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Neverending Nightmare

Posted on Fri Aug 2nd, 2019 @ 5:00am by Commander Liselle Qwyyn & Commander Gary Taylor

Mission: Mission 2: Heaven On Earth
Location: Liselle Qwyyn's Quarters
Timeline: After Rescue from Romulan Prison

Liselle's Quarters.

Night. It was a time for sleep for rest. Where one's body and mind could relax and unwind or at least should have been but for Commander Liselle Qwyyn it was far from restful.

It was mission day five. Liselle, Gary along with Phoenix, Lia and Taam had been taken prisoner and sent to a Romulan prison that didn't exist and subjected to cruel and inhumane tortures and treatment.

"Good morning Thr'ill." Pig spoke to her in a mocking conversationalist tone. His breath stunk. His whole being was offensive. Personal grooming wasn't high on his list especially when dealing with prisoners. "We have a full day ahead of us so we shouldn't waste any time." He oozed smarmily as he stood in front of her just inside her and Gary's cell and leered hungrily at her nude and securely bound body. His eyes devouring her. "But first." He smirked as he moved behind her and double checked her binds. Her escape couldn't be allowed to happen. He noted with satisfaction that Liselle's fingers fluttered uselessly behind her. Trapped in the cuffs that held them so tightly. She couldn't reach any of the binds that held her. It wouldn't have changed anything if she could. They were just as secure, tight and inescapable as ever. He moved to come back in front of her yet only after he gave her a not so playful pat on her behind. Her ankles were similarly cuffed. "Your binds are just as tight and secure as ever." He grinned, "I know you are pleased to hear that." He chuckled evilly. He watched as her lips fought the gag in her mouth. "You have something to say?" He questioned as he pulled the gag from her mouth and let it hang around her neck. "What do you wish to say Thr'ill? Make it good as perhaps I will take pity on you." He taunted. He had only one goal to inflict pain upon pain on her in an attempt to break her.

"What?" she gasped, struggling against the chains that bound her. "No. This isn't fair! How can I be here again!?"

Pig smirked as Liselle struggled in her chains. She was securely bound. Escape was impossible. "Struggle all you want Thr'ill you can't escape. Taylor can't help you. We have all the time in the world to get better acquainted and I have so many ideas on how to do that." He chuckled manically. "Of course I'm afraid you won't like any of them."

"Taylor...?" She tried to turn, desperate to see what horrible tortures awaited her from beyond the limits of what she could see. "What have you done to Gary?"

Pig chuckled, "Gary is it? Do I detect some sentiment?" He laughed cruelly. "Well Gary is currently recovering from a session a long session with an electro whip. I'm adding to the wonderful scars he already has on his back and chest. You'll see him shortly. Don't worry though Thr'ill, I won't mar your pretty chest. I have other ideas for it."

"Gods!" she cried out. "What do you want from me? Just tell me what you want! I'll give you whatever you want! Just make it stop!" Her voice died into a whimper -- a whisper heard only by her own ears. "Please. Just make it stop."

Pig chuckled cruelly, "You have such a nice voice Thr'ill especially when you beg and you will do a lot of begging before I am through with you." He promised her. "Now walk in front of me. We will take the long way to the interrogation room. I want all to see you. We don't get Thr'ills here so you are a rarity. Now get going. Gary is waiting for you." He taunted her maliciously.

With not much choice in the other she did as he ordered, allowing him to march her along. After all this time in the prison, she knew that to stand up to him would accomplish nothing -- just more pain, more humiliation. But, wait, hadn't she escaped the prison? Hadn't they all escaped?

As they walked, Pig made several vulgar comments all directed at Liselle's bare backside. Other guards chimed in with whistles and catcalls. "Your escape was a computer simulation Thr'ill. You, Gary and the others are all still at the prison." He cruelly informed her as if reading her mind. "Now keep walking, we're almost there and you can see your Gary again." He sneered.

"Computer simulation?" she repeated, shaking her head in disbelief. What purpose was there in such a thing beyond revealing in cruelty. "Why? Why do that to us? To me? What in the name of the Gods do you want from me?!"

"Stupid Thr'ill. Why else but to make you suffer. It isn't enough to just strip you naked and bind you. Your humiliation and defeat must be total." He informed her as they reached the interrogation room. Gary was tied between two metal poles his arms and legs stretched taunt. He was naked like Liselle. His chest was marred even more cruelly with several more new scars from the electro whip. There was dried caked blood in some areas in others the wounds still oozed blood. His head had been hanging down but as Liselle and Pig entered it rose and his eyes met hers. They were still clear and full of angry defiance. "See Thr'ill there is your precious Gary. Just as I said, he's waiting for you. Would you like to hold and comfort him? Oh that's right you can't as you are bound as well. what a shame." He taunted, "Now lets get you prepared as well for your session."

"Just let me go!" she screamed. In that moment she didn't care what it would take, she didn't care who was left behind -- Gary, or anyone else. "I just want to go!!!"

