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I Need You!

Posted on Sat Aug 10th, 2019 @ 7:03pm by Commander Aurelia Holmes & Envoy Anje Brett

Mission: Mission 2: Heaven On Earth
Location: Star Base 1
Timeline: During the lay over at the Station

Anje had made up her mind to do something.... different. She needed to make some changes in her life, finally break free from the influence of Cheline and the heartbreak that accompanied it. The problem was, now that she was here and having made up her mind, actually going through with it. She walked back and forth past the rows of salons and shops, stopping and peeking in on people selecting new clothes and, more to her attention, the ones selecting new looks. She knew she needed a change, she knew what she wanted to do, she just didn't know if she could.

As she stood nervously contemplating the big change she'd sworn to make, out of the corner of her eye she saw Lia Holmes, back and looking fabulous. Deciding to borrow some of Lia's famous guts, she walked quickly to her friend, reaching over and hugging her, "I am so glad you're here, Lia!" Anje smiled broadly, if anyone could get her through this it was Lia, "I need you to help me with something, not sure I can get through it without you. Got some time? I'll throw in lunch after..."

Rebecca stood looking at this woman, who was she? But Lia knew, and Lia wanted to talk. But Lia was dead, how can a dead person talk? The question swirled around her head like a tornado, and did as much damage as one. But still Rebecca stood and blocked Lia, and still Lia's voice could not be heard.

"Lia, honey, you okay?" Anje asked, though she could tell something was... off about her friend, "Come on, let's go for a walk, clear our heads." ~This isn't right.~ Anje thought, getting more and more worried the longer Lia went without speaking.

Moving forwards, Lia now pointed them towards a Bajoran Temple of the sort where she had said goodbye to Angel. Rebecca knew if they entered she would loose her hold over Lia, but somehow she couldn't stop their journey towards that door. She gripped Anje's arm tight, and hoped she would stay long enough for her to say something.

Anje now knew something was very wrong with her friend, she also knew she needed to get to the bottom of it ASAP. She looked and noticed Lia had pointed them towards the Bajoran temple, "Okay, you want to go in there?" Anje asked, guiding them back towards the door, "Let's go. I find Bajorans fascinating anyway." ~Think I'm not going to make it to the salon today...~

Upon entering the Temple, Lia began to cry. She could feel Angel here, and the child appeared to reach out to her. She needed to re-assert herself, drive Rebecca back into the shadows. Lia now turned to Anje, "Twinkle, you don't want to be around me at this time. I'm not the person you think I am, I'm in a dark place". She squeezed her friends arm, and hoped Anje would understand.

"And everything you just told me confirms my original thought that I don't want to leave you alone." Anje shook her head, taking both of Lia's hands and looking straight into her eyes, "I can sense you're troubled, there's a war going on in your mind, I'll help if you'll let me." What she had planned was going to be rough on her, but Anje had already decided a little discomfort was a small price to pay for helping Lia, "I promise to fight this thing to the last breath with you, just say the word."

Lia now looked hard at Anje, "Do you know what your saying?" She swayed and had to catch her self, "That war you mentioned, its not a pretty one. I've already done a stupid thing, I don't want to hurt anyone but if I loose myself that may happen". Lia could hear voices, one she knew to be Rebecca's. The other was unknown, but sounded almost child like. Was it Angel? Or just her innocence screaming to be heard?

"Doesn't matter, already said it. And once a Russian commits to a course of action, we're in it to win it." Anje shrugged, "I can help, but you're going to have to trust me, Lia."

Shaking her head, Lia placed her hands on the wall of the Temple. "Why?" Turning to face Anje she repeated her question, "Why? Just what am I to you?" She took a deep breath and looked around her, "This place reminds me of where I said goodbye to a daughter I never knew, and who never knew me or life. This is where I've run to so I can even speak to you, I'm not worth the trouble". She looked back at Anje, "Do you know me? Really know me? Are you sure you want to know me? Because it may shatter your opinion of me, once you learn about the real me".

"Yes, I know you, and yes, I want to." Anje replied, placing a hand on Lia's shoulder, "I know your mind is troubled, I know you've been through and are going through a lot, and I know who you are to me. You are the person who, when I was ready to leave this place and run back to the Embassy forever, reached out and made me feel welcome when few others had. You were the one who made me feel like Elysium was where I needed to be, so don't you worry about my trouble or shattering my opinion of you, because that won't happen. My mind is a trap, Russian steel, and there's no opening that once it's set."

