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Posted on Wed May 22nd, 2019 @ 9:12am by Lieutenant Commander Jaeih t'Noramei-McKinley & Ensign Nerinath zh'Rhilror & Commodore Evelyn Mountbatten & Lieutenant Kara Hoffman & Lieutenant Commander Jason Morris & Lieutenant Joachim Singh & Lieutenant Danica Kovitz & Lieutenant Commander Gallia Norris & Lieutenant Commander Turak & Lieutenant Carter Smith & Lieutenant S'hib & Petty Officer 1st Class Kaywin-Li Fray & Warrant Officer Timothy Rhodes Sr.

Mission: Episode 1: Hell is a four letter word
Location: Main Shuttle bay
Timeline: MD4 11h30

Select members of the Elysium crew were assembled in the main Shuttle bay. There was five type 9 shuttles awaiting

A large holographic board appeared before them. And the words CREW ASSIGNMENTS scrolled across.

By Order of Commodore Mountbatten, the following groups will commence Shuttle sensor sweeps. Courses are pre planned into the shuttles. These missions should take no longer than 12 hours. Communication is to be limited to tight beam bursts every 4 hours.

Shuttle 1: Arcadia
Jason Morris
River Waters

Shuttle 2:Huntress
Ken Waters

Shuttle 3:Agememnon

Shuttle 4:Trinity

Shuttle 5:Scythe

Gallia had been one of the first to arrive, right after dropping Tayalas with Ludmilla Brett; That girl's a bloody godsend. She decided, taking a seat beside a grizzled Marine while she awaited Kara's arrival beside her. She looked over for a second, fully taking him in, deciding that he probably shaved with a captured bat'leth, likely with the arm of the former owner still attached.

Rhodes could feel the redhead's eyes on him, pissed him off more than she could realize. ~Guess I've got to talk to her then...~ He thought, his internal monologue was also a snarl, "Somethin' on your mind, Lieutenant?" He asked.

"Uh, no, Gunnery Sergeant." She replied. Gallia was rarely intimidated, but this guy looked like he brushed his teeth with cobra venom because he liked the way it tingled his gums, "Just wonderin' what the plan is here is all."

"Seems pretty self explanatory to me, Sir." Rhodes answered back, "We're going to go out there and try and find the Captain's trail in shuttles, and hope we don't become hostages ourselves." ~Not the best plan. Real clusterfuck potential here.~ Rhodes decided, ~Damn officers, can't even go on vacation without getting into a disaster.~

"You always so cheerful, Gunny?' Gallia asked, this guy's negative waves could power this ship if she could find a way to plug his butt into the warp core.

"Only after I've had my coffee, Sir." Rhodes laughed, the redhead wasn't bad for a fleet officer; ~Might even be smart enough to wipe her own ass without help.~
Kara arrived next. This plan had risks, but she agreed with the commodore, spreading themselves wider seemed a decent tactical idea since the Elysiums sensor range was limited. The old search and rescue trick, like the navy used to use to search for stranded sailors out at sea. You send one-two "boats" out on a course bearing to each 8 cardinal points on a compass and cross your fingers one of them got lucky. Although they had Starfleet tech on their side and the crew's talents to boot. She approached shuttle 4 and entered taking the co-pilots seat, beginning to calibrate the sensors. ~I hope the commodore has placed me with Gallia, then again it makes more sense for one member of engineering at least, to be on each shuttle in case of problems.~ She thought as she tapped the control panel quickly. ~Plus each shuttle has security officers, is the commodore expecting us to come across something we gotta fight? In a bloody shuttle; I should hope not...~

Gallia reached over and gave Kara's hand a squeeze, just to remind her she loved her and that Capt. Lalor was not that much prettier than she was, that remark about 'my gorgeous Captain' still burning her brain.

Jason walked in not knowing what he was being called to do, he still had to prep his rescue teams. He looked at the holo board and his jaw mentally dropped, splitting up 5 more shuttles instead of keeping everyone together. Not the best tactical situation but this is only making it worse. Then he noticed he was assigned a shuttle and that most of the senior command officers left are also assigned to shuttles. His gut had a feeling something was going to happen and it wasn't going to be good.

Standing over to one side, Kaylee was giving EX some final instructions for him to carry out while she was away. Most of it was basic maintenance on the ship, but there were a few orders to repair or refit other non-essential systems.

Standing quietly in front of the Holoboard S'hib watched everyone interacted, his ears flicking from group to group as they spoke. ~Why are we sending shuttles out when we could just reconfigure some probes.~ S'hib questioned himself, drifting his gaze intently towards his shuttle.

