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"Taking back the Elysium"

Posted on Wed Aug 29th, 2018 @ 7:24pm by Captain Phoenix Lalor & Commander Gary Taylor & Commander Aurelia Holmes & Lieutenant Commander Arrianna Salannis an Vantar & Lieutenant Wynter & Lieutenant JG River Waters & Petty Officer 1st Class Anya Neeze & Lieutenant Commander Carlos Harriman

Mission: Season 2: Mission 2: Just Breath
Location: Eclipse, Transporter Room 1


=/\= Transporter Room =/\=

Phoenix had changed clothes. Her dress whites had been replaced by her normal uniform. She was taking back her ship. The Elysium had dropped out of warp as their infiltrators took the engines off line.

With the Marines and Security Officers currently working to round up and take back the ship, she would lead her team onto the bridge.

Their beam in point would be in the hall way behind the bridge.
She studied the information they were currently receiving from the Elysium. Fighting and phaser blasts. Typical. Her ship was being shot up because these.. pirates.. hated to lose.

Petty Officer 2nd Class Anya Neeze from security stepped up onto the pad. She was geared out with a phaser rifle, carrying another type two phaser on her hip, as well as a tricorder on the other. Her rifle was set to heavy stun and ready to fire, though still lowered, pointing at the floor. She said nothing, she figured it wasn't her turn to speak, but had a look of determination on her face. She hated the kind of people they were dealing with.

Arri entered carrying a type three phaser rifle and a type two hand phaser. She was examining a replicated Alindari Sword. "Terrible. The Replicators do not do justice with these blades." She balanced it. "It's off balance, the Replicator did not harden the blade sufficiently, and grip is not calibrated to my hand. But I will use this cheap butter knife." She flipped it into its sheath on her back like a master.

"We will get them back" Phoenix said softly.

River Waters said nothing as he took up his position. His jaw was set so rigid that he could hear his teeth creaking in his ears. Back on Deep Space Nine his child was being born. And this time he was alive for it. But even in this reality he would not be there to witness it. He didn't belong in that picture. He hefted his rifle, appreciating its weight in his hands. This was where he was needed.

Wynter arrived a few moments later dressed in his standard gear, he made note of the others carrying phasers rifles and a sword. He then exhaled slowly, checked his hip holster, and sighed.

Entering the transporter room, Lia looked around. "At the risk of offending anyone, but we look like a bunch of bloody Pirates" She her self stood with a phaser and a Fairbourne and Sykes fighting knife, a small gift from her last partner in Star Fleet Inteligence". It was ironic really, he died on just this kind of mission. It was one reason Lia didn't want to be doing this, she was sure no good would come of it.

"Am I underdressed here?" Anya wondered, looking at all the shiny metal that was being carried.

"Please join us, why should you be the only one so confused". Lia joked, "If you feel left out in anyway, I'm sure one of these pirates could fashion you a blade of some sort". She smiled as she welcomed Anya, "Just remember, it will all be over very soon".

Next to arrive was Petty Officer 02, Fernando De La Rosa, he was a bundle of nervous energy. He was always moving. He carried a phaser rifle and had a phaser attached at his waist. "I'm sorry I'm late Miss Commander Holmes." He blurted out.

Turning round at the voice, Lia responded. "Ah Petty Officer, its Commander only. Not Miss Commander, ok?" She glanced at the new arrival, "Join the rest of our happy crew, introduce yourself Petty Officer". She hadn't come across this person before, and he seemed out of place here.

He nodded his head rapidly as Lia spoke, "Yes Miss Comm..... I mean Commander. I am Fernando De La Rosa and I am pleased to join you in this endeavor to regain our ship."

"Well Fernando, kindly stop waving that phaser rifle about. And please, stand still". She couldn't believe someone like this had graduated from Starfleet, but beggars couldn't be choosers. So she would make do and carry on.

Anya figured she'd save him from further embarrassment by putting her hand on Fernando's shoulder and directing him to the transporter pad. They should be getting the go-ahead at any time now and she wanted to be ready. She wasn't going to get a blade unless ordered to, as she wasn't comfortable with that kind of combat, but she was prepared to lay down some heavy fire if need be. She'd be lying if she told anyone she wasn't nervous, but this dude was something else. "Just point and shoot, anyone who's not us", she whispered to him.

