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Well this is gonna hurt

Posted on Wed Aug 29th, 2018 @ 7:24pm by Commander Gary Taylor & Captain Phoenix Lalor & Commander Liselle Qwyyn & Commander Aurelia Holmes & Lieutenant Commander Matias Grronkil & Lieutenant Commander Sthilg & Lieutenant Tate Sullivan Ph.D. & Lieutenant Felicity Kaz & Lieutenant Kara Hoffman & Lieutenant JG Gallia Norris & Lieutenant Commander Jaeih t'Noramei-McKinley
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Mission: Season 2: Mission 2: Just Breath
Location: Eclipse Bridge
Timeline: Co-current with away team JP

The bridge was silent as the transplanted crew sat at their stations. Jaeih was standing at sensors while Arri was on the away mission.

"The Elysium has dropped out of warp" she called out.

Gary nodded at the news. "So it begins." He whispered.

"Captain Lalor reports away team ready." Jaieh called out.

"Very good Lieutenant. Signal the away team to proceed with transport to the Elysium at their disecration." Gary answered as the drama began to unfold. To Liselle at CONN he spoke next, "Drop our cloak Liselle. Let them know the cavalry has arrived." To tactical, "Raise shields."

Jaeih nodded. "And first wave is away." She said.

Tate said a silent prayer that all would go well. She was experienced enough to know not to expect perfection, but the best she could pray for was no loss of life.

"Commander! Elysium's weapons are charging! Feeding sensors to Ops and Conn!" Jaieh called out sounding alarmed. "Shit, all phaser arrays!"

At Jaieh's alarm, Gary barked out orders, "Evasive maneuvers Liselle. We're more agile than the Elysium. Get us inside their targeting profile."

"Already on it," Liselle called back. Her fingers danced across her board, her features hard. She hated this, this notion of the Elysium attacking them, of these vile creatures inside her.

To tactical, he snapped. "Target the arrays. Full power to the phasers."

Lia had somehow found herself still on the Eclipse, =^="Holmes to the bridge, what the hell is going on?"=^= She had watched everyone else transport over, why the hell hadn't she gone with them? Trying to keep her balance, she made her way to the turbo lift. The ship seemed to buck sideways and she hit the wall hard, she felt something go in her arm. "Bugger it", she said to her self. Finally entering the lift she said, "Bridge". Pain eminated from her left arm, "Stay with it girl, they may need you". It was her last thought as again the ship bucked and she again hit the wall with her left side, unconscious she slid to the floor.

Felicity had somehow found herself on the bridge. She'd been hoping to find the Chief, but had been suddenly thrown into the battle against their own ship. "Aye, full power to phasers, targeting their phaser arrays."

A voice came from his arm Comm. "Gary, are you damaging our ship?" it was Phoenix.

Gary sighed, bit his tongue and gave a singularly short reply. "Fraid so. Can't be helped. You do want to board the Elysium don't you?" As his hands gripped the side of the command chair as the Eclipse bounced and lurched from a combination of phaser strikes from the Elysium and Liselle's inspired if unorthodoxed piloting.

"If you can get us within their shields I can beam over the remaining away team!" She called back.

Gary didn't answer Phoenix, to Liselle he instructed. "Liselle, you heard the lady, get us inside the Elysium's shields. The aft shields will be the weakest. Get us inside at that point. Use the Picard maneuver."

"Okaaaaayyyyy," Liselle said slowly. "The Picard maneuver. Right. No. Problem." Her fingers stiffened above her controls, locking rigid. "I can do this," she whispered to herself. "Probably."

Qwyyn's fingers sprung back into life and immediately began dancing across her board. When she finished entering the flight sequence, she engaged, and the viewscreen flashed with the bright blue hue of the warp engines. The stars jumped and the image before them settled on the rear of the Elysium.

She clapped her hands with the excitement of having successfully jumped behind the Elysium while leaving a ghost image of themselves at its fore. Even as the Eclipse fired at where they had once been, she engaged the impulse engines to plow them through the shields and into transport range. "Hold on everyone!"


Kara slid across the engineering room almost like a graceful dancer, as she threw commands into the closest Engineering console, bringing up the shield harmonics and power distribution network. Quickly moving from screen to screen, shifting power demands and shield harmonics manually. "Commander!" She turned, to face her Chief, who was equally as busy. "We're taking some hits here, i'm attempting to compensate but the Eclipse's shields aren't as powerful as i'd like them to be. Rotating shield frequencies is having a minimal effect and power transfers are slow and seem to be a little unrealiable, we're gonna get hit hard. Preparing damage control teams for possible hull breaches sir!"