Pig was silent as he moved Liselle to a set of poles directly opposite Gary. Working quickly and efficiently, he soon had her chained to the poles like Gary. Her arms and legs stretched taunt. He moved back in front of her, "There now you and Gary can look at each other and talk. Commiserate on your bad fortune." He smiled, showing a mouth of yellow teeth, " I have something to tell you Thr'ill. Something I shouldn't but as you are going to die here, it is alright to tell you." He paused deliberately savoring his bit of news. "I heard you get mad at Taylor, blaming him for everything that has happened to you and he has a lot to be blamed for however your blame is misplaced. You see it was your dear sweet twin sister who told us you were leaving for Thrill and Taylor and the others were joining you. Seems she wants to be the only joined Thr'ill in the family." He shuddered at the thought and laughed harshly as he watched Liselle take in the news of her sister's betrayal. "So much for one big happy family." He sneered.

"Merella...said that? She -- no." Liselle shook her head, his words heavy and sloshing about her skull. "She wouldn't. Not even she would do something like that. It was Gary you were after. We were just collateral damage. It's his fault. It's all his fault!"

Pig chuckled without humor, watching Liselle shake her head in denial. "Of course we wanted Taylor. Are all Thr'ills so obtuse? How do you think we knew where he was? You and the others are an added bonus that we can get much information from and we have all the time we need. Of course after awhile the search will be called off and you, Taylor and the others will die here." He moved to a table where several ugly, mean looking instruments lay. Every so often he would look at Liselle then back at the table. "What to use?" He mused, "This must be done delicately as not to mar your pretty skin."

She fought against her bonds, another quick and pointless struggle. "What -- what are you going to do?"

Pig watched her fruitless struggle and replied. "Silly Thr'ill I'm going to break Taylor even if it means killing you." He Picked something off the table and approached her. Standing in front of her he opened his hand to let her see a pair of nasty looking nipple clamps with sharp serrated edges. "I think these will do nicely to start. Don't you?" He chuckled with undisguised malice. "Don't be ashamed to scream."

And scream she did. From deep in the depths of her she unleashed a scream that shook her bones and drained the blood from her face. Whenever one scream would die out, another one would rise up to take its place until there was nothing but the sound of her screams.

Pig watched with amusement as Liselle hung between the poles and screamed again and again. The clamps cutting into her tender flesh. It seemed the screams were being ripped right from her soul. "That's very good Thr'ill. Very good indeed." He told her when there was a pause in her screams and her head had dropped and she hung limp or as limp as the chains would allow her. "Oh Thr'ill don't tell me your weakening. Just remember this is all Taylor's fault."

"This -- This is all Taylor's fault," she repeats. There should be more pain than this. But she can't feel it. Not really. The fear outweighs the pain, a thousand-fold. Have they drugged her somehow? It doesn't matter. Only one thing does: the truth. "This is Taylor's fault."

Pig stands next to her and whispers in her ear. "That's right. Taylor is responsible for your pain. For you being here Taylor."

"Yes," she says. "That's right. He's the one that should be punished."

Suddenly she's standing. And she reaches out to Pig, her hand open, fleshy palm exposed.

She wants the knife.

Her eyes are fixated on Gary. Cold and unwavering.

Pig nods. "Yes. I agree. Taylor should be punished. Hurt him like he has hurt you." He hands her the knife.

She's standing next to him now. She doesn't even remember walking over to him. "Why did you let this happen?" she asks him. An angry hand lashes out and grabs his chin. She wrenches his head back, glaring daggers into his eyes. "Answer me, inmate!"

Gary's eyes focus on hers or tries as his head is wrenched cruelly back. A deep moan escapes between his lips. "Lis..." He voice falters for a moment then returns. "Liselle, I tried to protect you. Keep you from harm."

With an angry slash she paints his cheek red. "Well, you failed, Commander!"

She spits at him.

That feels good. So good.

With a sharp flick of her wrist she gives him a matching mark on his other cheek. "What other lies do you have for me? Wake up, Commander. I'm waiting."

Gary shakes his head, the spit, Liselle's spit dripping off his chin. He gasps in a combination of pain and surprise as she slashes both his cheeks. His fixing on hers. "No lies Liselle, I just wanted to protect you. I'm sorry."

Pig squeals from her side, "He lies! Even now Taylor lies! What are you going to about it?"

Liselle reaches out and grabs his throat. She closes her hand into a fist, as much as she can. But his flesh resists. Her knuckles are turning white. "I'll squeeze the truth out of him," she tells Pig.

Gary struggles to breath as he convulses in his bonds. "Lis.... elle no. Please mercy." he gasps.

Pig snorts. "Mercy? Give him the same mercy he gave you." Tells Liselle.

She squeezes harder on Gary's throat. The knife is in her other hand. It's lighter than it looks. Like holding a paintbrush.

Liselle paints his face again. And again. And again.

