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Bedah Ru Draed/Farewell To Life

Posted on Sun Jul 7th, 2019 @ 6:02am by Commander Mishka Valdran

Mission: Episode 1: Hell is a four letter word
Location: Romulan Vessel Havraha
Timeline: MD11


Edging her way forwards, the Havraha scanned forwards to find her enemy. The Federation vessel was close, but so was the treacherous Romulan ship. And it was cloaked, so locating it would be difficult. Mishka had ordered silent running, and then cloaked her vessel to begin the search. The Federation ship was large, an opponent who it would be dangerous to take lightly. The Havraha crisscrossed behind the Federation vessel, staying in its wake so as to disrupt her own signature and being found. "Helm, stay within the wake. Track the Federation ship, do not fail me", the helmsman nodded in response. She looked towards her Ops Officer, "Use their scans to mask our own, and do not lock weapons on any target unless I order it". He to nodded, and began scanning around the vast Federation ship.

Just where the other Warbird could be puzzled her, just why would they travel cloaked if they trusted the Federation? Then an idea hit her like a Ion storm, the Warbird was going to destroy the Federation ship and blame her. This was not going to happen, she and she alone would destroy the Federation vessel. "Any thing to report Op's?" Mishka snapped, the Op's officer simply shook his head. She now stood up and walked over to the view screen, her hand reached out and touched it. *Where are you?*, she thought. She now turned and headed for the most unusual place on the Havraha, the "Encryption Room". This was one of Mishka's ideas, within its walls sat equipment the could receive, translate and decipher any transmissions in any language. And only the Havraha had been so fitted, making her the only Romulan vessel capable of intercepting and decoding any Federation communications.

So far Mishka hadn't made use of this asset, up to now it hadn't been required. But this cloaked Romulan meant trouble, and she wasn't about to just attack without having every scrap if information she could get. Knowing their final destination gave Mishka a slight advantage, she could race ahead and lay an ambush. All she needed was that damned Romulan vessel, just one message would seal its fate. But fate was against both Mishka and the Havraha, the other warbird remained silent and that meant trouble for Mishka. Now she had to get to the prison before this little convoy did, turning she headed back to the bridge.

The OP's Officer now stood by her position and seemed to have an air about him, this placed Mishka on alert. "You have news?" The Op's Officer nodded, "We have been declared traitors to the Empire, killed on sight". The statement cut Mishka to the heart, "Declared traitors? What of the Tal Shiar?" he raised his hand and showed her a communication, "It is by their Command we are declared traitors Riov, do you have any orders?" The shock of her own people turning on her now made Valdran certain of her course, "Helm, break from this damn wake and proceed at full warp back to the prison. We will await the arrival of this Federation and it's Romulan pets".

Havraha now sped past the small convoy nothing more than a vague blip on someone's sensors, but by the time it registered the ship had gone. Approaching the planet Mishka now issued her orders, "Helm take us to the far side of the planet, and place us in a geosynchronous orbit. I want this vessel ready for combat as soon as the Federation and the traitors arrive, make it so". The crew now moved into a well rehearsed routine, the Havraha would not only be ready but willing to fight.



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