"Very good," said Matias. "Shut down all unnecessary functions and focus on the shields and weaponry." he said. This ship wasn't responding like the Elysium did. Why did they give us this unreliable ship. He needed a miracle to pull this off.

"Understood, stand by." Kara set in a few pre-set commands, then turned on her heels and quickly marched to the other side of Engineering to another console. As Yellow clad crew rushed around her, she tapped some more commands into the terminal, and nodded back to her chief. "All non essential systems have been restricted or shut off if possible. That's given us quite the power boost, but if that runs low we have little reserves remaining. Shield strength is..." She frowned. "Better than expected, up to a healthy 75% chief, but that's pretty much all i can do from here, without compromising weapons. Minor Damage to the upper decks, no breaches thank goodness." She turned back to the console and quietly murmured "Yet."

Gallia hadn't been asked anything of yet, but she wasn't going to stand around all dummied up while there were things needed handling. She turned to the Assistant Chief, "Sir, would you like me to get a damage control team together and haul ass to the upper decks?" She asked, hoping the Assistant Chief understood her thick Scottish accent, strained with worry for the ship and, most of all, her child.

Matias was getting frustrated. This clunker of a ship should have been retired long ago. Nothing was working. He heard Gallia speaking to his assistant. This was no time to panic. "Be calm," he said. "Yes, it is a good idea to get a damage control team up there. but be ready, there may be more. We need to be on our toes." Something had to happen soon or they were done for.

Kara smiled quietly, and nodded to both of them. For now she decided it wasn't the time or place to have a talk with Gallia about her origins, although Kara recognised and understood her accent immediately without fail. She made a mental note to catch up with the new staff member when she next got the chance. "Decks 3 and 4 was the worst, i'd start there!" She said in a loud voice, grabbing a diagnostic padd and heading over to the warp core console. Tapping in several codes and wiping beads of sweat starting to pool on her forehead.

One of my own, Gallia smiled, recognizing the accent instantly, "Wonder if she's from Aberdeen, too." She said, tapping a few enlisted engineers as she went by, "Come on, we're going to deck three and four, try and keep this thing together.

-Bridge - Eclipse-

On the Bridge, the Eclipse senors went crazy. "Sir! We have torpedo tubes powering up on the Elysium. And the Phasers are all powering at the same time. IDIOTS! The power levels will over load her... they may get one or two more shots if they continue to overload her power like this." Jaeih reported rubbing a hand absently at her breast bone. It was aching for some reason.

-Turbolift - Eclipse

Poppy was attempting to get to sickbay, having been asked to get there after the battle began, but for some reason, the turbolift she was trying to access was jammed. She manually cranked open the door and saw a figure lying there. "Crud..." She muttered to her self, jumping around the person, and checking their vitals. There was a slight injury to her head, and it looked like she'd hit her head on the bulkhead during the fight. She pulled a hypospray of Stokaline from her medkit that she always carried, and pressed it to her neck, and waited for her to wake up.

As she came to the pain of her broken arm shot through her, "Christ my arm is killing me". She looked at the woman next to her, "Do I know you? And if your medically trained, do something about my left arm will you". Lia suddenly felt faint, and her right arm shot out to steady her. "Are we still fighting the Elysium? I need to get to the bridge", she attempted to stand, but the ship rocked and she sat back down with a thump hurting her arm further. "Bad idea I think, can you help me get to sickbay?"

Poppy nodded, and set about temporarily mending the broken arm. "You don't know me, as far as i'm aware Commander. I'm the new Medical Officer. I've temporarily fixed your arm, but it's quite a complex break, so I can't do everything here. I could help you to sickbay, but I believe our surgeon is in the casino, which is who you're gonna need to see. I'll give you something for the dizziness." She said, taking another hypospray and pushing it to the Commanders upper arm. "Comeon then, lets get you up." Poppy said, looping her arm under Lia's good arm, and hoisting her up.

"Thanks Doc, so a newbie to this little mad house are you? Welcome, it isn't always like this. At least I don't think its as bad as this, but hey you kinda get used to it.

Sickbay Eclipse.

Like clockwork, the medical doctor had counted down from the first hit the ship had taken till the first patient had been carried through the door. Now his reptilian hands were busy trying to remove remains of a broken console from someone's chest. The small sickbay was already full and he'd already been sending people to the emergency one as the door opened again. Without even looking he indicated for one of his nurses to look at the new incoming casualty.

"Gee it's nice to be wanted", Lia said with all the humour she could muster. Her arm was beginning to hurt again, and she wanted to be on the bridge. Not in sickbay.

-Eclipse Bridge-

Jaieh watched the sensors. "Sir, we are under their shields. Shall I inform the transporter room?"

