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Mischief Be My Name

Posted on Tue Jun 18th, 2019 @ 11:46am by Commander Gary Taylor

Mission: Episode 1: Hell is a four letter word
Location: Romulan Prison
Timeline: After Time for a Little Visit

Having dispensed with Pig, Gary got down to business. He left the courtyard, sticking to the shadows to avoid the roving Romulan patrols and headed for the transfer grid that powered the prison. Arriving and observing from the shadows he saw it was heavily guarded so a direct attack was out of the question. Time to draw at least some the guards away. Clutching both his phaser and Pig's disruptor pistol he returned to the shadows and sought out a secondary target. He found it almost immediately. The prison laundry. He smiled in satisfaction. The clothes and linens would make for good cover when set afire and the chemicals used would serve as bombs when they exploded. All which would bring the Romulans running and leave him free to find Taam and Phoenix if Liselle hadn't already done so.

Using the disruptor pistol he sighted on a collection of barrels that he hoped contained chemicals used in treating. cleaning the guards uniforms and linens. He fired two quick shots and was rewarded with accompanying explosions and flames. All which set off alarms and had the guards scurrying to contain the fire even a thick black smoke began to spread. Looking around he saw several carts stacked with sheets, uniforms and linens. Firing again they burst into flames as additional smoke from their burning added to the chaos. Gary smiled in grim satisfaction at the scene as the guards dashed back and forth in a vain attempt to control and contain the fire. As he slipped back into the shadows he was rewarded with the sound of several more explosions all which sounded like music to his ears.

As he walked, his thoughts briefly drifted to Lia and Liselle and their safety. He reminded himself that they were Starfleet officers and could take care of themselves. He only hoped he wasn't proven wrong. Now the priority was to find Taam and Phoenix, rescue them then destroy the communications building and get the hell out of here before Romulan reinforcements arrived.


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