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Shocking Briefings

Posted on Mon Nov 5th, 2018 @ 6:20am by Captain Phoenix Lalor & Lieutenant Commander Arrianna Salannis an Vantar

Mission: MISSION 0 - History Speaks
Location: Hiran Military Building

Danarius Krophan an Anktar had a very morbid briefing ahead of him. He had to tell another race, these Erisians, about the horror that drove the Alindari from their old homeworld. These Erisians would encounter them soon, they were becoming truly ambitious in their reach to the stars to become an interstellar power. But this time, the Ambassador asked Captain Krophan to tell the Erisians what they were going to encounter. What the Alindari encountered two hundred years ago.

Prince Alexandre Lath, who held the rank of Tazys, the equivalent of Major in The Federation, sat in the room watching as the Alindari entered the room. He and others were gathered to hear this report. Some however were disbelieving that this race could offer anything. However Alexandre had a different view.

The officer spoke. "Good morning. Well begin this briefing. Activate your pads." He activated a hologram of a Borg Drone. "This is a Borg Drone. Of a race of Cybernetic Organisms known as the Borg Collective." He noted. "The Borg consists of countless drones, within decentralized ships that consist of no bridge, no quarters, no recreational facilities, no central power core. Only regeneration alcoves, intersecting power conduits, assimilation chambers, weapon and control systems and other facilities that serve a purpose. Borg ships are devastatingly powerful. In 2357, one Borg Cube overwhelmed the Federation Fleet at Wolf 359. Another invaded in 2371, attempting to create a temporal conduit to attack earth during a time that the Federation did not exist."

"They are a strange looking race" Alexandre commented studying the image.

"The Borg themselves are not individuals. They are drones linked to a central collective consciousness, unable to act on their own, and compelled to obey the will of the collective. The Borg have two, and only two, priorities; Assimilate and Adapt. They not only duplicate and reproduce technology, but they themselves assimilate organic sentients into their collective. When a borg drone assimilates a sentient, preferably they assimilate humanoids, a drone injects an array of nanoprobes into a victim. Their DNA is rewritten and cybernetic implants are constructed on the nanotechnological scale. A neural interface is constructed linked to a neuroprocessor in the chest, and a interplexing subspace beacon near the neck and. The victim's mind is linked to the collective and he or she looses all trace of individuality as the new drone is given a designation and a function within the collective." This briefing was authorized by the Alindari Ambassador, to tell fools what they'd be stumbling into on the galactic stage.

While there were mutters about the news, all disbelieving, Alexandre stood silencing the mutters. "Your information is concerning Captain. These.. beings... have not come near us yet, obviously as our race, for all our technological advances, is not worth their time. However, if we go further out, we may come up on their screens... would they, to your mind, find our technological status, of interest?"

"Or they may find your biological distinctiveness of interest. The philosophy college has studied the Borg's motivations and some of our academicians believe the Borg have consuming philosophy of biological and technological perfection. In a very morbid line of thought, we believe that the Borg assimilate to bring themselves and their assimilated races closer to technological and biological perfection." Darius noted. "Some in the philosophy college consider it 'compassion, if the collective concerned itself with such thoughts.'" Darius noted. "What I have to offer you next is what scattered security recordings we have from what our people call the Searing of Alindar."

Danarius began to play the recordings, It began as a tranquil day in the old imperium. Just like any other. It played for about thirty minutes until bright beams of energy emerged from the sky. Drones beamed down by the thousands and began to lay waste to the glory of the old imperium. "They came by the thousands, out of nowhere. No defense system was adequate except for a bladed weapon. Of two trillion Alindai across thirty worlds, less than four hundred thousand survived, including Princess Akaria Althir. The youngest daughter."

Alexandre just shook his head as he watched it. They were going to be hopelessly outgunned and millions will die.

"When we learned the bloodline of our greatest teacher and thinker survived, it united all the survivors. We scraped together what warships and transports we could find and left our homeworld and space before they could finish us." Darius mentioned. "The Fleets and Armies of the old imperium fell like insects before the Borg, so when we learned that the Federation resisted not just one attempt, but two, we were instantly intrigued, and we studied every tactic, every strategy the Federation used. Every trace of data no matter how insignificant, and we learned several important clues to successfully resisting the borg. Indeed we've been studying the Borg for two hundred years and have learned that we need to get creative when fighting the borg. Use what they consider irrelevant against them, as traditional strategies and tactics will be ineffective."

Alexandre took a breath. "the information you have provided is concerning and interesting. I will make sure the High Lord and his council read it carefully. And take any suggestions you have under advisement."

"My people are hard at work developing new technologies to resist the Borg. The Alindari have approached the Federation Council with a Defensive Coalition Treaty. Which will be activated the moment we detect a Borg Transwarp signature." Darius mentioned. "We're encouraging all worlds we come in contact with to prepare, and we're sharing data on the Borg in preparation for what we know will come in the next fifty years. It will not just be one cube in that span of time. It will be many."

Alexandre had to fight back a shudder. "Thank you." he said politely. "If you have time after the briefing Captain I would like to discuss this further and more in depth."

"Certainly." Danarius noted.


Danarius walked in the nearby gardens. examining a flower nearby. The Alindari Military personnel were much like the rest of their race, unparalleled in the area of acamedicia. Even their defensive force was a school of strategy. "Prince Lath. I realize todays briefing was disturbing. But the Collective is not invincible. Even with their technology, and their numbers. Captain Kathryn Janeway and her crew did the most damage to the collective with just one small light cruiser. They are in no way invincible."

Alexandre nodded. "I see. I take it the Federation then has trained all their officers to fight the Borg?"

"If it were not for the Federaton's ability to embrace new ideas and unorthodox solutions, they would have fallen to the collective. We require this flexibility in or efforts against the collective. Right now the Collective is not yet aware of you, but Hiran is now aware of the collective. The borg are formidable, but very single minded. Pardon the pun."

Alexandre paused and then he considered his next words carefully. "Yes but what we do with the knowledge is key is it not? We need to make sure we are prepared, just in case." He paused again. "My High Lord is not so... cautious. He may consider a preemptive strike."

"Strike at what? Not even the Federation has a clear strategic plan against the borg, which amplifies the danger. We can't get bogged down with strategic thinking, but we need to show resolve." Danarius noted. "Right now an offensive is infeasible even for the Federation, as the Borg's main unimatrices are seventy thousand light years away. If Hiran launched an attack, you'd be waiting decades to know if it succeeded or failed."

Alexandre nodded. "Information is always useful. It may allow us to convince him to adopt a preparation footing. He might also finally listen to your people and the Federation..." he sounded dubious though.



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