trying to look at something other than the Gorn stood in front of her.

" Well, you found him my dear. I take it you're here for you're physical jussst follow me and we can get this over with." replied the gorn with a grin on his face. He'd gotten used to the staring a long time ago.

Felicity nodded, following the CMO to one of the biobeds. She sat down without being told, and laid back. "So...." She said, unsure what to say next.

" Sssurprised at ssseeing a gorn doctor? You have nothing to be afraid of. I was putting people back together before your great-grandfather was walking the galaxy. " Sthilg said as he booted up the computer.

"Just did you come to join starfleet? If you don't mind me asking?" She said, unsure if she was overstepping.

" My contract with the Klingon defence force had expired just after the domnion war. The Federation needed doctorsss ssso here i am." The gorn said fishing around in the pockets of his coat. He produced a battered old book that had seen far better days. Its spine had been replaced rather crudely, but the cover even with the gold letters faded was still visible. Starfleet medical almanack first edition. " Though you could sssay I've always been part of the fleet." He said with a warm smile. " What about you why did you join?"

"My parents are officers...they wanted me to join as soon as I was old enough, and how could I was this or the marines." She smiled, becoming slowly more confident as the conversation progressed.

" A ssstarfleet brat? Amazing how many I get in here. I hope my own family are proud of what I've done with my life . I missss them to thissss day." The gorn responded as he started the scan.

Felicity's confidence started to go again. "I'm not a brat..." She said, as confidently as she could muster.

" It'sss a term to refer to children of ssstarfleet officersss now ssserving in Ssstarfleet my dear. I meant no offence. " the gorn replied his voice lowering into an apologetic tone

"Oh...ok...sorry." She said, feeling slightly embarrassed.

" No need to apologissse my dear. You're new and you'll sssoon pick up the lingo." the gorn responded with a warm smile on his face.

" am I looking?" She asked, trying to smile.

The gron looked over the data that was now flowing across the screen. " Well within acceptable parametersss. You'll jussst need a vaccination and you'll be cleared for duty." He said with a warm smile on his face.

Felicity nodded, rolling up her uniform sleeve. "Let's get this over with then." She said, trying to put on a smile.

The gorn smiled as he placed the hypospray on her arm and pressed the button. " There we go all done." He said warmly. "You're now cleared for duty."

"Thank you. Hopefully I won't be seeing you in here again to soon." She smiled again, jumping up off the biobed.

" Take care." The gorn said with a smile on his face.

Felicity nodded again and left. It had been an experience, meeting one of the crew, but now she had other things she needed to get on with.


Lieutenant Commander Sthilg
Chief Medical Officer
USS Elysium
Lieutenant Felicity Kaz
Assistant Chief Tactical & Security Officer
USS Elysium


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