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Away mission prep

Posted on Sun Jul 7th, 2019 @ 7:22am by Commodore Evelyn Mountbatten & Envoy Anje Brett & Lieutenant Commander Arrianna Salannis an Vantar & Lieutenant Kara Hoffman & Lieutenant Commander Jason Morris & Major Azhul Naxea & Lieutenant Commander Turak & 1st Lieutenant James Edith & Commander Garrett Lovejoy & Lieutenant Commander Jessica 'Valkyrie' Vaii & Lieutenant William Holt & Gunnery Sergeant Timothy Rhodes Sr. & Senior Chief Petty Officer Fernando De La Rosa
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Mission: Episode 1: Hell is a four letter word
Location: Shuttle bay
Timeline: Md 12 03h00


Evelyn summoned a number of officers to the main shuttlebay. They needed to be ready to go down to the planet that was their destination and rescue their crew.

Arrianna arrived before Lovejoy or Albright got there. She disregarded Mountbatten and opened an equipment locker, pulling out a number of type 3 phaser rifles. Preparing them for the teams.

Nearby a row of Valkyrie fighters, a group of pilots were being briefed by Lt. Vaii. "Alright people. We found our CAG. Now we're going in to pull him out. Alpha and beta is with me, we can't let anything happen to the shuttle's everyone else will hold position with the Ely.

"Ma'am, this is our CAG. We have to be the ones to pull him out."

Jessica spoke up. "Maybe you didn't hear me. Everyone else stays up here. There's a Romulan Warbird fifty kilometers to starboard. I need not remind you that we're not allied with the star empire. If they get any funny ideas, I need you pilots up here to clip their wings. Understood?"

"Aye, El-Tee." Jess nodded. "Dismissed."

"Let's go people." The pilots dispersed.

Naxea strode into the shuttlebay, dressed in full Marine combat gear, consisting of her black jumpsuit with a green stripe and built in energy resistant material to help protect against hostile fire and no rank with a dulled Starfleet symbol communicator on her upper left breast. She hefted the Marine CQB Pulse Rifle that she preferred over the Standard Starfleet Type-3 Rifles. It was basically a Type-3 but with a shorter barrel designed to fight in close spaces and could fire at a more rapid rate than the standard Type-3. At her left hip, she carried a standard Marine K-Bar. On her left wrist was a tactical tricorder, which was linked to her rifle to aid in target acquisition through the rifle's scope. She silently took her position near the assembling group, waiting for her other Marines to arrive.

Anje arrived behind Capt. Azhul, it was taking every bit of her Vulcan training to keep her from walking over and slapping the shit out of her and Rhodes for getting her eighteen year old sister into the middle of a damned gunfight, ~Azhul didn't know any better, I guess. Tim did.~ She thought, concluding that she was far angrier at Rhodes than at the new Captain.

Rhodes walked in behind her, his sniper rifle slung over his shoulder. He'd been behind her for quite a while, she'd just been too pissed off to notice. Walking over to the Captain he chuckled, "So we're in Dutch with Ops..."

Naxea nodded silently. "So it seems, but as CO I get to blame you," she joked.

Turak arrived in the shuttle bay with all his gear on any ready to go. He was dressed all in black, had a tactical tricorder on his wrist, the Marine version of the Type-3 phase rifle outfitted with a close quarters scope and a regular old-school grenade launcher attached to the bottom of the barrel - it almost reminded of the ancient Colt M4 rifle with the same attachment of centuries past - tried and true. He also had a phase pistol on his belt, a compact phase pistol tucked into his waist band, and plenty of ammo. He looked to the others and said, "LTJG Turak reporting and ready to go."

Kara arrived, with Holt trailing just behind her like a puppy. She stood towards the back of the room. Turning to Holt, he stopped fast. "Yes?" He asked. Kara said nothing, choosing for now to remain quiet, shaking her head calmly. ~Let's just...get them back. All of them. Alive.~ The word alive was the keyword to her. "Lt. Hoffman and Lt. Holt, reporting as ordered, ma'am." As Holt placed down two toolkits, choosing to kneel on the floor instead of stand.

Jason entered the bay with his rifle in his right hand and a black vest in his other hand. He walked over to the nearest group of people."Are you all ready." He asked the marines.

"We're always ready," Naxea answered as she eyed his vest and weapon. "Vests usually work better when you're wearing it, however."


Once everyone had arrived and settled Evelyn took a breath and waved a hand to the three shuttles prepped behind her. “Ok, here is the deal. The teams are as follows: Team one, Commander Lovejoy, Commander Sthilg, Lieutenant Morris, Ensign S’hib, Petty officer Neeze and Corporal Lott. Your destination is outside the actual facility. We have reason to believe several of our people have escaped the prison and are hiding outside its walls. We are unsure how many there are, but you will go to the co-ordinates and find out.” She handed a PADD to Lovejoy.

“Team two will be Commander Brett, Lieutenant Hoffman, Lieutenant Holt, Lieutenant Turak, Lieutenant Waters, Lieutenant Smith and Lt. Commander Hertz. Your role is to find and take out the power generators. They are on sublevel 2. You will also find and rescue any prisoners you find and bring them back to the entry point.” Anje was handed a PADD.

“Team three you will be under the command of Commander Salannis an Vantar, and include the following, Captain Naxea, Petty Officer De La Rosa, Master Chief Waters, 1st Lieutenant Edith, and Gunnery Sergeant Rhodes. Captain Naxea has also assigned 5 marines to each group for additional support.” Evelyn took a breath. Your task is harder. There is a place in this prison called the Depths. Our Romulan friends believe that any remaining crew, or more specifically, key crew will be held there. Namely, Commander Taylor and most likely, Captain Lalor.”

