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Another Day In Hell (NSFW)

Posted on Tue May 14th, 2019 @ 2:00pm by Commander Liselle Qwyyn & Commander Gary Taylor & Commander Mishka Valdran & Centurion Ansuk Ildair

Mission: Episode 1: Hell is a four letter word
Location: Liselle & Gary's cell/ Interrogation Room
Timeline: MD6 - Enroute to prison


This post describes scenes of torture and abuse including descriptions of sexual assault


Pig stood and leered at Liselle as she stood naked,gagged and bound before him. He didn't touch her however no he was much more perverse to fall prey to sins of the flesh than to rape her. He would break her mentally (it was much more satisfying) and hear her cry, no beg for mercy and establish his mastery over the Trh'ill. "Another glorious day." He taunted her and Gary. "We have plenty of time for breaking you both and showing the strength of the Star Empire!" He sneered at Gary, "You know what is coming Taylor but does your pet? It is a shame you are both gagged as you could have warned her, now she will find out on her own. More the pity." he laughed without humor.

Gary drew a breath around his gag as Pig talked. He resisted any outward display of emotion not wanting to give the sadistic little troll any reason to make their torture worse than it was going to be. He gave a quick glance to Liselle, she seemed to be holding up fairly well but he knew this being bound, gagged and now naked had to work on her. He just prayed she could continue to be strong.

Liselle heard the conversation, heard the words, but the meaning seemed faded and distant. She idly wondered if she might be going into shock. Unable to move, unable to speak for so long, it was likely. But then, did people going into shock realize it was happening? She couldn't remember. Her eyes settled on Gary, and the look on his face confused her. He was concerned. Should she be as well?

Now her eyes found their guard once more and reality came snapping back. With a shuddering breath she found her center again. Found her sense of here and now. She couldn't help but wonder if shock was the smarter option for survival.

Pig leered at her. His eyes wandering over her nude body. But didn't touch her "Ah Trh'ill, accept your situation it will be easier for you. Don't follow Taylor. You don't want your pretty skinned scarred like his." He grabbed her bonds and shook them. "You can't get free, you can't call for help, you are mine to do as I want and I want to break you and Taylor but how to best go about that?" He mused. He pulled out his shock baton, "I know! We will go to the interrogation room. I'm sure I can find inspiration there." He motioned to them to move, "Walk in front of me." He ordered.

Gary looked at Liselle and nodded, Now wasn't the time to resist that would come later. He shuffled his shackled feet and moved in front of Pig waiting for Liselle to join him. yet even as he did, he couldn't help but think what the sadistic guard had in store for them and knowing whatever it was it wouldn't be good or pleasant.

Mishka now turned up and stood in front of the three stopping them moving, "Ildair, I didn't approve this little sojourn. I do hope you are not thinking for yourself, it would mean taking appropriate action in response". She looked at the two naked prisoners, "Taylor, it's still cold I see". She laughed at her own joke, then she looked at Liselle. "Trh'ill, you to appear to suffering from the cold. You could take out an eye with those nipples, look how hard they are". Again she laughed, humiliating these two was fun for her. And Taylor felt protective of his little pet, "Ildair, I will allow you to continue on one condition. You must heat up the Trh'ill's cold tits, that's the Human term for them isn't it Taylor?" She looked Gary straight in the eye's, "Then Ildair, perhaps you can heat up the rest of her however your perverted brain wishes to". She turned to leave but spoke before going, "Taylor, you can not protect her any longer. And now you will see her suffer because of you". Mishka left and allowed the threesome to continue on.

Gary raged quietly as Mishka's words, unfortunately she was right. Being bound as he as and as Liselle was, he was at a decided disadvantage but that would change and when it did. He knew with stunning clarity that the sadistic Pig and his equally sadistic superior were both going to die. He drew a breath around his gag and thought of different ways to kill both Pig and Mishka.

Pig's eyes gleamed with malicious intent as Mishka gave her approval for him to treat Liselle however he saw fit. "Thank you Riov!" He shouted out after her before turning back to Liselle and Gary. "Move along. You heard the Riov. I have work and you my pretty Trh'ill and you Taylor get to see it up close and personal. However I must first comply with my Riov's orders and warm the Trh'ill up." He giggled in anticipation.

Again Liselle felt the uncontrollable sense of crippling anxiety flooding her. With a shaking breath, she once again tried to find her center. Her calm. Her previous host, Juntis, had trained in emotional control on Vulcan. As a young man he had been given special dispensation to live among the monks of Kolinahr, to learn to control the violent emotions that his joining to Qwyyn had wrought within him. But that was over a hundred years ago, and the memories of that time slipped away from her fingers the tighter at them she grasped.

Desperately, Liselle tried to push her fear from her mind, shoving at it with both hands. But she couldn't. Her thoughts would not stop swirling. It was like trying to wrap her arms around a tornado.

