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Interesting Developments

Posted on Fri Jul 27th, 2018 @ 8:27am by Avalon & Joras Cardoth Mr.

Mission: Season 2: Mission 2: Just Breath
Location: Unknown
Timeline: Current

Deep space, uncharted region.

A lone planet orbits a distant star. Far from what is termed civilization by the Federation. Deemed uninhabited the L class world orbits peacefully. Looking like an innocent world which was at this stage was far from the truth.

The world with no designation was his home. A home he had created. Joras Cardoth sat behind his desk in his well-appointed study studying the most recent reports from his agents with in the Federation. Deep within the lone mountain on a salt plain. His base, his home, and it was about to be under threat.

And he was also reading the message from a woman who, months ago, had approached his organization. Apparently she had control of one of the biggest ships within the Federation. Stolen it no less. He sighed. Like that was even possible.

He ran a hand through his hair and sighed again. That stupid woman was bringing the Federation down on his head. And the ELYSIUM of all things!

The first of her class. The former home to an Admiral who no one wanted to cross. And the current home of one exiled princess of his former home world. He had seen the young officer at 16, standing defiantly in the city's Main square, days after been whipped almost to death, shouting out to the planet about the injustice she had faced and why.

Impressive for a 16 year old raised to be nothing more than a pretty ornament/ house wife. And now she was the captain of Starfleet's Impressive Elysium. And some idiot fell for what was obviously a trap. That stupid group took the bait and now he was trapped because of it. He did not want to deal with the Federation. He and his group survived by staying out of their sights.

Silently he hit the EVAC order on his desk. He would evacuate his non essentials. Get those with very dubious reputations out of sight. Equipment too. Computer files with ever last bit of information they had.

He put the PADD down on the desk and looked up as his office door slid open. "Leanna" He said calmly.

"Evac?" She half asked him as she stepped inside and shut the door behind her.



"Federation." He held out the message to her.

Taking the seat opposite him she sat and read and then cursed in Romulan. She was Half human Half Betazoid with an ear for languages. She knew several, including his own native tongue, which he had taught her and they used when they wanted things kept quiet. "The Elysium?" She raised her eyes to his. "They are stupid!"

"Yes I know." He replied. "Hence..."

She nodded "I will make sure it is just a skeleton staff. And we should keep the cooks."

He frowned at her. "Why?"

"The Federation will come after that ship, and they will most likely send her." She smiled. "You can't just send the cooks on their way, we may need them for a meal or too."

"She won’t be in the mood for diplomatic events most likely."

“You think she will shoot first and ask questions later? You didn’t steal her ship.” Leanna sat back and studied her boss. He had been her boss for nearly 9 years. She had, in those 9 years made it her business to check out every Erisian who left Erisa and the top two she watched were the Princesses from the Ruling families.

“Do you think that will matter to her?”

“It will. She is not as volatile as her family make her out to be. If she was, she would not be a captain.” Leanna frowned. “What is really bothering you?”

“Well we both know there is no way this group just ‘stole’” he used his fingers in a human gesture of quotation marks. “The Elysium. They were allowed to get away with it. Which begs the question... why?”

She went to answer and then closed her mouth.

“Yeah, exactly.” Joras said in reply to her silence.

“Well that is just not good is it?” Leanna replied “Someone is setting us up.”

“Yeah just exactly who is the question?”

“The Federation… they may be doing this….And as to why? Maybe they have something they want?”

Joras nodded. “I am sure they do, but the, who, what, where, why and how will have to wait. We have 19 hours until the Elysium arrives here. And then after that… I’d give the Feds about 30 minutes for their back up ships to arrive.”

“The evacuation will be completed in 16.” Leanna promised and stood.

Joras nodded. “You too.” He said softly.

“No.” She replied calmly. “I am staying here Joras.”


She slanted him a smirk. “No.” And with that she strode from the room.

“Women” He muttered.



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