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Night in the Forest

Posted on Sat Aug 10th, 2019 @ 12:06pm by Chief Petty Officer Fernando De La Rosa

Mission: Mission 2: Heaven On Earth
Location: Camp Site, Amazon Rain Forest
Timeline: day after the birthday party

The stream was whispering through the forest, coming down off a gently sloping hill, and the camp fire was blazing. Not that it was much in the way of a real fire, Mona had cheated by beaming down a small holographic generator, mostly to be safe from accidentally causing damage to the surroundings. But it was real enough to provide heat and light, to have fried their meal.

Mona had shed all her clothes, and now danced in the flickering light as only an Orion could dance. One of the immaterial gifts she was determined to give to Fernando.

Fernando watched as Mona danced. He didn't stare (that would be rude) but his eyes were focused on her as she danced in the shimmering, flickering firelight, which only served to highlight the sensuous nature of her dance. She moved like molten liquid, gliding across the ground, twisting and turning to the music only she could hear. It was an impressive performance but Fernando loved it because Mona was dancing for him. There was no one else, just the two of them and that made it all the more special.

There was a sound in the distance, one that Mona couldn't place, and that caused her to stop her dance. A roar, she realised. "I think there's company out there", she whispered.

Fernando looked around and nodded, "A lion." He answered, turning his attention back to Mona. "You aren't scared are you?"

"No, excited", Mona said. "I'd love to see one." Mona knew too little about Earth animals to know that lions weren't even native to the same continent they were on, and that Fernando was pulling her leg.

"Maybe you can one day..... if we go to Africa." Fernando smiled. "Lions are native to Africa not South America. I was teasing you Mona."

Mona dropped onto the blanket beside him, poking him in the side. "Come on, that's not fair. I really heard something."

Fernando chuckled as Mona poked him in the side, "Yes, I heard it too. Maybe a jaguar or a leopard." He suggested.

Again, Mona knew not that leopards were native to Asia and Africa only. "I want to find one", she said. "But not tonight, when it's daytime." She knew that large predators were rare in any environment, and needed huge territories just to feed themselves, or they'd be hunted to exhaustion and the predators would starve. They'd need some serious tracking skills.

"Certainly Mona. We'll see what we can do in getting you an up close and personal viewing." Fernando assured her.

"I'm glad I've put up the perimeter, though", she said. "Much easier to sleep that way, and you won't need to snore to scare anyone off."

"Me snore?" Fernando protested, "I thought that was you."

"Dream on", Mona laughed.

"Fernando does not snore." He insisted. "I breathe noisy." He clarified with a smile.

"Right", Mona nodded. "That's a good way to put it."

"I knew you would agree." Fernando teased her.

"I have to give in to you sometimes, don't I?" Mona smirked. She cuddled up to him and put her hand in his hair.

He brought her close and kissed her, "You know me so well." He whispered as he kissed her again.

Mona melted into his arms and forgot about the banter. For once, she wanted to experience what Fernando could do when she didn't poke fun at him.

Fernando kissed her softly, tenderly yet with a passion of a man who totally loves a woman. Not like some randy teenager. He didn't rush as he kissed and explored her body. He wanted this to be truly special for Mona. He moved across her body, starting with her rich, full lips. Not missing an inch as he kissed and massaged or gently caressed her leg. He loved Mona and he hoped desperately so that she knew that.

For once, fate looked kindly on two members of the Elysium crew, and they were undisturbed during their first night in the forest, even by insects thanks to the barrier.

Totally uninhibited, out here in the middle of nowhere, Mona showed him a sensual side that she had never shown aboard the ship.

The pair melted into each other. doing all they could to make the other happy. Fernando for his part and all his bluster had never experience what Mona was showing him and he gladly accepted it.


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