After a short but humiliating walk through the corridors of the ship where insults were hurled at both Gary and Liselle along with the occasional inappropriate feel of their bodies the trio reached the interrogation room. It was colored in a drab green and various instruments of torture lay scattered about the room along with a solitary high back chair in the middle of the room with thick, sturdy straps hanging off it. Pig moved quickly. He pushed Gary forward until he was standing between two poles. Working quickly Pig released Gary's hands only to quickly and securely encase them in the cuffs hanging from the chains attached to the poles. That done, he pulled the chains taunt until Gary's arms were spread wide. "That should hold you Taylor for I want you to see what I do to your Thr'ill." Pig sneered as he turned his attention to Liselle. "Now Thr'ill it is your turn." He taunted as he came up close to her, a hand reaching out to cup first one and then the other breast, teasing her nipples. "The Riov was right. Your nipples are hard. You must be cold. I will change that."He moved behind her and removed her collar and rod. Leaving her gag, wrist and ankle cuffs in place. He pushed her into the chair. Where he took the straps and fastened them about her ankles, waist and above and below her breasts. Satisfied that Liselle wasn't going anywhere he moved out of sight only to return a few moments later pushing a cart with some sort of electrical device atop it and a multitude of electrodes coming from it. "Can you guess what is next Thr'ill?" He asked with sadistic glee as he pulled the gag from her mouth and let it fall around her slender neck. He wondered if she would cry and beg or would she be angry and defiant? He would find out shortly.

Qwyyn closed her eyes. In the depths of her inner psyche she prayed to her Gods. Begged for this moment to end. Wished for this to only be a memory. For it to not be happening now. Not now.

It was the uncertainty that threatened to destroy her. It was not knowing.

She opened her eyes once more.

Juntis was standing with her.

Juntis Qwyyn. You poor soul. You poor, poor soul.

Lia Holmes had been meant to embody him. Liselle could still remember standing in her quarters, asking her friend if she would be willing to give her physical body up to Juntis in the Zhian'tara ceremony.

Such a troubled little mind -- just a boy. He had been there for the moment when the Qwyyn symbiont 'broke'. When all the troubles of Qwyyn had begun and doomed all the hosts that would come after him. None of the other hosts ever held the boy responsible for what had happened to the symbiont's mental stability during his time, though they would all paid the price. Poor soul. Juntis hadn't asked for any of the horrors inflicted upon him. The terrible things he had suffered.

And he had suffered.

But he had survived. As best he could. In dealing with his trauma he had learned to manage the unmanageable. And all the hosts that followed were made stronger for his determination not to give up. Not to succumb. That strength was a fundamental part of Qwyyn now. A part of Liselle.

Juntis kneeled next to her, reaching out to take her hand in his own. And he pressed his lips to her ear. And he spoke. And Liselle's lips moved, repeating the words that he whispered to her. "Danta tal nara vasa vo. Ta shana nos. Ta shana, Sarek."

Pig stood next to Liselle as she closed her eyes and whispered some words he didn't understand and mistook them for a prayer. "Praying won't help you Thr'ill and you didn't answer my question. That's not good, not good at all." As he cupped her chin and turned her head to face him. "Closing your eyes won't help you either. Now I asked you a question, can you guess what is coming next? And Taylor can't help you, can protect you. You're all alone and..... your mine."

But she was gone now. Her eyes lifeless, her body a vessel, fleshy and physical and material. Juntis had reached her, had helped her find her way back to the time before Liselle, to those many months and years Qwyyn had spent with other hosts studying and mastering Vulcan meditation.

The body obeys the mind. The mind commands. I am the mind. I command.

She stood on Mount Seleya. All around her the burning sun of Vulcan lit the horizon, setting it ablaze in brilliant oranges and reds. Somewhere, elsewhere, Liselle Qwyyn's body was on a Romulan ship. A prisoner.


It was of no concern to her.

Pig growled savagely when Liselle didn't answer. He slapped her face. "I'll get you to answer me!" He roared as he grabbed the electrodes and began affixing them to her body. He placed on electrode on each thigh. Then placed one on her stomach and another higher on her chest above her breasts, Then with a savage smile he place the last two on her breasts. "Bet you'll talk now." He growled at her. He walked around the chair making a show of checking her binds as well as the straps that held her in the chair. Satisfied all were secure and Liselle couldn't get free. He knelt in front of her. "Time for some pain Thr'ill. I hope your ready."

Juntis stood beside her on the mountain. Funny she hadn't noticed that he was here until now. She smiled to herself. "This is where you learned to meditate?"

"Yes," he said simply. Quietly. "The monks taught me how to take back control of my mind. Of our mind."

