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Mother... Dearest

Posted on Fri Aug 2nd, 2019 @ 2:06pm by Lieutenant Commander Jessica 'Valkyrie' Vaii

Mission: Mission 2: Heaven On Earth
Location: Earth, Vaii Residence.
Timeline: Day 2, Shore Leave

Jessica beamed down to a country home next to an old airfield. She approached her house with a smile and opened the door. Entering into her home. She opened a fridge and grabbed a beer out of it and plopped down on a nearby couch. The house was surprisingly well-kempt and it contained pictures, flying memrobilia, some propellers and other memories of her life.

The only thing she didn't have was anyone to share this with.

"Computer. AC/DC Dirty Deeds." Jessica asked. She started singing along with the music. "Dirty deeds... done dirt cheap. Dirty deeds... done dirt cheap."

"So this rubbish is the life you made for yourself Elethania?"

Jessica turned around and stared at a mid-aged woman who was staring at her intently. She didn't need to think before she knew who this woman was. "Hello, mother."

"Elethania, I have spent years, influence, and latinum trying to find you, and this is what you've built. You shame your ancestors." She walked around, showing off her elegant posture in her rather expensive dress. "You could've learned how to get what you wanted..... From me."

Jessica spoke. "And ended up like Saraina. Not everyone dose as you command, Mother." The woman approached and briskly slapped Jessica, the pilot did not flinch, though the red bruise appeared on her face. "Goddesses Damn it!!! Elethania. Everything I do is for House Kessanna. Everything I did was for you!!! Dose that mean nothing to you. I raised you to be a lady of this house, I bethrothed you to an ancient and influential husband, I ensured you a scholarship and admission to Betazed's most prestigous academy." She began slapping Jessica hard. "You. WILL. DO. AS. Your. MATRIARCH. COMMANDS!!!!" Jessica did not flinch to each painful slap and caught her arm. She didn't hurt her yet, but protected herself.

"Understand this, Mother." Jessica noted. Lucianna began to wrestled her arm free, trying to cause her more pain."There was a time I would have been afraid of you." Jessica twisted her arm. Matriarch Lucianna Kessanna screamed which caused her guards to open the door and rush in. Pointing their phasers at Jessica. She pulled her mother and used her as cover. "There was a time I would have screamed and cried when you beat me. Had me punished and whipped. I knew pain before I knew Joy. But instead of fearing pain. I embraced it. I embraced it mother. You cannot break me, you cannot pierce me even with all your rage." She pushed her into the arms of her diplomatic security. "This is my house, and my airfield. You and this vile filth are not to set foot here again. She came onto my land, struck me eight times, and had the nerve to break into my house. Get out!!"

Lucianna looked at Jessica. "You made a mistake attacking me, didn't you learn anything? Power is power, Elethania. A lesson you will learn before this year is out."

"Mother, do you know what I feel when I look at you? Not a damned thing." Jessica noted. "Now get out. I have a recording of you assaulting a Starfleet Officer. You think I didn't learn from you? Only too well. I am well prepared for anything you would ever do, because I'll use your own tools against you. I will never be as selfish and cruel as you want of me." The woman suddenly left with her bodyguards.

Jessica shook her head. "Ten damn years... How did she figure out where I went?" Jessica shook her head and walked out of her house to watch the woman and her guards get transported away. She approached a tree outside with a grave stone nearby. The headstone was engraved.

Lord Richard Vaii
2341 - 2387

"Daddy..." Jessica noted. "She's found me... What do I do. I put on my strongest face. I showed her how strong I was, but even still.... I felt weak inside when I saw her again, and I had to muster my courage. How did you live all those years, married to her. How did you survive being betrothed to her like you were her tool. Where did you get the courage to walk away from her, when she betrayed Betazed... The the Dominion." Jessica got on her knees. I wish you didn't die, Daddy. If I could go back all these years, and give you that medicine, so you could've helped me thirty minutes ago. I'd risk the prime directive itself. But then you would have told me to be a Vaii, not a Kessanna."

"Daddy, please; by the four goddesses. Give me courage to face her again."


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