Her words seemed to calm him down as he stepped up on the transporter pad. If there was one thing Fernando could do it was shoot. He was a deadly marksman. It was strange since he was so awkward in the other aspects of social graces. He just tried too hard to please, to praise, to impress, you name it, he tried too hard.

Lia noticed how Anya had an effect on Fernando, "Anya, could you keep a weather eye on our Petty Officer there? I think he may need your guidance". She hoped Anya didn't mind the extra burden, but she seemed to know what she was doing.

"Aye, ma'am", Anya replied. Mentally, she rolled her eyes. It was exactly what she'd planned on doing, but now that it had been said aloud, and that it was official, she felt the effect would be lost. But, knowing no way to salvage the situation, she kept quiet about it.

Fernando hadn't heard the exchange between Lia and Anya, as a icy calm was beginning to come over him. Combat always had that affect on him. He became calm, cool and collected not the nervous, awkward out of place person he was at all other times.

Phoenix suddenly raised a hand. Her hand touched the console beside her and a voice came through. [["Elysium is dropping out of warp. We have taken back Engineering. You can beam over when ready Captain."]] She waited and looked at the Technician. "Co-ordinates?"

"Right behind the Bridge ma'am"

"Right everyone on the pad." Phoenix said. "You will beam in, I will follow once the area is secured in agreement with Commander Taylor."

Looking at Phoenix, Lia turned to Anya and Fernando. "La Rosa, Neeze. You two will protect Captain Lalor, nothing and nobody from the hijackers gets close to her. Questions?"

Fernando nodded his head rapidly, "Yes Ma'am, Commander Holmes. No questions. Protect the Captain at all costs." His voice measured and controlled.

Phoenix didn't roll her eyes instead she waved the others to the Transport Pad. "Once they were in position. Energize," she said to the Transporter Chief.

He nodded.

Once the first group were ready, they were beamed over.

=/\= Elysium =/\=

The first group beamed into the small area behind the bridge.

Arri looked around, she knew where this was, and she was going to make a little trouble for the hyjackers, as she once was the Chief of Ops once upon a time. She opened a panel and began to work. "I'm disabling their access to the main computer. Avalon, I need you to put the bridge into simulation mode and load Starfleet Academy preparatory simulation 1101."

A small hologram appeared. "Lieutenant I am unable to comply. The Captain locked that down when she shut down the ship. I require her permission to comply."

Lia watched the first group disappear, then all hell seem to break loose.


The door to the bridge opened and a man slid out phaser rifle at the ready. He took aim and opened fire.

And the ships alarms began to wail.

Anya ducked her head out of the way just in time for the beam to strike the wall behind her. She immediately returned fire, though her aim wasn't better than that of a stormtrooper while also evading incoming fire. It had a suppressive function at best.

Fernando materialized at her side. His rifle already up. He waited for the hijacker to appear again. He would only need a small window of opening to bring him down. A moment, two past then the hijacker appeared again sliding out from behind the door. Fernando took a steadying breath and fired, the beam from the rifle striking the man squarely in the chest as he was spun around and collapsed on the deck.

"Nice", Anya said, then moved up towards the door. She poked the nozzle of her phaser rifle through the doorway and checked targeting information on the sights. She held up four fingers, then two and pointed left. The sensor couldn't tell her who they were but it told her where and how many, at least. She stood with her left shoulder against the wall, prepared to engage the people to the right, waiting for the others to move up.

"Gracious." Fernando answered as he took a position opposite hers on the right wall ready to engage those lurking just beyond the doorway. He wasn't the nervous petty officer on the Eclipse. Here he was calm, cool and collected. His eyes went to Anya and he gave her a short curt nod. He was ready when she was.

Anya gave the door a nudge with her boot, which caused the double doors to slide open completely. She rolled in and immediately ducked behind a console, giving off phaser blasts as she went. They didn't hit anything significant but they added some distractions for the people who'd be trying to take her down. She hoped they were as considerate as she was, with their weapons set to stun. She didn't count on it, however.