She let her gaze sweep the groups. “I will tell you now, the intelligence we have on this place is showing that this is not some nice and tidy federation prison where people are treated with kindness and respect. You need to expect that the crew you find there will not be in good condition, hence why we are sending medical staff with you. Lieutenant Vaii’s fighters will fly escort down to the planet, then commence strafing runs around the exterior limits to confuse those within. They will then withdraw to guard our flanks. This should draw guards out of your paths and allow for swift entry into the prison. Elysium and our allies will not bombard the planet until your shuttles are on their way back. With all hands. Is that understood? We leave no one behind.”

Naxea nodded. "Never have left anyone behind and won't start now, ma'am."

Garrett looked at the information contained on the PaDD. It was fairly straight forward. Then he looked at the Commodore, "We'll find them and get them to safety Commodore. Once we do that what is our next plan of action? Do we operate independently or do we join up with the other teams?"

"I recommend we join up as swiftly as possible, and be vigilant. It's in the romulan's interests to cooperate with us for the time being, but even the Star Empire's best intentions contain room for treachery. Commodore, I don't believe they can be trusted for a moment, and they will likely betray us at their convenience, as our demise will allow them to tell any story they desire about what happened here." Arri mentioned.

"They know that even damaged, their remaining forces are no match for the Elysium", Justin Case, now sitting at the conference table with his new leg, though still relying on a cane, said. "We should keep our weapons hot, they will not dare."

"We need to take at least one extra shuttle per team, if not more", Estelle said. "There will be a lot of people down there who will need help, and I'm sure some enemies will require medical assistance as well, and we'll need to guard them anyway."

"We might not be able to spare that many shuttles, Doctor. Besides, for serious injuries I'd think micro-transporters would be best for immediate evacs, we can get some from Lt. Norris." Anje suggested, then added, "And maybe we can ask her to throw together a few more of those shield buster torpedoes of hers, just in case."

"I will ask her", Justin said.

"Can we put buttons on those things, to transport enemy wounded into a secured facility for treatment?" Estelle asked. "As much as I'm willing to help anyone we find, I don't want to cause another fight with any of our wounded present."

"We can set the destination same as with a regular transporter." Anje reassured her, she didn't relish the idea of bringing the fight home, again, anymore than the doctor. She turned her eyes towards the Marines, quietly seething with rage.

Seeing that Anje was still fuming, Turak decided to pull her attention away momentarily from the Marines and mentioned, "Commander, I would suggest that we use grenade launchers, as the one I have on my phase rifle, to punch a hole in the walls of that prison if things get too hot down there. It would makes things a little messier, but it would also make them go faster. I could use my tricorder to ensure that we don't hit any of our people before the attack."

"Very logical." Anje nodded, "As long as we can ensure the safety of our people I like the idea."

"Let me address the elephant in the room", Estelle said. "Do we know where our people are, and whether they're still alive, and how many others might be in there we might need to rescue?"

"We have reason to believe all or some of our people are alive since the Romulans in question have not announced their executions." Anje replied, knowing Romulans love their show trials and public executions, "As for others, we've got no way of knowing, sorry."

Fernando entered and he looked like he was going to war. He had his phaser rifle. a phaser on his belt with extra clips. Some grenades also on his belt, a cricket phaser in his boot (He wasn't taking any chances) and a tricorder to help locate the missing command team.

Naxea now stepped forward. "This is a rescue mission for our people. If you worry about helping wounded enemy, you'll complicate the mission just that much more. I would advise against rendering the enemy any aid. Get in, get our people, and get out and to hell to anyone who is unfortunate enough to get in our way. As for the grenade launcher idea, I would suggest using something with more of a punch to take out walls, especially since we're not sure how thick they are. Standard grenades are normally anti-personnel, not a breaching weapon unless used with a photonic detonator. I would suggest using a photonic breach charge instead for a more effective and controlled breach."

"They're people just like our own, Naxea", Estelle said. "Whatever it is they've done, if we can help them, we shouldn't leave them behind to die. Besides, most of them will just have followed the orders of their superiors."

"How many times has the excuse of 'just following orders' been used in history to justify atrocities?" Naxea asked. "They're not worth risking our lives for--especially if this prison is as bad as it's reported to be."

"The Romulans have different standards of what's right or wrong", Estelle said. "And even so, what they've done does not warrant the death penalty under Federation law, does it?" Estelle was getting defensive. "I will not have you disregard their right to life because it is convenient for you."

Lt. Vaii walked up. "Doc, if you were in a cockpit during the last sortie, then you would have seen every pilots worst nightmare. There is nothing more dangerous, more insane, than a pilot willing to do a suicide run. They will not surrender to the last one of them." Jess looked at her. "Look, we all wish people would just get along with each other. Wishes would be horses, beggars would be riders, my mother wouldn't be such a sociopathic bitch. And I could ride a unicorn instead of a starfighter, down margaritas and fajitas, and never get drunk or fat. But understand, I have a sneaking suspicion we're going to get engaged immediately." Jess turned to Naxea. "We'll do our best to cover the shuttles."

Evelyn lost her temper at that point. “ENOUGH!” She yelled. She was flabbergasted, the ill-discipline was getting to her at last.

“As previously stated, we are unsure how many of our people are still alive. At least 1 is outside the prison. And at this current time, we are allied with the Romulan group who assisted us three days ago. The bombardment by Lieutenant Vaii should help evacuate the guards and cut down on casualties. We do not want more deaths but it may not be easy to avoid. Once the generators are down, we will be able to beam people out more easily. And the transporter chiefs are aware of this and will be waiting for your signals.” She took a breath. “You have time to prep your shuttles and teams before we arrive. Load up and prepare. Dismissed”



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