And all the while she's screaming. "Tell me why you let this happen to me! Tell me! Tell me or I'll kill you! Do you hear me? I'll kill you! Tell me!!"

The skin hangs from Gary's face in bloody ribbons revealing the muscles underneath. His mouth his full of blood. "I didn't. You did because your weak." He whispers as blood coats his lips. "You can't kill me. Your weak." Then he laughs or tries it is more of a gurgle as blood spills out of his mouth and onto his chest.

"KILL HIM!!!!!!" Pig screams. "Pit an end to your pain!"

"No!" she screams. "I'm not weak! I'm not weak!"

The knife is so slippery. It's going to fall out of her hands. So, so slippery. The more she closes her hands around the handle, the harder it is to hold. It's slimy. Slick. Greasy with blood.

Gary's blood.

Her hand cramps.

The repeated motions of stabbing him are causing the bones of her hands to seize up. How many times has she stabbed him? A dozen? A hundred?

"I'm not weak!" She can hear herself scream. "This is your fault! You deserve this! Not me! Not me!!"

Gary's head hangs in her hand. Then he does the unexpected he looks up at her and smiles only it is a mockery of a smile. It is in fact ghastly with his face in tattered ribbons but it is a smile. "Bravo Liselle." His voice a whisper. "Well done....." Then his head falls.


The knife falls...

...with a clatter. It hits the stone floor at her feet.

She looks over to Pig. She is utterly lost. "What -- in the name of the Gods?"

"You have slain your demon Thr'ill. How does it feel? Now you are truly lost." He laughs cruelly at her. As Liselle is once again tightly bound between the poles.

The walls close in, the light in the periphery darkens.

"What have I done?" she asks. "What. Have. I. Done?!"

Pig again stands in front of her as Liselle screams, wrenching at her chains. "You have killed Taylor and lost yourself. Now I have you to myself. All to myself."

Qwyyn turns to him, as best she can. There's a darkness in the distance. It's looming, growing darker, and darker still. She doesn't know what it is, but she knows that it doesn't make sense. Somehow the room is bleeding away all of its light. The darkness is growing so thick and so heavy now that it begins to pull the very heat from her exposed body. "What? What's happening?"

Pig stands before her. He views her bare body held securely in place by the chains dispassionately. The nipple clamps are back in place. "Thr'ill can you not guess? It's time for your punishment to be announced." He grins evilly at her, "Now it should be something decidedly worthy of your actions. Let me see....."

The world shifts.

Liselle is standing next to the purple ocean of Zhil'taya on Trill. She can hear dripping. Looking down, she sees blood dripping, soaking the sand by her feet. Her eyes move up to her hands. They are soaked in blood. So much blood. And there's something there, something obscured by all the gore and viscera. Cupping the thing with one hand, she uses her other hand to wipe it clean. It's...


The symbiont.

"Ohhhhhhhh! That is good." Pig's voice is in her ear. "You have a real talent for this. Why stop there? Make your sister pay as well. You know she has always been jealous of you." He oozes sweetly. "Show her you are the better sister."

Merella is there. And she is horrified. Her eyes are wide, wider than the setting sun behind her shoulder. "Liselle. What -- what did you do?"

"You want this, don't you?" Qwyyn snaps at her. She holds up the symbiont, bloody and squirming. "This is what you've always wanted! This is the only thing you've ever cared about! Admit it!"

Pig is dancing a little jig beside her, he is delirious with glee with Liselle's actions. "You are the better sister! Don't let Merella deceive you. She wants to be the sister that is joined not you. You aren't worthy in her eyes. Stop standing in the shadows! You deserve the spotlight! Show her just what you can do!" He urged her with malicious glee.

Qwyyn's voice grows quiet. She doesn't want to speak. But her next words, the ones just behind her lips, feel so good to speak aloud. "What do I have to do? How do I make her pay? How do I make them all pay?"

Pig spoke into her ear, he whispered, "It is easy Thr'ill. All you have to do is release your anger, your wrath at all those who have wronged you. Held you back. Made you feel less than you are. Like you didn't matter."

"Yes," Qwyyn agrees. She smiles. And she closes her hands into fists. She can feel her fingers digging into the symbiont, slimy and bloody. The creature squirms, tries to escape her grip, but it is pointless. Already it is dying.

And then.



A loud bang rang out. From the darkness it was hard to pinpoint exactly what the sound was, or where it had come from. It look Qwyyn a moment to realize where she was.

She was in her room, lying on the floor in a tangle of blankets. That bang had been her, falling from her bed. Slowly, painfully she pulled herself back up to her feet. How could that have been only a dream? It had all seemed so real, so unbelievably vivid. She reached over to the nightstand for her communicator. And her hand froze partway. She realized then that she had caught herself about to call Gary Taylor. Her hand fell away.

No. That wasn't an option anymore.

So, instead, she sat on the edge of her bed. And she began to cry.


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