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"Hunt is go"

Posted on Mon May 13th, 2019 @ 8:33am by Lieutenant Commander Jaeih t'Noramei-McKinley & Ensign Nerinath zh'Rhilror & Avalon & Miran Lalor HRH & Cadet Freshman Grade Triston Montgomery & Commodore Evelyn Mountbatten & Lieutenant Commander Arrianna Salannis an Vantar & Lieutenant Kara Hoffman & Lieutenant Commander Jason Morris & Lieutenant Ian Murphy & Lieutenant Commander Gallia Norris & Lieutenant Carter Smith & Lieutenant S'hib & Petty Officer 1st Class Kaywin-Li Fray & Lieutenant Commander Percival Albright & Lieutenant Commander Jessica 'Valkyrie' Vaii & Lieutenant JG River Waters & Lieutenant William Holt & Master Chief Petty Officer Ken Waters & Senior Chief Petty Officer Railli Feyth & Crewman Samantha Justice & Doctor Merella Swii

Mission: Episode 1: Hell is a four letter word
Location: Bridge/ Others
Timeline: MD 3 11H


Evelyn moved onto the massive bridge. She hated such largeness but knew it was not Lalor's fault. Sharr had, had the ship built and designed. She moved to the chair and noted that it was standard issue, not a throne like chair as had been rumored. What was fact however was the two long swords sheathed underneath it and was that a knife strapped to the arm rest? A quick look confirmed it. Yes, it was confirmed that the captain of the Elysium kept dangerous blades on the bridge.

Around her, flowed the members of the senior staff who had bridge stations. As they took their stations, She sat calmly in the centre chair.

She noted Lovejoy taking the XO post and Percy moved to the counselor's seat.

She glanced at the controls on the command chair's arm rest. "Avalon, open up a ship wide comm."

[["Acknowledged Commodore. Ship wide comm open."]] The AI replied.

"Attention Crew of the USS Elysium. This is Commodore Mountbatten. Not an hour ago, we were informed that the Shuttle Arrow, carrying Captain Lalor, Commanders Taylor, Qwyyn, Holmes and other passengers was transmitting a distress call. As such, and as the senior most officer on board, I am taking command under Starfleet Order 104: Section B, Paragraph 1-A. And Regulation 19, Section C. This has been logged in the computer and all transaction of command has been completed. Commander Lovejoy will be the executive Officer, and Lt. Commander Salannis an Vantar is acting second officer." She took a moment and then continued. "We will be departing within the next 10 minutes. All Crew, secure for departure. Set condition yellow through the Ship."

'Now she's going to gloat about her latest career advancement. How quaint.' Arri thought to herself.

River Waters tapped away at the CONN, entering his coordinates for the third time. It was unlike him to triple-check something as routine as setting a course, but he had never been in charge of the department before. He remembered when he had first started duty here as a cadet. So long ago. And now Commander Qwyyn was missing. And the Captain -- his brother's girlfriend. If he messed any part of this up, he knew Ken would kill him. After everything that had happened between the two of them, he knew it was the just the excuse he had been waiting for. His fingers trembled with the growing sense of responsibility he felt. Squeezing his hands shut, he cleared his throat. "Course laid in, sir. Waiting for Deep Space 9 Ops to confirm clearance to depart."

Jaeih paused in the bridge and then without a word followed Wynter down to the intelligence blister. She ignored all strange looks heading her way.

"Lieutenant Waters, take us out. Once we are clear, take us to warp 8 to the shuttle's last known co-ordinates" The Commodore ordered as she settled into the chair.

Jason entered the bridge and walked towards the tactical station, he nodded to the officer stationed there and took the position himself. "Commodore, I recommend we go to yellow alert and raise shields when we get near the shuttles last known position." He said and waited for the Commodores response.

The yellow lights were already flashing but Evelyn nodded anyway.


(Security Office)

Walking out of the locker room S'hib looked towards Lieutenant Morris sat at his desk "Lieutenant, I wasn't due to be on shift for the next few hours." S'hib said with a slight snort as he fastened his belt, pulling the dark leather around his waist. "Where am I needed?" he added as he folded his arms behind his back and stopped in front of his desk.

Jason looked up from his terminal, "Ensign I need you to Lieutenant Turak, you will receive your orders after that." Jason turned towards the far point of his desk. "Also take that PADD and find Petty Officer De La Rosa and give him these orders, they are for him to post sentry and make sure the ambassadors and civilian personnel are safe. I can not impart how much I want you to make him understand that should any harm come to them I will put him out an airlock. Do you understand me Ensign." Jason said narrowing his eyes." One more thing, find Petty Officer Neeze and bring her back with Lieutenant Turak."

Feeling a slight lump in his throat S'hib picked up the PADD as he looked directly at Jason's eyes. "Yes sir, I'll pass on your orders." He replied with a slight snort before hastily leaving to find the others.

Jason watched as the Ensign left the office, he remembered looked at the staffs records and for many this was there first posting. For there sakes he hoped they have been trained well and can handle anything thrown at them. He stood from his desk and walked around it and left the office. Going towards a turbolift he entered and called out. "Bridge."

(Main Engineering)

Carter heard the call from the bridge, then returned to his station that monitored the impulse and warp engines. Around him he saw everyone at their respective stations. Some of them were visibly upset hearing about the distress call. "Come on people....we have a job to do. Keep your mind on your station. The faster we do our jobs, the faster the ship can rescue the captain and the others."

In the Engine room, Kara and several crew were working all-out to ensure maximum speed of the engines. "Bloody hell." She said. "It's almost as if this was all planned from the bloody start. Commodore, just what the hell kind of voodoo luck did you bring to my gorgeous captain..." Kara then realised she was speaking aloud, she turned and laughed to her crew. "Don't stand around watching me, c'mon, I want these engines at peak performance. Let's catch up to our command team!"

Gorgeous captain? Gallia thought, Dinnae know for sure if I like that... She shook it off, turning her focus back to her work, even if Kara did think she was prettier than Gallia, she still wanted Capt. Lalor back. For her sister's sake. Gallia reminded herself, she knew what it was like to lose your sister, and didn't wish it on Miran or anyone else. Plus it would get those snoopy bastards off the Elysium and everybody could unkink their colon.

Kara then moved back to the main engineering console, double checking everything was prepared. "Dinnae fash yerself Gallia, the Captain's cute sure, but your my angel, don't let it get to you." Kara could read Gallia's face like an open book. ~jealousy,huh... I should watch what I say perhaps.~

Smith turned to the 2 women. "Ladies....there will be enough time for that another time....we have to concentrate on our jobs." He, along with the others, wanted the captain and the others back.

climbing out of the Jefferies tube, Kaylee looked around at the three of them, "so, now that we're all feeling longing for the Captain, what's next?"

(Academy Annex)

Murphy had been feeding the rats in the habitat arrayed behind his desk, which was marked with a placard reading, 'Lab Rats.' No, they weren't used in experiments; Murphy considered them pets and mascots of the sciences division rather than experimental animals, but he couldn't resist the pun. When the announcement came through, he sighed and moved to his desk, activating the academy-specific comms. "All Cadets -- you've heard the announcement and you know the drill, so all hands on deck. If any other department needs hands, I'll be allocating you out based on merit -- Highest scorers first. I want all Academy resources at the ready to be slaved to the appropriate departments at a moment's notice. Vice Commandant Murphy out." He wouldn't say that the Captain and the missing command staff were friends, but he'd served with them for a while and considered them comrades-in-arms at the very least, and they deserved the best he could put forth.

OOC: As no one seems to want to reply to this, you all now know what has happened. I will post a post for MD4 in the next few days.


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