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The Time Hero

Posted on Thu May 23rd, 2019 @ 1:34am by Lieutenant Kara Hoffman

Mission: MISSION 0 - History Speaks
Location: USS Elysium - Holodeck
Timeline: 4 Hours before Shuttle Departure


The Room was dimly lit. Sconces on the wall, fitted with green fluorescent light, fighting back the ever encroaching blackness. Steel and twisted hunks of metal, crashed and forced together. Formed the walls in untrained non-patterns, that rose into the absence of light above. Several desks of oak or Teak wood lined the walls, covered with papers. Notes of a theory of human evolution. Blood soaked rags, hung off the side, tossed in rage and fear. The dense smell of oil mixed with blood and sweat. Two pairs of boots hit steel below, as the two clash in the shadow of a hulking metal cage. The light gleams onto them both, their armour being lit up in greenish hues.

One was a woman, tattered red and black jeans. An open fishnet vest, her chest below held securely behind bandage wrappings of thick cloth. Her hands gripping onto a sword, that pulsated with energy a meter long. Burning bright like a star in it's own right. Her face gaunt, with a large cut across her eye, which blood trickled from. Her raspy breathing, her eyes darting left and right. Where will the next strike come from. she assesses the situation ever changing, so fast to her the world moves in slow motion.

The other a brute of a male physique, but not all human. His body extended and violated. Muscular forearms, were lit by the green light, to reveal yellowish veins that were gripped tightly by the ever increasing toxins. A monstrosity of human genetics, held together by large steel joints which formed an exoskeleton to keep it's form. It's head was mostly covered in the steel plating, it's skin wrought with terrible scars and boils looked purple-ish in the green light.

They eyed each other, both looking for weaknesses. Her hair short, to keep good vision. Her eyes which glower faintly white, replaced with implanted cybernetic eyes. Her bones replaced with a parasteel equivalent. She was the time hero. She had chased this criminal, across the star system, now she had him in her sights.

"Look here ugly. We can do this the easy way, or the hard way... your choice." Her voice bold and confident, with a slight Texas twist.

The brute lurched forwards, to reveal it's large one red eye. It's voice part machine, gruff like sandpaper. "Never, Time hero. I am the ultimate life form, You cannot defeat me!"

"Haha!" Yelled time hero triumphantly. As he took a laser pistol from his pocket at lightning speed. "No! For it is you, malevokey! You are hereby under arrest, for breaching time law!"

Malevoky, the large brute, cried out. "Nooooooooo! I'll get you for this, time hero!" With that, the screen cut off. A chair in front of a primitive, thin screen device. The holoprogram ended.

Kara frowned. "How interesting. Quite good so far. I'll finish the next part when we get the command team back, today."



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