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The Hunt Begins

Posted on Tue Jul 31st, 2018 @ 6:24am by Captain Phoenix Lalor & Commander Gary Taylor & Commander Liselle Qwyyn & Commander Aurelia Holmes & Lieutenant Commander Matias Grronkil & Lieutenant Leah Bailey & Lieutenant Commander Estelle Hertz MD & Lieutenant Commander Arrianna Salannis an Vantar & Lieutenant Wynter

Mission: Season 2: Mission 2: Just Breath
Location: Eclipse Bridge and various
Timeline: Current

Gary sat in the center seat, watching the Elysium being 'stolen'. He imagined the hijackers were feeling pretty good right about now as the Elysium slipped it's moorings and moved away from DS9. He hoped they enjoyed the feeling because it was the last such feeling they would have for a long, long, time.

Phoenix had made it to the bridge and stood beside the center seat. However he didn't give up the center seat to her, that would have been improper and he would never do anything improper. Lia was in XO's seat and Liselle was at the conn. "So it begins." He whispered then got down to business. "Liselle,once we're clear of the station's perimeter activate the cloak. Keep us close but not too close. We don't want to lose them. Shouting distance if you please." He clarified.

Qwyyn smiled through her words as she acknowledged Taylor's order. "They say every captain has their own language for ordering maneuvers. 'Shouting distance.' And I thought I'd heard them all."

"Oh no, I've got more, we're just getting started." Gary assured her.

"Mr. Grronkil." he called down to the chief engineer, "Mask as much of our engine exhaust as you can. I don't want the hijackers being able to pick us up."

"Understood, sir," said Matias. "It shall be done." He was irked that they broke through his encryption so easily, but it came with a price, which should show up soon.

Next he turned his attention to Lia. "From this moment on we're running silent. No com traffic, nothing to give our presence away."

Nodding Lia began to imput commands to the computer, blocking all outgoing comms traffic. "Unless we have a spy onboard, that should contain our comms". She looked at Gary, "But be aware, our transponder is still operating".

"Can't be helped Lia." He replied pragmatically.

"Arri." He addressed the chief science officer, "All sensors on max. "

Arri nodded. "All sensors operational."

He looked around the bridge, "Our ship has been taken, lets go and get it back."

"Putting the cloak on," Liselle advised. She spread her fingers wide in front of her, mocking a silent explosion. "And just like that, we're ghost."

"Excellent Liselle." Gary replied, smiling at her "explosion."

"Cloaking device is functioning within normal parameters," Leah reported, filling in what she felt like was the appropriate information to pass on. It felt a little odd to be uttering a sentence like that, but given the circumstances everything felt a little weird so far.

Phoenix moved to sit quietly at the empty comms station. She was not captain here.

Tag Below Decks Crew

Arri spoke. "Now then, Since we've allowed our ship to be stolen. May I ask to what end?" The Alindari noted. She was the former Chief of Operations up until recently, and with her usual efficiency, there was no way she would let anyone steal the Elysium just by chance. She personally locked down the ship while they were evacuating.

"An excellent question Arri." Gary replied while turning to look at Phoenix who sat at the empty comms station. "Captain Lalor if you would be so kind to explain to the rest of the crew."

Phoenix wanted to stick her tongue out at him. But instead she stood and hit the ship wide Comm. "Attention all crew. As you know the Elysium was stolen from the docking berth. This was allowed to happen. Even now we have people on the Elysium awaiting the right time to take our ship back. This whole situation was ordered by the Admiralty. And it wasn't my idea. We are following the Elysium in the hopes that it will lead us to a bigger fish than those who 'took' her. All complaints and remonstrations can be directed to the admiralty." Then she paused. "That is all." And she severed the comm.

Gary smothered a grin as Phoenix addressed the crew about the Elysium being 'stolen'. He didn't mean to put her on the spot it was just best that the crew heard what the mission entailed from her.

Lia smiled as she answered, "That's our Captain, short and sweet. Oh and pass the complaints to those who deserve them".

Arri nodded. "Then I will endeavor to convey my displeasure of this operation sufficiently to the Admiralty. If I may say so, Captain. This may backfire on us, as there is a lot more than just the ship that is of value to more than just pirates and criminals. Have the prefix codes been compromised?" She mentioned in her usual calm voice.

Wynter sighed silently as he sat at the makeshift intel bench in the bridge of the Eclipse. He honestly hoped this wrapped up quickly as this was going to be a long mission for all the wrong reasons.

"Avalon is running in the background of the systems. She is working against any attempts to change the Prefix codes. And Captain Styles' men are just awaiting their go to take back the ship." Phoenix replied.

Gary listened to the comments from all involved and he wondered if they realized he was in command of Eclipse and the mission until the Elysium was recovered. The command aspect shifted to Phoenix when she entered negotiations with the chief smuggler in this sector.

Qwyyn turned about in her chair to face the center bridge. "Just so we're all clear," she began. "If they hurt the Elysium, even just a scratch, we're going to make them regret it. Right?"

"Yes, we're going to make them regret it very much." Gary promised.

"That's all I needed to hear," she said with a firm nod, and she turned back to her console.

Phoenix tried hard not to grin at the Trill's back. Liselle's attitude was always on par with hers.

Arri was calm as always. This was a very brash and foolhardy plan, and she did not have all the answers. Something was very wrong. "Commander Taylor. I am going to perform adjustments to the passive sensor array. I will return momentarily." She was going to do research, lots of research, on who would be bold enough to steal a Federation Starship.

Gary nodded at her, "Go but don't be gone long. I want you back here on the bridge."

When Estelle heard the announcement over the comms, she was relieved. It wasn't as bad as she had thought, and it meant they had a much better chance of pulling it off without severe casualties as well. "Good, we might make an easy day of it after all", she said to those around her in the Casino.

Lia watched Arri leave and then turned to Qwyyn, "Just think Liselle, somebody else is sitting in your seat and flying your ship". She grinned as she spoke, "All those sticky little fingers, all over your nice clean helm controls". Unable to stop herself she looked at Gary, "Permission to leave the bridge, comfort break required". She was telling lies, but if she didn't leave she would probably tease poor Liselle up even more.

Gary smothered a grin as Lia teased Liselle. He knew how particular meaning posessive Liselle was over the Elysium. Looking at Lia and seeing the twinkle in her eye, he nodded, "Go and comfort yourself. But don't get too comfortable. I want you back here."

With a gleam in her eye Lia responded, "Well if your that concerned, please feel free to join me. I'm sure you can find something to play with Captain". She walked off giggling, and quietly humming a song.

Gary grinned at the comment/suggestion offered by Lia, "Another time and another place Commander and I'll be glad to take you up on it." He assured her.


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