The sky flashed white hot lightening and Liselle found herself furrowing her brow at the abrupt change in weather. "What was that?"

He reached out to take her hand once more. "Physical trauma. Your body is alerting you to the signals it is receiving."

"Oh," she said. She squeezed his hand. "What should I do?"


"Choose what?"

He reached up to her with both hands, his fingers lightly touching her temples. "To stay here. To stay in command of you, of your mind."

"But I can still see what he is doing to me. It''s horrible."

"He can touch the body with or without your consent," he said. "But only you can give him permission to touch your mind."

"It hurts," she said, her voice strained. A tear came unbidden and rolled down her cheek. "I'm...I'm crying out. I can hear myself crying out."

The sky flashed lightening again.

Juntis paid it no mind. "That's okay, Liselle. Don't give up. Vulcan meditation is not easy, and you haven't practiced in a long time," he said. "We may not be able to prevent this from happening to you, but we can prevent it from destroying you. I promise you."

She nodded, giving him a confident smile through the tears, even as she heard herself crying out in pain from far away, from somewhere in the clouds miles above them.

Meanwhile Pig growled and swore as Liselle wasn't giving him the reaction he wanted, He turned the voltage a little higher. "Alright Thr'ill let's see if you react to what I do to Taylor. He picked up an elctro whip. "I know you remember this Taylor, the scars prove you do." He cracked the whip. Lets see if you can be brave for your Thr'ill." As he brought the whip up to strike.

Valdran chose this moment to enter Pig's domain, "ILDAIR!!!!!!" She looked none to pleased at what she saw, "I said warm the Thr'ill up, not kill her you kllhe(shit eater)". She removed all the electrodes, "This is sloppy, and will not achieve what I require". Mishka now replaced the electrodes to where she wanted them, one on each nipple one on each labia and the final one on the clitoris. Turning down the voltage she no reset it to pulse intermittently and randomly, "She is using meditation of some sort, your constant pain allows her to focus her mind. This will bring her back, as she will not know when the pain will strike". She turned to Taylor, "Her pain will increase every til kevn( two periods. One period = 10 minuets), this arrangement slowly destroys the subject internally. You can stop it simply by agreeing to remain here permanently, just nod or move a foot". She now moved to the on switch, "I will give you one earth minuet to consider your options, Ildair free his mouth he may want to talk".

Pig moved quickly to comply with Mishka's order. He pulled the gag from Gary's mouth and waited.

Gary displayed no emotion, He had no doubt that if he agreed Mishka would still do what she was threatening to do. Instead he simply gathered up his saliva and spit a glob of it in Pig's face. "Go to hell! Your both dead! I promise you that." He said defiantly. He only hoped Liselle could forgive him. Of course he would have to forgive himself first and he didn't see that happening. He already had too much red on his ledger.

Mishka smiled, "Typical Taylor, but listen carefully. Once I switch this on, she will be permanently damaged are you prepared to live with that? As for being dead, we will see Taylor we will see". She looked at Pig, "Clean yourself Ildair, this fool is teaching you a lesson. Now you must teach him, leave the Thr'ill I will deal with her".

Pig nodded shamefully at Mishka's words. Once again Taylor had bested him. But that would change. "Yes Riov." He stammered as he wiped the spit from his face.

Moving behind Gary, Mishka brought a Klingon pain stick up and touched it to Gary's back. "Unlike my underling, I do not trust you to play nice. Suffer like the piece of shit you are".

Gary arched in his bonds, his arms pulling at the chains that held them. His wrists were red and bleeding as he fought to pull them through the cuffs. "B.. Bitch. Your dead." He whispered savagely even as the pain infected every part of his body.

"Such language, you deserve to be punished for it". Valdran once again touched the pain stick to Gary's back, "See Ildair, all he needs is a little reminder. Now do not offend me again with your stupidity".

Gary grunted through the pain but kept his mouth clamped shut. "Yes Riov." Pig replied weakly. His hatred for Taylor boiling over.

Mishka now turned to leave, "I haven't forgotten about the Thr'ill Taylor, but I have duties to attend to". Her hand hovered over the switch, "Think on what we have spoken about, I will return shortly. I'm having such fun, and you are responsible for it.

Though the tears continued to draw down her cheeks, that was all Liselle's eyes held. The life was gone, lost as she was in her own shock and denial. Perhaps the Romulan told the truth; perhaps something more would happen to her, perhaps nothing would. She was too lost in her own mind to process it.

Gary's eyes were filled with a murderous rage but he made no comment. He was inwardly thankful that any further punishment of Liselle had been at least temporarily delayed.


Commander Liselle Qwyyn
Chief Flight Control / Second Officer
USS Elysium

Commander Gary Taylor
Executive Officer
USS Elysium

Riov Mishka Valdran
Romulan Vessel Havraha


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