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Deal with the Devil

Posted on Sun Aug 4th, 2019 @ 2:19am by Commander Aurelia Holmes
Edited on on Mon Aug 5th, 2019 @ 1:57am

Mission: Mission 2: Heaven On Earth
Location: Various.
Timeline: Current


Lia/Rebecca was in her cabin, since returning from the birthday party she'd had stayed out of sight. Physically she was fit to return to duty, but mentally she was shot to bits. Deep within her head a war was raging, with Lia having a losing battle with Rebecca. Using a computer terminal on another deck well away from her cabin, Rebecca had in fact contacted the Orion Syndicate. A little time later with some bargaining, she had made a deal to effectively sell herself into sexual slavery. The Latinum she would receive already had a benefactor, it would be delivered to Captain Lalor to be spent on the crew of the Elysium.

A final farewell from Lia/Rebecca, as she herself wouldn't need it. She would end her days in an Orion brothel as a masochistic pet, for any sadistic punter who could afford her. No doubt as a Human she might be a target for some, but her new Orion owners would want a return on their money. So they would keep the true vindictive sadist away for a few months, until they had recouped what they thought was a good enough return. Then she was in no doubt they would basically throw her to the wolfs, and any being who wanted to torture a Human would be able to have her. The blonde hair and fair skin wouldn't survive long, and her breasts and sexual genitalia would undoubtedly be abused to destruction. Death would follow maybe after a year or two, but as her life here was over this meant nothing to her.

With her mind in this state, she didn't want other people around her. They might find out what she had planed, and attempt to talk her out of it. Deep within herself she knew what she was planning was wrong, she knew that perhaps someone on the Elysium would be more than willing to help her. if she herself was willing to reach out and ask for help, then maybe she could find it. But how do you find someone willing to listen to a pervert? Because that's what she herself now called herself, because that's what she was a pervert who liked being hurt by another. The more sexually deprived the humiliation, the more turned on she became. The more abuse someone dealt out to her, the more freedom she allowed them to do what they wished. Someone like that had no right to live in a place like this, they had no right to freedom and love. All they deserved was to be used and abused, and in the end killed off and forgotten.

Tears now fell freely from her eye's, this right would also be taken from her. Any feelings she may have would be trampled into the dirt, she was only a pair of breasts and a vagina to use and abuse. God how mixed up her thoughts were, how perverted she had finally become. The sooner she left this place, the happier everyone else would become. The ship would arrive at Star Base 1 in a few day's, there she would meet the Orion representative and close the deal. Then this perverted life of hers could have some benefit for the crew, at least they could be happy and safe without her around to pollute
their environment. Finally she would be useful to someone, even if it was to just abuse her.


Commander Lia Holmes
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Elysium

Rebecca Cummings


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