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Healing & Contemplation

Posted on Wed Jun 12th, 2019 @ 6:40pm by 1st Lieutenant James Edith

Mission: MISSION 0 - History Speaks
Location: Marine Outpost - Betazed

Starfeet Marine Outpost - Betazed.

The marine shuttle was on fast approach sideways toward the landing pad on the west side of the base. Fifteen landing pads were lined up for use by auxiliary craft. Some already occupied but many weren’t. The base’s flight control tower had assigned the shuttle to emergency pad 3 - used by medical shuttles or emergency drop offs.

The shuttle’s engine exhaust filtered through the small warp nacelles on both sides of the shuttle. The disturbance in the air could be seen if you were really paying attention or had binoculars. The blinking red and blue lights, on both ends of the shuttle, informed both craft and person nearby to stand clear as it was landing. The beautiful sight of the red and blue hue of the shuttle reflected off all the nearby objects surrounding the landing area as the sun began to set in the background.

Night was almost here.

The marine outpost was large and very busy. Shuttles and fighters landed and took off. Equipment and logistical supplies were unloaded and loaded, all the busyness shuffled in the background.

A group of medics EXPLODED out of a large hanger with a cart and equipment. They were on the way toward emergency landing pad 3. They were informed ahead of time and were now set in motion.

The shuttle, after it hovered over the pad for a few seconds, finally touched down on as the back door of the shuttle came down and hit the floor. CLANK. The door SPARKED the ground as it hit the floor, briefly igniting the cool air.

From inside the shuttle, out came a group of marines in full tactical gear. They escorted a rebel prisoner toward the base’s brig. Miles, and another marine, helped James off the shuttle and onto the medical cart as it arrived. James struggled with his hands which was severely burnt. His neck and some parts of his face also slightly charred. He couldn’t grab anything. Miles, holding the Orb James protected on the train, informed the doctor what he had issued him on the shuttle.

“He has burns to his arms, neck, and face. We provided him with two injections of morphine type-7. We tried to use the burn treatment but the shuttle’s medical system malfunctioned en route.”

“Thank you. We’ll take it from here.”, the doctor replied.

James laid straight on the cart as it was wheeled away by the doctor and nurses. Miles watched as they wheeled him away, his friend and pilot for the last three years.

As James was being wheeled away, the large hanger doors opened which revealed three black coffins with the Starfleet insignia flag draped over. Several sentries stood guard and encircled the coffins. A family of three, a woman and her two boys, grieved. A Brigadier General, the outposts commander, General Amaya, stood at attention and saluted the fallen three.

James saw this and wondered if they were part of his mission. Did they die under his watch? Why wasn’t he there to protect them? He did not have much combat experience but he knew how to defend himself. He knew what needed to be done when necessary. But, he knew the leader who didn't defend his team was no leader at all.

James TURNED over to his other side and just lay. The doctor caring for him noticed but didn’t say anything. James didn’t know all of the marines under him but wondered if he should have. The bonds built in his profession were beautiful, unique, and essential, but maybe not knowing everyone is a good thing. It keeps us at bay, on edge, and distant from getting too close. It keeps us from developing feelings. It keeps that infamous conflict of interest away and keeps us objective. Or, maybe, just maybe, he was just overthinking all of this. He does over analyze and overthink things. It has always been his inherent flaw, his humanity which leaks onto the table and disturbs the tranquility.

James closed his eyes in now mental pain. The sun finally breached the horizon to sleep.

[The Next Day]

James slowly opened his eyes. He looked around and noticed the room window to his right slightly open. The soft and pleasant breeze touched his face like a wife caressing her husband’s face after receiving flowers on a random Sunday morning to show him how much she appreciate. He watched the sun come up, the light rays penetrating the window glass panes, bending and arching the light. He followed the light to his arm and looked at them. They were fully healed. The blast and heat of the flash bang burnt them which caused tissue damage. It was an act of desperation he would absolutely do again if necessary but he will recover.

The door slowly crept open and in came the doctor and the one-star general, General Amaya, he saw saluting the fallen last evening. James pushed himself up out of respect and made sure he was ready and able to talk.

“Good Morning, Lieutenant Edith” the doctor said breaking the silence in the room.

“Good Morning, and thank you, Doctor, General.” Edith responded and nodded to them both.

“I just wanted to let you know that you have completely healed and will be discharged in the next few hours. General, take all the time you need.”

“Thank you, Doctor.” the General nodded to the doc as he walked out of the room. The door closed.

Amaya turned back to James.

“Lieutenant Edith, you did good out there. Thank you for completing the mission. The Potawatomi will be very pleased.”

“Thank you, ma’am” he replied.

“I am happy to report that your tenure here has come to an end. You are being transferred to the USS Elysium. An Assistant Marine Command position has opened and your application has been accepted.”

James sat up again. “Thank you, General. Thank you very much.”

“You're welcome. You have earned it. You have done great work for us here on Betazed but it is time for you to move on and grow out there in the frontier.”

“I wont let you down, General. Thank you again.” James said as his cheeks blushed.

“No, thank you, Lieutenant.” The General gave him a quick salute and walked out of the room.

James looked back toward the window and chuckled.


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