Orin went pale after hearing the announcement and barely registered the Holoboard in front on him. A quick flash of faces went through his brain, as did the sounds of rending metal and screaming. For a second, he even smelled the smoke and acrid scent of burning wiring. His hands shot up to his face, fingertips pushing the glasses to his forehead and palms massaging his eyes. "You'll be alright." He kept muttering to himself. "You'll be alright."

Hearing the interactions of the crew around him, Joachim could not help but smile silently to himself. He could not see the holographic board giving them their assignments, but he had his methods of figuring out where to go, and it was not as if he was able to see the markings on the shuttles anyway. No, he would listen to the voices that spoke and move when it was time, not before. At the very least, the mission was an interesting one.

Turak walked into the shuttle bay, seemingly the last to arrive. Once he had been summoned, he gathered his gear, communications equipment, and phaser, so of course he lagged a little behind. He viewed the holo-board and saw that he was assigned to Shuttle 4:Trinity. Once he had his assignment, he walked over to his shuttle.

As the group finished gathering, the comm activated. "Everyone shuttles are now awaiting their crew"

Carter entered the bay and moved towards the shuttle Scythe. He nodded to the others and took his seat.

Shuttle 1: Arcadia

Jason went to his assigned shuttle and entered it without question, he noticed he was the only one aboard so far and got the chose of seats, he moved to the right of the shuttle and sat in an empty chair with a console only an arms length away.

Danica wasn’t far behind Jason, she entered a little hesitantly, selecting a second row seat and reviewing her orders to pass the time. She did give a friendly nod and greeting though as she entered. “Lieutenant, guess we’re going to be paring up for a bit.”

Jason nodded back to the Lieutenant.

Shuttle 2:Huntress

Jaeih took her seat beside Ken in the shuttle.

Orin came in last, very tepidly. He quietly took a seat in the shuttle and tried not to look like he wanted to dive back out of the hatch.

Shuttle 3:Agememnon

Nerinath settled into the Pilot seat in Shuttle Agememnon. "Sealing hatch" She called out to the other two in her team. "Take a seat."

Gallia took the seat alongside Nerinath, who she'd never met before, "Hell of a first meetin', hey?" She laughed, "Or possibly our last meetin', too. Saves time.' Gallows humor was a staple of Scots.

Shuttle 4:Trinity

Kara pressed the comms button on the shuttles panel, and opened a conference call with all shuttles. "Everyone, listen up. This may be a longshot, but once your all settled onboard, Recalibrate your shuttle sensors to search for EM spikes, Quantum Fractures, possible tetryon particles subspace energy fluctuations and also all the usual standard scan's for search and rescue. I don't want to miss anything, even the smallest particle of dust might be of use. Call in if you find anything out of the ordinary, but only on the 4 hour mark. I'm syncing the shuttle computers together, to connect us in a conference call, just like this every 4 hours. Once we're out there, you'll be on your own. Stay alert and as the Klingons say, Qapla'! "

In all his time in service, that was the first time Tim Rhodes had ever heard Klingon spoken with a Scottish accent, ~Interesting.~ "So, the redhead, she yours, L.T.?" He asked, figuring if he had to spend half a day with these people he should probably make conversation.

Kara faced him, with a dead serious expression. "We can have small talk later. Right now, we have something else to discuss, but it'll wait until we're clear of the Elysium, i need a little time to concentrate right now." She did not mean to sound snappy, it just all sort of came out that way. ~I need to think clearly right now, sorry Sergeant, I know i'm being rude. Forgive me, i'll explain once we're clear...~

As Turak walked onboard and stowed his equipment, he took his seat, and greeted the others, "Hello everyone, I was hoping it wouldn't come to small parties going out in search and rescue, but here we are. I hope we can perform this operation in relative safety." He looked to LT Hoffman and asked, "how can I assist you ma'am?"

Shuttle 5:Scythe

Leaning down as he climbed inside the shuttle S'hib let out an audible sigh. "twelve hours in this tiny can." He grumbled to himself, Snorting as his hooves clicked up into the cockpit and awkwardly sat down at the helm.

Stepping inside the shuttle, Kaylee felt a little uneasy about this. She’d never been in such an enclosed space with other people before and the thought of it made her a little claustrophobic. Taking a deep breath, she moved over to sit at the Auxiliary seat and began preflight.

"You onboard yet Lieutenant?" S'hib said firmly, leaning over the controls as the shuttle came to life.

Carter looked at Kaylee. "That's the lot. Start the preflight checklist."



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