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"Well this is interesting Part 1"

Posted on Fri Jun 21st, 2019 @ 8:40pm by Lieutenant Commander Jaeih t'Noramei-McKinley & Ensign Nerinath Sh'rhilror & Avalon & Miran Lalor HRH & Cadet Freshman Grade Triston Montgomery & Commodore Evelyn Mountbatten & Envoy Anje Brett & Lieutenant Commander Sthilg & Lieutenant Commander Arrianna Salannis an Vantar & Lieutenant Kara Hoffman & Lieutenant Commander Jason Morris & Major Azhul Naxea & Lieutenant Wynter & Lieutenant Ian Murphy & Lieutenant Commander Gallia Norris & Lieutenant Carter Smith & 1st Lieutenant James Edith & Petty Officer 1st Class Kaywin-Li Fray & Commander Garrett Lovejoy & Lieutenant Commander Percival Albright & Lieutenant Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen & Lieutenant Commander Jessica 'Valkyrie' Vaii & Lieutenant JG River Waters & Lieutenant William Holt & Master Chief Petty Officer Ken Waters & Senior Chief Petty Officer Railli Feyth & Gunnery Sergeant Timothy Rhodes Sr. & Chief Petty Officer Fernando De La Rosa & Crewman Samantha Justice & Ensign Madelaine Masters PhD & Cadet Freshman Grade Ludmilla Brett & Doctor Merella Swii & Admiral S’Tokkr tr’Noramei

Mission: Episode 1: Hell is a four letter word
Location: USS Elysium - Various
Timeline: MD9 13h00

Since the initial finds and attacks not 5 days ago, the search had gone cold. Evelyn was getting the distinct impression that morale was at rock bottom and she knew people were blaming her and her aides.

They, she knew had, had nothing to do with the disappearance of the Elysiums' command crew. She stepped out of the ready room, which she had finally had reset to Starfleet Standard and all of Lalor's personal affects had been sent to the captain's quarters. She knew Percy had wanted her to have those quarters but, with the teenage sister of the former CO in them, she knew it would breed more issues for her with the crew. Stepping down into the command well, she sighed at the size of the area. Sharr and his grandiose ideas.

Evelyn sat in the Center chair and gripped the armrests. She hated being on the bridge. She had been so happy when she had been given a desk job. But she kept her mask in place.

The bridge crew were silent and worked at their jobs. She knew they were good at them. She had not been seated 10 seconds when the proximity alarms began to wail.

Evelyn looked at operations. "Senior staff to the bridge. All hands to stations. Commander Brett, report!"

"Vessels, Sir." Anje reported, "Scan says Romulans." She turned on the viewscreen immediately, hoping against hope for the one in a quintillion chance it might be a false reading.

The viewscreen cleared and showed three very old and battle scared warbirds.

"Hail them!" Evelyn called out "and set red alert!"

=^=Commander Romulan force, this is the USS Elysium, you are in Federation space...=^=

The response they got was weapons fire. It splattered againts the shields which had raised on red alert.

"Mr Morris, I want our weapons charged. Do not return fire just yet!" Evelyn ordered.

"Weapons Charging and ready to fire, loading full spread of torpedoes."Jason said as he tapped his console.

She looked at OPS "Any other response to our hails?"

"Negative." Anje replied, adding, "I'm pretty sure they think there's no need to say any more, Commodore."

Evelyn set her face into hard lines. "Mr Morris, do you have weapons lock?"

"Weapons locked onto the enemy ship."Jason said moving his had to the fire position and waiting.

"Mr Waters evasive maneuvers. Mr Morris, fire at will."

"Initiating evasive alpha-two," River announced, trying his best to not let his emotions show. Normally Qwyyn would be called to the bridge in a situation like this. But she wasn't here now. It was up to him now.

Jason pressed the button and watched as the phaser arrays fired, some of the archs we set to fire intermittent burst while others were set to fire the standard beam. He also watched as the torpedoes sailed on towards the enemy ships with deadly accuracy.

The three warbirds shifted to pursue the Elysium. Then they launched fighters.

"Commodore, we've got bogies just launched." Anje informed, "Fighters, dozens of them."

"Launch the fighters!" Evelyn ordered as the Elysium shook. "Damage?"

"Superficial." Anje replied, "Either the enemy vessels are on their last legs or this is just a message, Sir."

Evelyn frowned. "Helm find us a way out of this area. I want a course plotted. Commander Anje, send out a transmission to starfleet informing them of this."

River tapped away at his board. "Sir, they're too fast for us. Every time I set us forward, they sweep in and cut us off."

"Comms are blocked, Sir." Anje replied, working feverishly to get around the block.

Evelyn refused to curse. "Keep firing Mr Morris. Communications work with Ops to clear that channel."

The ensign at Comms nodded and moved to assist.

Their efforts to break the block weren't bearing any fruit, causing Anje to realize the point was about to be moot if they didn't get those warbirds off of the Elysium and fast. Turning to the Ensign, she ordered, "Keep working on this, I'm going to buy us some time."

