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And there goes our ship

Posted on Mon Jul 23rd, 2018 @ 6:37am by Avalon

Mission: Season 2: Mission 2: Just Breath
Location: DS 9 and the Elysium
Timeline: Current

The Elysium was theirs. They had done what no one else had done. Stolen an Elysium class starship right from under the noses of the Federation!

The small group of 20 stood on the bridge of the Elysium as it broke its moorings and glided away from DS9. The leader a woman in her early 30s nodded in satisfaction.

"Take us to warp. Towards Betazed. Once we are away we will set a proper course." She ordered.

"We are being hailed." One of her crew called out.

"Ignore it. Shut down the comms."

There was acknowledgment and the woman nodded. A short warp to Betazed and then from there, out to the uninhabited regions. And then, then they would show him just what they were made of and how good an asset they would be to his organization.

"Commence the hack of the AI." She ordered as she sat in the Centre chair. Too bad, she thought smugly that too young captain would never sit here again. But she would. She would make sure of it.

On DS9 there was no panic. Sure they did as expected. They hailed the ship, launched fighters after her but aside from tracking the warp jump the focus was on another ship, now preparing for launch.



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