Lia's mind tried to comprehend just what Anje wanted, or why she would even contemplate putting herself in the firing line. "I helped you? All I did was talk, nothing else". She watched as this woman she hardly knew, placed herself alongside a crazy mixed up female. One who was prepared to sell herself into slavery, because she had finally arrived at the end of her will to fight.

"Will you trust me?" Anje asked, she needed consent to attempt what she planned, what she hoped would help Lia, ~It's going to hurt like Hell, but, whatever...~

Nodding Lia just couldn't work this out, the same question so simply answered by Anje still lingered in her mind. WHY??? "I have trust issues, had them most of my life. Mostly a man thing, but other people in general". She waited to see what the reaction would be, how Twinkle would respond to that statement.

"I've been burned, too." Anje replied, "But I have no intention to do anything but help you, Lia. I want to help you fight back against whatever confusion you're being attacked by."

"You don't take no for an answer do you, I suppose if I say go ahead it will make you happy?" Lia now leaned against the Temple wall, "I don't want to forget Angel, Khoal my Father or anyone else who helped themselves I don't care about. Just don't take Angel away from me".

"Not when it's important, no." Anje smiled, placing her hand against Lia's temple, "My mind to your mind, my thoughts to your thoughts..."

A strange sensation now filled Lia's head, it seemed as if there were three people invading her mind. She just seem to fade away, everything seem to fade away.

Anje could feel herself enter Lia's mind. Inside it was a scene of chaos, literally as though there was a war going on. She looked ahead and saw Lia in her uniform: confident, professional, and commanding. Turning to her right, she saw Lia yet again, only this was not Lia, she had no idea who this woman was, though she looked the part of a sex worker, and not one of the classy 'escorts' she remembered from Risa. Whoever she was, she did not belong there, "Who are you?" Anje challenged the second Lia, "Why are you here?"

Rebecca was shocked that Anje could see her, "Rebecca Cummings, and I belong here. Unlike you, why are you here". Rebecca moved forwards, "I've been here holding that bitch together, I'm the one who has to take over when she gets some twat who uses her for fun. How do you think she survived Khoal? Me! That's how, no me no her". She pointed at Lia, and then crossed her arms.

"I see, so you're a defense mechanism." Anje nodded, turning to Lia, "Was she the one I met in the corridor? The one who kept you from recognizing me?"

Lia nodded, "She's now in charge, as I can no longer face things anymore. How did you get here?"

"You opened the door for me, sweetheart." Anje smiled, "You let me in, proof that she's not in charge." She turned back to face Rebecca, "I don't think you want to be in charge, either, Rebecca. You're tired, you've been called on too much, right? What if I could help you rest? Would you like that?"

Rebecca laughed, "Do I look stupid? Your here for her, not me. So appealing to my better nature isn't the way to go, you just called me a defense mechanism. So I'll defend, just stay out of my world". Rebecca now moved towards Lia, intent on removing Anje on the way.

Anje placed a block between Rebecca and Lia, though doing so caused her intense physical pain, "No, no, Pretty Woman." Anje shook her head, forcing a defiant sneer to her face, "Right now, because Lia let me in, I'm running shit here. And I'm not going to let you take her from us. Not from me, not from Gary, and not from Angel. It may kill me to stop you, but I am going to stop you." ~The devil himself trembles in the presence of a righteous Russian...~

Rebecca sensed the pain she caused, so advanced once again. "Your having trouble protecting her, why are you continuing this one sided fight?" She tried to push past Anje, "Your wish to die maybe granted if you persist with this, see how she does nothing to aide you".

Mustering a reserve of power born from desperation, Anje pushed 'Rebecca' back, laughing, "I'm Russian, bitch, I can do this forever. Stalingrad ring any bells?" Her defiance was fierce, but Anje was feeling the pain, causing her to change tactics and focus on Lia instead of Rebecca, "Lia, you don't need her anymore, you can face anything, that's your gift. And you're not alone. You've got me, you've got Gary, you've got Phoenix, and here somewhere in your soul you've got Angel, Rebecca is just pissed because her seat has been filled. Let's send her packing, Lia, we can do it together." Lia was going to have to come in with her soon, Anje wasn't going to be able to go that much longer without some help.