==Fighter Bay==


Jess launched with every pilot she had available. "Elysium Actual, Valkyrie. We're on our way. All fighters, focus on the scorpions. The Romulans will try cloak and ambush tactics. Weapons hot and free. Take them down."

The Valkyries and the raptors engaged in long, drawn out dogfights to pull the heat off the Elysium.


"Lieutenant Wynter, I want to know who is firing on us. They maybe romulan ships but they are pretty rough.." Evelyn ordered the intelligence officer.

Wynter nodded. "Aye Commodore." He responded as the data coalesced for him. "Its a rogue faction of Romulans ma'am, more databis incoming."

Anje, having had no success trying to get around the block, turned her attention to a scan of the warbirds, if she could find a weakness, maybe take one of them out, that would buy Elysium some much needed time.

Time seemed to stand still for Lovejoy as he gave orders to damage control parties to seal off inner ship ruptures as well as take care of interruptions in the power transfer grid as they appeared to be pinched off.


Carter was already on duty, so when the alert came, he was already at the power console. With the attacks on the ship, the shields started to drain a little, but he was able to reroute power to keep them at 100%.

Gallia entered with Liorga, Sami, and Dorso dead on her heels, "Where in Hell is Fray and EX?" she grumbled, she needed her entire team for this mess, Bloody damn Romulans...

"Let's focus on who is here right now, Sir." Liorga reminded her, "If Fray doesn't show in a minute, Sami and Dorso can go find her."

"Right, Chief." Sami agreed, Dorso merely nodding.

"All right. Let's get EVA suits ready just in case." Gallia ordered, "We cannae afford ta lose any time goin' back fer 'em."

"Fleihr, get EVA suits ready for READ team, chop chop!" Liorga bellowed, "Move it like your ass is on fire!"

Fleihr, not wanting any more of Liorga's wrath, moved out smartly to get the suits, not taking the time to stop to speak.

Kara sped into engineering. Her hair was untied and her uniform wasn't properly fastened. "God damnit. I was asleep. Sit-rep Lieutenant Smith?" She said, heading to the main Engineering station. "Bloody hell, are those what i think they are?!" She wasted no time in tying her hair up and throwing her jacket onto the chair. "Bugger it all, bloody Romulans, I KNEW it." She tapped her comm-badge. =A= Lieutenant Hoffman to Holt, Give me all the spare power you can, and split it between structural integrity, the shields and weapons. Fast! =A=

Down in the power transfer room, Holt sighed. =A= Yes ma'am.=A= "With a little luck they romulan's will take over the heap of junk and I can get the hell outta here... with a good excuse like... I was captured...or they threatened my life heh." He whispered to himself as he very slowly tapped on the power transfer console, dragging power from un-necessary systems and very very slowly adding it to the shields, weapons and structural integrity field. "If i go real slowly, this all might just work out..."

Smith looked at Kara. "Shields are at 97%. We're starting to get reports of damage on most decks....and now there are hull breaches reported, Lieutenant."

"Chief," Gallia interrupted, "my team is ready to go start sealin' breeches, we'll use EVA suits and work on 'em now. Just give the word."

Kara assessed the situation unfolding. "Alright Gallia, Get your team up to seal those breaches. I recommend rendezvousing with security personnel. With these holes in our side, who knows what's been let in. Be careful and don't take any un-necessary risks." Kara turned to her assistant. "Rotate shield frequencies on a random pattern every two and a half seconds, that should buy us a little time at least." She tapped some commands into the main engineering console. "Oh bloody hell, that's just great!"

Suddenly an alarm began sounding throughout engineering, just as several plasma relays blew out on the western wall. "Hang in there tough girl, don't fall apart just because of a few bastard Romulans..."

"All right, people, let's move out!" Liorga bellowed, "Suit up and let's get there."

Gallia nodded to Kara as she spun to take her leave, calling to the rest of the team, "Okay, we're gonna concentrate on critical decks first, people, the closer to the bridge or engineerin' they are, the higher they're prioritized."


Carter ran over to the suit locker and pulled out his EVA suit and put it on. He left the visor opened for the moment. Then he returned and when alarms started to ring, he moved from console to console, trying to keep things together.

Crawling out of the Jefferies tubes into engineering, Kaylee was covered in cut and burns from the exploding relays, "what the hell is going on? the ship's being torn apart" she said as she saw everyone running around urgently. just than she spotted Carter in an EV suit. moving over to him, she spoke as clearly as she could, which was a little difficult right now, "Lieutenant, where do you *cough* need me?" she said, clearing some soot from her throat


Sthilg lept to his feet as he heard the alarm that all of medical new was to prep the place for incoming wounded. The gorn was on his feet grabbing the already assembled surgical kits his team doing the same without him needing to say a word. It was time to get to work and do what he and his team did best.

Since they'd spent a lot of time just waiting for something to happen, Estelle had nothing else to do but walk into the surgical suite and wait for the first casualties to come in. Usually not averse to making house calls, she figured her time was better spent waiting for the patients to be brought to her now.



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