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Isn't Nature Great?

Posted on Sat Aug 10th, 2019 @ 12:06pm by Chief Petty Officer Fernando De La Rosa

Mission: Mission 2: Heaven On Earth
Location: Amazon Rainforest
Timeline: day after the birthday party

Fernando and Mona, after getting their camp set up and enjoying an ice cool beer, decided to check out their surroundings. First to find a good place to fish and second a place to observe the native animals without them knowing.

They stood at the juncture of a stream that emptied in a river. "This would be a good place to fish and perhaps farther down a place to watch the wildlife without them noticing us." Fernando explained.

"Water's a bit murky, can't see much", Mona said. "There goes my favourite fishing method. If I can't see them, I can't spear them."

"Where the stream is entering the river it's stirring up the silt." Fernando pointed out. "Let's go farther down. The water should be clearer."

Mona pulled out her knife and cut down a thin but straight piece of wood from a nearby bush. As they walked, she started fashioning a point with a barb.

"That is going to be your harpoon?" Fernando asked. He nodded at the thin piece of wood. "That should work well."

"You're going to find this works wonders", Mona grinned. "Doubter or not."

Fernando nodded. "Okay impress me Ahab."

"I'm going for small fish, not the big ones", Mona said. "According to what I've read, red-bellied piranha are a good target."

"Sure. as your bringing it back to you, it eats your fingers." Fernando laughed.

"Not likely", Mona quipped. "They don't eat greens."

"Famous last words. You'll have a new nickname. Stubby."

"No, you pick something sexy for me, like you did for Toasty Buns", Mona insisted.

"Okay." Fernando grinned. "I can do that." He promised.

"So what are my options?" Mona asked as she saw the waters getting clearer again. Less silt was always a good thing. "Oh, those are some big ones", she said, pointing at three fish that were easily as long as she was. "Don't hurt them, they're too much for us anyway."

"How am I going to hurt them? I'm not in the water with them." Fernando countered.

"You might poke them with your fishing rod", Mona said. "How dangerous is it exactly?"

"Poke em? Only if I'm standing in the river which I'm not." Fernando pointed out. "Listen Jacques Cousteau, it's a lot less dangerous than your harpoon."

The reference to the great conservationist and marine explorer went way over Mona's head, "Okay, you can poke later."

Fernando shook his head as he waited to see Mona show off her harpoon throwing skills if there was such a thing, He just hoped she didn't spear her foot. As he waited Fernando's eyes roamed over Mona, She was drop dead beautiful! From the top of her head to her long, sexy legs and then it struck him, A nickname for her. "Angel Legs." He muttered.

"What was that?" Mona asked as she carved a notch into the end of the stick and then tied a length of rope to it, and the other end to her wrist.

"What?" Fernando asked then realized what Mona had asked. "Oh, I just said Angel Legs."

"What is an angel?" Mona inquired. She had heard the term before but she wasn't familiar with the various Terran mythologies.

"An angel is a supernatural being of ultimate good and exquisite beauty and grace. They are often benevolent and act as intermediaries between Heaven and humanity." Fernando explained.

"Ultimate good, you say?" Mona smirked. "Sounds boring."

Fernando shook his head, "Bonita." He started. "You of course are left to your own devices.''

"I can't make any promises", Mona said.

"I don't want you to." Fernando assured her. "I love you just as you are."

"That's a relief", Mona grinned. She slowly stepped into the water, hoping not to scare the fish away with the movement, but she had to get in range of the ones she wanted to catch.

Fernando watched her move with deliberate slowness much like a cat stalking it's prey. He was curious to see if Mona's handmade harpoon would work.

And work it did, since it wasn't Mona's first time. The only downside, the other fish in the area sped away as soon as one of their number was skewered. They'd have to wait until a second attempt could be made. Mona pulled on the string and harpoon and fish came back to her. She held it out for Fernando to see. "Half of our supper."

Fernando nodded he was dually impressed and surprised by Mona's success. "Way to go Deadeye." He said with pride.

She removed the fish from the tip, made sure it was indeed dead, and then threw it in Fernando's direction. "That's why I need clear waters. I can't hit them if I can't see them."

Fernando caught the fish easily and put in the cooler they had brought with them. "You're a regular Calamity Jane you are."

"You keep saying these names, like you expect me to understand", Mona said. "But yes, 'calamity' is good. I like that."

Fernando chuckled, "I'm sorry Mona. It wasn't intentional. Calamity Jane was a famous female outlaw back in Earth's Old West." He nodded okay, "Calamity it is."

"Perfect", Mona beamed. "And since I don't think you want to be known as 'Casanova', shall we find something for you as well? I could drop it among the Marines, and it'll spread." Mona's mind was more strategic, and didn't just have the fun aspect in mind.

"Well if you are going to do that we should be Bonnie and Clyde. They were also famous crooks and a couple during the early part of the twentieth century. Rob banks, killed people. That sort of thing." Fernando explained. "And no I don't want to be known as Casanova."

"Especially since you and Commander Brett looked a little awkward together", Mina smirked.

"You think?" Fernando bantered. "It was awkward. I like Anje but that was uncomfortable with her mom there."

"And she saw right through you", Mona said. "Anje's not going to be happy, Merella will be leaving soon, I think. Maybe she'll stay a bit longer to help her sister, but her relationship cannot last, and I think she thinks it's more serious than it is."

"I hate to hear that for Anje's sake. She is such a nice girl, er woman." Fernando quickly corrected himself. "A long distance relationship? That's doomed from the start."

Mona nodded. "When we get back, we should invite her over, give her some distractions."

"An excellent idea Mona. When we get back. However now is for us, so let make the most of it." Fernando suggested.

"You think I worry too much?" Mona wondered.