Gary didn't turn in his seat, his eyes still on the main viewer. Yet he answered Jaieh, "Yes, please to so. Let the Captain know they can resume transporting the away team to the Ely."

Jaeih sent the confirmation to transporter room 1.
"Away team away. Transporter room 1 reports that Captain Lalor has beamed over. Commander Holmes has not. Location unknown."

Gary turned in his chair, his gaze burning into Jaeih, "What? What did you say? The Captain has beamed over and Commander Holmes didn't and her location is unknown?" Anger creeping into his voice.

Jaieh raised an eyebrow at him. "Am scanning now. Transporter chief said when the shooting started Commander Holmes headed for the bridge." Her console pinged. "Got her. Turbolift 2. Looks like...hmm." she brought up the vid feed. "She has been found and is being treated." Whatever else she was going to say was cut off as the ship rocked again.

Gary let out a breath he didn't know he was holding as Jaieh reported on Lia being found and treated. "Very good. Keep me informed of Commander Holmes status." He replied as the Eclipse rocked again.

Liselle glanced back over her shoulder, sharing a look with Taylor at the news of Lia. The two of them had been rather doting on Holmes ever since they learned of her untimely demise in a mirror reality. Reports of her injuries, any injuries, were certainly not welcome.

Gary met Liselle's look, his expression unreadable. After the dust up at the Senior Staff meeting he wasn't about to say anything anyone could construe to be flirting. Still looking at her he added, "Nicely done Liselle. Very nicely done."

Jaeih glanced at her screens. "Sir, we have located away team bio signs. There seems to be conflict on the Elysium bridge deck. Engineering is clear of insurgents and showing Marines and Security. Medical is clear on the Elysium as well. They are charging the phaser banks again and torps. I estimate two more shots then Elysium will burn out her weapons systems."

Gary accepted the news. "I see and just who are they going to shoot at Lieutenant? We're inside the Elysium's shields. They can't bring the phasers and torpedoes to bear on us."

Jaieh calmly replied "While that is true Sir, if they burn them out when we take the Ely back, she will be defenceless"

Deck 4

Gallia and her five person damage control team had decided to go to Deck Four first, readings indicated it was in the worst shape and that it was a prime candidate for a hull breach if things weren't fixed and fixed now, "All right, everybody be careful." She instructed as she manually opened the doors, where she was greeted by a whooshing flame, "Oh, bloody hell, it's on fire!"

Petty Officer Liorga, a Deltan, jumped back and squealed; if she'd had any hair, it would've probably just been singed. Once she had control of herself again, she relayed information to the new Ensign, whoever that child was, "Sir, fire suppression systems are down on this deck, but there's a manual override in the wall panel."

"Where is it?" Gallia asked, though she had an idea, and it didn't do the heart much good.

"There." Liorga said, indicating a panel on the other side of the corridor blocked almost entirely by a pile of debris and the still expanding fire, "I don't think it's reachable, Ensign. We should seal this deck and move on to Deck Three."

It was a good idea, more than that it was safe because where the panel was was far worse than where Gallia thought it was. The problem was sealing the deck off wouldn't do anything about a possible hull breach, "Well, that's just dandy, i'nt it?" She groaned, "Petty Officer, get us a couple fire extinguishers, I'm gonna try gettin' ta that panel."

"Sir, I don't believe that's the wisest choice." Liorga began to protest, but it was too late, the new Ensign was off and running, well, more like speed shuffling, trying to get to that panel. She turned to Crewman Justice behind her, "Sami, grab the handheld extinguisher, see if we can make a path through the fire."

"Yes, Ma'am." Justice nodded, knowing Liorga hated to be called sir because Liorga hated men, though she did watch the Ensign for just a second, she seemed to be getting on well.

Gallia had had to sidestep, duck, and dodge debris on the deck as well as that falling from the ceiling overhead, but she had made it to the panel and had begun to pry the cover off, her gloves providing far less protection from the heat than she would've liked. Another strong pull and the cover was off, slung to the deck and forgotten instantly, "Well, tha's jus' perfect." She growled, seeing that there were isolinear chips scorched, one even melted, in the panel, she'd have to dedicate the remaining chips to fire suppression and life support, "Shoulda grabbed my mag-boots."

Removing the chips was relatively simple, she'd done it dozens of times on cadet cruises and in class, but doing it with a fire blazing around her, that was making things interesting. Life support is still operational, that's good, she thought, and comfort systems are fried, so is fire suppression, force field is up and the doors are working...

She counted, then recounted the chips, it was as bad as she thought, there were not enough to restore fire suppression and keep life support and the force field up, "Gonna have to be creative." She sighed, noticing her people had gotten her a path through the flames, she definitely needed that right now. Walking away from the panel and back to the lift as fast as she could, Gallia found the bag she was looking for, the one that carried the one item a good engineer was never without, per Chief O'Brien anyway, microtransporters.