Lia stood and watched and then suddenly moved forwards, she now placed herself in between the two women. Looking at Rebecca she now spoke, "You will not harm Twinkle, this is our argument". She then moved to confront Rebecca, "Angel died and you think you can simply wash her away, I don't want to be a slave and sell my body to satisfy your desires". Closing in rapidly, there seemed to be a blinding flash. Rebecca stood over a prostrate Lia, and now looked over to Anje. "She never did learn, I rule the roost here. Now then hero, your next". But her movements were slow and ponderous, and her coordination left much to be desired. Something wasn't right, just what had Lia done to Rebecca?

Anje laughed, "You're weak, Rebecca, you've used all your juice." She taunted, "Yeah, okay, your tigers broke through, but now you're out of gas, out of ammo, and in a minute just flat out." Anje walked over to meet her antagonist, placing her hand against Rebecca's temple. She didn't know if one could perform a mind meld while inside of someone's mind they were melded with, and she knew with her lesser powers it was a terrible idea, but the die was cast, "My mind to your mind, my thoughts to your thoughts. You do not belong here Rebecca, Lia is stronger than that, Khoal, her father, you, your memories serve no purpose now. Vanish deep into the void, never return."

Rebecca started to feel herself fading, but then she had a surge of power. "Too late hero, your victim has blown it. By attacking me she gave me her will power, there she is and soon you will join her". But her movements were still slow, and getting slower. "I don't understand, what's happening?"

Anje, with no aggression, walked over and took Rebecca's hands, "She doesn't need you anymore, Rebecca." Anje smiled, "You served your purpose and helped her through to this point, now she and I will go the rest of the way from here. Thank you for helping my friend. Rest now." Anje leaned forward and softly kissed the other woman, stroking her hair with one hand, "Mission accomplished." She realized now that Rebecca was not the enemy, just a misguided ally who fought fiercely for the protection of Lia's very existence, and there was no way she could thank this woman enough.

"What?" Rebecca slowly started to fade, "What?" Her mind now empty of hate, tried to find something to focus on. "Who?" She looked at Anje and couldn't understand why this woman kissed her, she turned to Lia. "Why?" Rebecca's eye's fastened onto Lia, pleading for help as she slipped away. Lia now sitting up watched as Rebecca faded, she cried as Rebecca echoed the very question still on her own lips.

"I'm sorry, Rebecca. Find peace." Anje said sadly before turning her attention to Lia. She walked over and took Lia's hand, "You're going to be fine now, Lia, you survived the fight of your life. Now we have to come out from here..."

Anje broke the meld and immediately fell to her knees on the deck, her head spinning and her entire body wracked with painful spasms; this was the hardest meld she'd ever done and she certainly hadn't been prepared for active combat in Lia's mind, but they had both survived, for now that would have to be enough. She climbed to her feet, lurching over the top of the nearest garbage can where she proceeded to sell Ralph a Buick...

Lia herself now slid slowly down the wall until she sat on the ground, her head was spinning and hurt like hell. Her stomach had decided to go walk-a-bout, like Anje she now called for Huey and Ruth.

"Okay..." Anje managed between ragged breaths, "That sucked on basically every possible level. Can we maybe avoid that in the future?"

Holding up her thumb, Lia nodded. "Next time just take no as an answer". She placed her other hand across her mouth, her stomach still wanted to do walk-a-bout.

"I'd have felt worse if something had happened to you." Anje answered truthfully, "Not sure exactly how much worse though..."

"Thanks but you need to hold back sometimes, you could have been hurt back there". She gave Anje a weak smile, "Still don't know why, but Thanks once again".

"Nah, I had her to whole time, everybody knows you can't hurt a Russian." Anje joked, "So, who's helping who off of the floor?"

Lia just smiled, "I say we sit back to back, and walk ourselves up. Don't think I could pick a feather up right now, ask me next week". Her thoughts seemed jumbled, but she had taken the first step with Anje's help. But Lia knew only she herself could continue the journey, but it was good to have someone like Anje to help.

"Great idea." Anje nodded, "In a minute..."


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