"Your concerned about your friends and that is wonderful but you should think of yourself sometimes too Mona." Fernando observed.

"I do", Mona smiled. "That's why we're here. I did sort of make you come out into the wilderness, didn't I?"

"You didn't make me come Mona. I wanted to come. I like spending time with you especially when I don't have to share you with your friends." Fernando gave an answering smile.

"Sharing is caring, though", Mona said, harpooning another fish before walking back. "I'm Orion, I don't mind sharing, or caring. Do you?"

"Of course Mona. Generally I do not mind sharing. The exception to that is you. I do not want to share you." Fernando replied.

"I'll try to keep that in mind", Mona said. "But again, no promises."

Fernando was silent at her statement. A glint of disappointment appeared in his eyes and was gone.

Mona noticed he wasn't happy, so she said, "Well, imagine it's one of my friends going through something like this, I'd want to be there for them."

"No, no Mona." Fernando shook his head, "You misunderstand or perhaps I did a poor job explaining. I don't mind you being there to comfort and support your friends. I meant sharing YOU.''

"Oh, that kind of sharing", Mona said. "You're not a team player?"

"When it comes to the woman I love. No." Fernando answered quickly and decisively.

"You don't know what you're missing", Mona teased. "Though we might need a bigger bed anyway."

"Maybe but I'm not sharing you, not that way." Fernando replied stubbornly. "A bigger bed is doable."

"You can give Anje the bad news", Mona laughed.

"Bad news? Oh you mean sharing? I will be happy to." Fernando answered quickly with a smile.

Mona put her arm around Fernando again. She decided she had tormented the poor man enough for one day. "So have we got anything that goes with fish?"

"I'm sure we do." Fernando answered glad that Mona had stopped talking about sharing. "If we don't we can find something to go with the fish."

"Do you like climbing trees?" Mona asked.

"When I was a boy, it was one of my favorite pastimes. Why?" Fernando asked.

"That's where the fruits are", Mona said. "We'll have to beam down veggies, I'm afraid."

"Beam down the veggies. I will get us the fruit we need. I will take the knife with me to cut them down." Fernando replied.

Mona untied the rope from the harpoon and attached it to a heavier piece of wood instead, then handed it to Fernando so he could throw it over a branch.

Taking the rope and piece of wood. Fernando smiled, "I will be back in a jiffy with the fruit." As he threw the rope and managed to get the wood lodged in the branches to pull himself up.

Mona watched him climb and smiled. It gave her a lot of satisfaction to be doing things the simple, some would say primitive, way for a change, and she was glad she had found a partner who was willing to indulge her.

Within moments Fernando was at the top of the tree. "What do you want Mona?" He shouted down to her.

"I don't suspect you've got much of a choice up there", Mona called back. It wasn't like a single tree would bear several types of fruits.

"Well no. There are what looks like mangos and I can see bananas on another tree." Fernando replied.

"Mangos are great", Mona called. "Make sure they're fully ripe and juicy." Two or three should be enough, she figured.

"Got it. Watch out. I'll throw some down." Fernando answered from atop the tree.

"Go ahead, I'll catch", Mona said confidently. He wouldn't be throwing them too hard, would he?

"I will drop them down to you." Fernando answered. "Ready?"

"I was born ready!" Mona joked.

"Of that I have no doubt." Fernando joked from atop the tree. Pulling off a mango he yelled down, "Here come s the first one!"

Mona had no issue catching it. "Got it!" She squeezed it. 'Yes, just right', she thought. "Keep up the bombardment."

"Roger!" Fernando yelled down. "Here comes number two!"

"Incomiiiiiing!" Mona laughed as she caught the second one.

Fernando laughed. Mona seemed to be enjoying herself and he was happy for that. "Bombs away!" He yelled down and dropped two mangos this time.

"Not faaair!" Mona caught one but there was nothing she could do for the other, and when it impacted on a fallen branch, it splattered her with juice.

Fernando laughed at the spectacle of Mona's face splattered with mango juice. "Sorry!" He yelled down. "You ready for just one this time?''

"Yes, that's much safer", Mona agreed. She'd have to wash up in the river, otherwise that sticky fluid would attract all kinds of flies she didn't want to make closer acquaintance with.

"How many more do we need?" Fernando asked. He came here to spend time with Mona, not hang out in trees all day.

"One more I can squeeze out over your head?" Mona laughed. "No, we're good. Come on down. I need to go for a swim."

"Here it comes!" Fernando shouted . As soon as he let the mango fall. He was coming down the tree. and soon was back on solid ground. He looked at her, "Yes, you need to go for a swim. You have mango juice all over you."

"I'll do that while you get our rope back", Mona smirked. She went back to the stream, this time crouching down in it, washing herself and her clothes of the juice.

Fernando grabbed the rope and winding it up, he headed to the river where he saw Mona washing the juice from her clothes and face.

And when Mona came up, dripping wet, her hair hanging down her back and her shirt clinging to her body and transparent, she asked, "See what you made me do?"

"Yes and I like the look, very native." He told her with a grin.

"Feels good in the heat", Mona admitted. "Just not for long walks." Wet clothes chafed, in unpleasant places.

"Simple remedy for that.... change into dry ones." Fernando suggested.

"They're at the camp", Mona said. "But that's not far. Besides, it looks like you're enjoying the view, and why would I deprive you of that?"

Fernando smiled broadly, "Your consideration and thoughtfulness knows no bounds Mona and yes I am enjoying the view. Very much I am enjoying it."

"Good." Mona slung her arms around him and kissed him, not caring he'd get wet as well.

Fernando wrapped his arms around Mona and returned the kiss. Kissing her deeply. Mona moving in and them becoming a couple was the best thing that ever happened to him.


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