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Posted on Thu Aug 1st, 2019 @ 9:57pm by Cadet Freshman Grade Triston Montgomery & Miran Lalor HRH

Mission: Mission 2: Heaven On Earth
Location: USS Elysium, Deck 4, Small Lounge Area
Timeline: During return to Earth

Miran entered the small lounge area on deck 4. No one used it often. But she and Triston and their friends did on occasion use it to chill and study. She carried her school bag, having come straight from class.

A quick look around showed Triston was sitting alone by the large window. Miran moved over and took a seat on the couch opposite him.

"Hey" she said.

"Hey Miri" He replied with a smile as he looked up.

"You look happy." She commented.

"I am. I have finished school and" here he paused. "I got word from Starfleet this morning"

"Good news?" She asked as she put her bookbag down and watched him.

"Yes. I have been accepted into Starfleet Academy."

"On Earth?" Miran asked trying to sound casual. Triston was one of her closest friends and one she didn't know if she could handle leaving. But she also knew that if it was his path then he had to do it.

"No. Here on Ely." Triston grinned. "Apparently, the captain has made several recommendations for the graduates here, to stay and study here."

Miran grinned back at him. "That's great. What will you be studying?"

"Science, Archeology as the Specialization." Triston confirmed. "It will be interesting. I may even get to work along side the Elysium Science team"

"Arri will love that" Miran teased. "She always likes more people to boss around."

Triston rolled his eyes at her. "I am sure I can learn a lot from Commander Salannis an Vantar if given the chance."

Miran nodded agreement. "True"

Triston shifted. "Miri, you ok?"

"Just thinking. You remember when we met our alternate older selves?"

Triston nodded, remembering well, the meeting with his Alternate older self and how the man had told him, that despite everything, somethings remained strong. Like the friendship he and Miran had forged. While the Older Triston had not been very forthcoming, Triston believed that both their Alternate versions were sleeping together.

"You went into security then." She said softly.

"And you went into medical. Kinda hard to get painting supplies on that planet and science was already filled up. We are not them, not really Miran."

"I know." She stood and walked around and sat beside him. Leaning back on the couch she looked at the star lines that showed the ship was at warp. "You will be very busy now I guess"

"I will make time to keep seeing my friends Miran. We will still hang out."

She nodded and then they both lapsed into silence.

After a few minutes, Triston reached out, put his arm around her shoulders, drew her into his side and rested his head on hers. Miran snuggled into his side and together they watched the stars passed by.



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