Fernando followed right behind her covering her as he fired off several well placed shots to keep the hijackers pinned down even as they closed on their position. His eyes swept the area and he motioned to Anya at a potential hiding place for a hijacker. The CONN console on the lower part of the bridge. He fired at the base, hoping to flush anyone out and let Anya take them.

Suddenly the ship pitched sharply throwing people to the deck.

From the command well a voice said "Fire on that Intrepid!"

=Eclipse =

Phoenix heard the comms from the bridge and exchanged looks with the remaining team members. Then she looked at the chief. "Beaming?"

"Negative Captain. Elys shields are up. Eclipse's as well!"

She cursed softly.

Lia found her self still on the Eclipse, what the hell was going on????


Arri spoke. "We need to disable main power. I can trigger an overload in the deck fifteen EPS mains that would trip the saftey systems and shut down the weapons."

Avalon tilted its head. "Lieutenant. is this your entire team?"

"Indeed." She replied calmly

From behind the group, a Jefferies Tube opened and a human male in Fleet uniform appeared. He held up his hand as weapons flew towards him.. "In peace." he hissed.

Arri drew her sword fluidly and touched it on the male's neck

"Woah easy there LT. I am Carlos Harriman. I am a security officer with Captain Styles." He flinched back from the blade. "I have 4 marines with me. Ready to help."

-Elysium Bridge access point-

Anya figured that the weapons on the Elysium were powerful enough to turn an Intrepid class into space dust in a matter of seconds, even unleashed by an inexperienced gunner. As such, she increased the setting on her phaser rifle and turned the tactical console into a pile of smouldering metal shards with her next shot. Re-routing tactical controls to a different console would occupy them for a while, and with an enemy fire team on the bridge that wasn't going to be any easier.

There were curses and shots fired at the two fleeters firing into the bridge. "Keep em pinned down! Keep firing on that Ship. I want it destroyed!" The woman in the centre well yelled.

Anya looked at Fernando. "Cover me." They couldn't remain pinned down, someone would figure out how to re-route weapon controls sooner or later, and the Eclipse would have a very bad time indeed. She inched forward to around the console she was using for cover. She reset her rifle to heavy stun, then rolled into a different position behind another console. She gave off another shot, this one aimed at a narrow gap between bridge rails which she could shoot through from her new position.

Fernando nodded and fired off several well placed phaser shots to give Anya the cover she required. He concentrated his fire on the narrow gap between the bridge rails to keep the enemy pinned down and for Anya to move to a different position if she needed to.

Anya squeezed off another shot before diving for the next element of cover. "Ah!" she cried out as she felt a burn on her butt, where she had narrowly escaped a full hit. "You'll regret that!" she taunted. She took out her hand phaser, which was easier to use in tight quarters, and raised it above her cover, only exposing her hand. She fired a quick succession of unaimed shots, which she hoped would give Fernando the room needed to manoeuvre. "Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!" Would that get a reaction, if only distracting laughter?

There was no laughter just a cold order of "Kill them and then take out the nacelles of that ship!"

"They are in under our shields!" Another panicked voice called out. "We can't hit them, they are too close!"

"Nice flying!" Anya grinned.

Fernando fired several more well place shots as Anya yelled insults at the hijackers, giving him a chance to move closer and fire again.

The small group holding the bridge against the fleeters were spread out but they were determined not to go down easy. One sent a spray of shots across the group taking cover, trying to hit one of them.

Anya ducked back, it was the third time today that a shot had landed close. "Damn it, do we have to completely destroy this bridge?"

"Senorita." Fernando said in a low tone from the other side of the doorway. "We can catch these desperadoes in a cross fire. If you can stop with your jokes."

"If you had an arse as hot as mine, wouldn't you be cracking jokes?" Anya asked. "But yes." Then, loud enough for all to hear. "I'm tempted to just throw a grenade. This ship can be flown from auxiliary control, we don't need to take the bridge intact."

Despite the situation, Fernando chuckled at her comment. His eyes drifting to her behind and he nodded, whether it was in agreement to her statement or the shape of her behind only he knew and he wasn't saying. "I suppose we can get to calling you Toasty Buns." He answered and then winked as he got into the act. "I have one! I'll throw it....with yours. That will take care of all of them."