"And what are you going to do with that, Ensign?" Liorga asked, genuinely interested.

"Well, I'm many chips short of being able to fix everything." Gallia began, working as she did, "And, unless I'm badly mistaken, the chips controlling fire suppression are so badly burned they're melted into their ports, so I couldn't pull them to replace them if I had a bag full of chips, so I'm gonna put out this fire another way."

"Another way?" Liorga raised her eyebrow, this newbie was starting to worry her.

"Right." Gallia nodded, standing and moving to the control panel as quickly as she could, hooking the microtransporter to the isolinear chip controlling the force field before shutting all the doors on the deck from the panel and getting back to Liorga and the rest of the crew double quick, "Alright, everybody back into the lift, close the doors!"

The team quickly obeyed, she was in charge after all, but nobody of yet had figured out what she was doing even as they huddled behind the doors as she'd ordered.

"Okay, let's see if the galaxy's smartest Irishman is right again." Gallia said to nobody in particular, activating the microtransporter from her tricorder. A second later an isolinear chip appeared in the lift and a strong sucking noise was heard from outside that shook, but didn't breach, the lift doors, "There we go." Gallia smirked, quite pleased with herself, as she entered the commands to return the chip to it's port. The tornado like sounds stopped, letting Gallia know the chip had returned to where she'd found it, restoring the force field when it did.

Opening the doors to inspect the scene, Gallia was pleased and her crew amazed to see the flames were out and the fallen debris had been sucked into space, just as she'd planned. She walked over to the control panel to take a quick look at the aftermath, confirming her suspicions about the fire suppression system, "Yep, totally fried," She sighed, "This will take a whole day to repair."

"Good job, sir." Liorga congratulated the new Ensign, surprised beyond belief that that stunt had worked as well as it did, "Now what?"

"Now..." Gallia said, turning to face the Deltan woman, "Now we seal this deck off and go to Deck Three."

Deck Three

The ride in the lift to deck three was more than a little intense, the entire ship was shaking between the ferocious battle and the aftermath of damage already done; at one point she'd been sure that the lift was going to fail or, worse, fall, killing them all. However, they'd managed to make the physically short journey intact. When the lift doors opened the damage was readily apparent as the damage control crew began to float towards the ceiling above, "Well, artificial gravity is out." Gallia sighed as she put a hand above her to keep from hitting her head, "That's gotta be first priority."

"I've got it, Sir." Liorga replied, turning on her grav-boots and walking across the floor with relative ease; Ensigns, they never think about the easy stuff, she thought, though she figured it would come with time, this one seemed like she would get it eventually. The panel was more than a little damaged, almost like it had taken a direct hit, but the artificial gravity was merely tripped, like an old fashioned fuse. A quick flip of the switch restored the gravity, and sent the others sprawling to the floor, "Sorry!"

"Ach! Bloody hell!" Gallia complained as she landed hard on her butt. She struggled to her feet with help from Justice and made her way to the control panel, "Well, this is some real pretty shit right here."

Justice looked over the Ensign's shoulder, taking stock of the situation, "Wow." It was a disaster, no other word would describe it, "We'll have to replace the entire thing."

"Right." Gallia nodded, "But we don't have the time to do that right now. We're gonna have ta do a bypass patch I think."

"Can you bypass it, Sir?" Liorga asked, she'd repaired and bypassed many panels in her life, but usually when they were this damaged they were a lost cause, "It might be best to just keep up what we can and let the yardies fix it when we get it back to them."

"We're gonna have ta bypass the panel to keep the forcefield up anyway." Gallia sighed, stepping past Liorga to the control panel. She began to tinker with the system, setting power to transfer from life support to the force field and shields since the deck was cleared, "Okay, we've got thirty seconds to be off this deck or forever hold your breath."

They filed back out to the lift in an orderly, though rapid, fashion and shared a satisfied smile with each other as the lift doors shut behind them, congratulating themselves on a job well done. At least they were until Crewman Dorso said, "Sir, the lift isn't working."

"What now?" Gallia groaned, stepping past Dorso and opening the manual control panel, "Oh, there's the pro..."

She was cut off instantly when the panel burst into flames, along with her right hand, which Dorso quickly put out with water from his field thermos, "Oh, bloody hell! That hurts like a bastard." Gallia cursed.

"Okay, we got to get you to the Doc." Liorga stated, plugging her padd into the panel and operating the lift that way as they headed to Deck Two.

= Eclipse Bridge=

"Commander, the Elysium has stopped firing! Its Weapons are powering down!"


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