Toasty Buns, Anya liked that. It would at least mean something good coming out of getting shot. There were worse nicknames one could earn. "Good, on three." She pointed in the direction she was going to shoot, concentrating on the reflection one of the hijackers was presenting against the backdrop of a shiny but now disabled console.

Fernando nodded as Anya pointed in the direction she was going to shoot. He hoped when this was all over, she didn't punch him for the nickname. "Agreed. On three." As he brought his rifle up, ready to fire.

- Elysium Bridge access corridor-

The next group appeared all back to back, phasers out. The Captain spotted her team and said " back them up" to those who beamed in with her and they moved past the three pfficers and joined the 4 marines and security officers in the bridge doorway.

Phoenix dropped to a crouch beside Wynter, Arri and the Lt. Commanser with them. "Report"

"The cavalry is here!" Anya cheered and peeked out from behind the console, this time with her head and rifle to give off a better-aimed shot while she hoped her opponents were sufficiently distracted by the new arrivals' flanking manoeuvre.


Arri sheathed her sword fluidly. "Our ship is engaging the Eclipse, Mr. Harriman. I require you and your Marines assistance. We need to disable all of our weapon systems before the Eclipse takes critical damage." She lead the way to deck 15.


This was ridiculous. The feds had sprung a trap on them. This was not the way it was meant to go. The leader growled and knawed on her lower lip. Her team was decimated. Smoke was filling the bridge.

They could not win. Sighing she called out, "We surrender!"

"Drop your weapons and step up to the viewscreen, all of you!" Anya called out, grinning at Fernando. But she didn't trust their surrender yet, they'd have to step up. Had their ruse worked, or was that their way of countering it?

Fernando gave a tight smile in way of reply. His rifle was up and he was ready to fire at the first sign of treachery by the hijackers. He now waited for the hijackers to show themselves and be placed into custody and they could reclaim their ship.

Several thumps were heard as phasers were dropped on the deck. Then one by one they moved to the viewscreen. 8 in all.

Anya grinned. She raised her rifle, set it to automatic fire and mowed down the lot of them, action holoprogramme style. "Hah!" She looked at Fernando. "What? It's only a stun setting. And now you can tie them up at no risk to yourself."

A shocked look appeared on Fernando's face which was quickly replaced with an admiring grin. "Toasty Buns, I like the way you think. Very considerate as well." He answered as he pulled out a supply of flexi-ties and began to tie the hijackers hands behind their backs.

"Entirely selfish, the sooner I can leave you alone with them, the sooner I can get my butt checked out by our favourite lizard", Anya smirked. "It is beginning to smart a little."

He stopped his binding of the hijackers and leaned back to take in Anya's behind. "Yes, I suppose you should however in my humble, non medical opinion, your butt looks magnificent. Again just my opinion."

"You're nuts. Burnt flesh with pieces of uniform and underwear fused in?" Anya shook her head. "I know what it's supposed to look like, and this isn't spectacular."

Fernando shook his head. "No Senorita Toasty Buns, I'm not and I said magnificent not spectacular. Plus I have a vivid imagination."

"Pervert", Anya laughed. "But in all seriousness, I do want to go see a doctor. Can you handle it from here? Oh, and don't tell them I did that." She pointed at the smouldering tactical console.

A wounded look came to Fernando's eyes. He always went too far, not that he meant to but it happened again. He looked to Anya, "I meant no offense Senorita." He answered sincerely his gaze going to the unconscious and now bound hijackers. "I can handle it." He assured her, "Go to the Doctor." He glanced at the smoldering tactical console. "It will be out secret. It was destroyed by incidental fire."

"Goody", Anya said, then turned and left. She'd earned her visit to sickbay, she believed.

The Captain passed her on the way onto the bridge. "Lieutenant Wynter, Get down to Intel I want to know what they have done to our ship!"

Wynter nodded and was gone a moment later.

"Lieutenant an Vantar, Contact the Eclipse and let them know we are powering down the weapons and that we have taken control."


Captain Phoenix Lalor
Commanding officer
USS Elysium

Commander Gary Taylor
Executive Officer/Captain
USS Elysium/USS Eclipse

Commander Lia Holmes
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Elysium/USS Eclipse

Ensign River Waters
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USS Elysium/USS Eclipse


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