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Briefing - The Happening

Posted on Sat May 11th, 2019 @ 3:35pm by Lieutenant Commander Jaeih t'Noramei-McKinley & Avalon & Commodore Evelyn Mountbatten & Envoy Anje Brett & Lieutenant Commander Sthilg & Lieutenant Commander Arrianna Salannis an Vantar & Lieutenant Kara Hoffman & Lieutenant Commander Jason Morris & Lieutenant Wynter & Commander Garrett Lovejoy & Lieutenant Commander Percival Albright & Lieutenant JG River Waters & Master Chief Petty Officer Ken Waters

Mission: Episode 1: Hell is a four letter word
Location: Briefing Room
Timeline: MD 3 - 11h00


[["ALL SENIOR STAFF to the BRIEFING ROOM. Lieutenant Morris and Lieutenant JG Waters to the Briefing room."]]

Lieutenant River Waters had been on bridge duty, and so was quick to arrive. Though the walk here had been short, he had still used every step of it to shore up his resolve. Rumors of the witch hunt aboard the Elysium had reached his ears, and with Commander Qwyyn away on leave he was the defacto representative for his department. It was a huge responsibility even in the most ideal conditions. Now, under the watchful eye of the Commodore's group, he was certain to be tested for even the slightest mistakes.

"I need family quarters, my son will be on his way soon and I'd like to be in the same quarters as him if you don't mi... "Jason was saying to the quartermaster when he heard his name being called."I guess I will have to come back. Good day." Jason left without saying another word on his way to the briefing room. He entered in the turbolift and was in the bridge in no time. Walking into the briefing room he walked over to the table and sat next the another Lieutenant.

River smiled at his new neighbor -- a face he didn't recognize. "Good day, Lieutenant," he said, offering a hand. "River Waters."

Jason shook Rivers hand."Hello Lieutenant." he said with a smile."Jason Morris."

Carlos entered in silence. His fighters had just finished a refit and he had been testing them when the call came through. "Gentlemen" He greeted the two officers.

The door slid open as the CMO stepped into the room. He'd been doing his paperwork down in the medbay and he was grateful for the break.

Wynter entered the briefing silently, sat and waited, this was going to be interesting.

Kara entered last of all the senior staff. Large dark purple rings under her eyes. She did not speak to anyone, as she clutched her Signature Silver and gold coffee cup for dear life.

After all had settled into their chairs, anticipation built. Then the doors opened again and Commodore Mountbatten entered the room, followed by her two aides - Commander Lovejoy and Lt Commander Albright - Lt. Commander Brett, Lt. Commander Salannis An Vantar, and Lt. Commander t'Noramei-Mckinley .

Anje entered with the brass, using every bit of logic she could muster to hide the fact she was losing her mind inside, ~If something happens to Liselle...~ She forced herself to focus on her work, right now everything depended on it.

Chairs scraped back as people stood. But the Commodore waved her hand and sent people back to their seats.

The group spread out around the room as the Commodore headed for where Captain Phoenix Lalor normally sat.

She paused at the head of the table. "For those who do not know me, I am Commodore Mountbatten. I, along with Commander Lovejoy" She indicated to him "And Lt Commander Albright have been undertaking reviews of this ship and its crew. But as of 30 minutes ago that changed." She paused. "Avalon!"

The Ship's AI appeared. "Commodore."

"The tracking please."

Before the senior staff, a holographic representation of a ship's course appeared from DS9 towards Trill. "This is the tracking of Shuttle Arrow, the Shuttle requisitioned by Captain Lalor and her command team for their trip to Trill. At this point" there was a red flash. "Is where the distress signal was sent from, and at this time we are working to determine what has happened. Lt. Commander Salannis an Vantar has already sent it down to Science and will work with Operations to get us as much detail as possible. In the absence of Captain Lalor, Commander Taylor and the rest, I have assumed command of the USS Elysium. Commander Lovejoy will be acting Executive Officer and Lt Commander Salannis an Vantar, acting second officer." She looked around the table. "I will announce it to the crew shortly, but as the Senior staff of this vessel, and," Evelyn looked at River and Jason, "Acting department chiefs, you deserve to know first."

She lifted a hand to forestall all comments. "Lieutenant JG Waters, as acting chief of Flight control, I want your department to prep all shuttles for possible away missions. And this ship is leaving DS9 in the next 15 minutes so you had best get to the bridge for departure." She pointed to the coordinates "That is the heading."

"Fifteen minutes, sir?!" he said in sharp surprise. Quickly he regretted his reaction, realizing that he himself had never witnessed any department heads reacting so negatively to an order from the command staff. They always found a way to carry out their orders. He shifted in his chair. "Yes, sir. Fifteen minutes."

"Lieutenant Wynter. As chief of Intelligence, I fully expect your department to kick into high gear. No clue is to be ignored. Work with science and operations. And pull what strings you can."

Wynter nodded. "of course Commodore."

"Lieutenant Hoffman, We will need your department at top strength. I am sure you can get the warp core ready in under 15 minutes?"

Kara nodded. "Aye, I'll make sure o'it Ma'am" She said sharply but with great respect.

"Good. The rest of you, prepare your departments for departure. I will address the crew from the bridge momentarily." Evelyn paused. "Dismissed."

"Commodore." Jason said looking at the Commodore without standing yet. "Do we think this is a hostile act against the shuttle or Federation yet?"

"Given that there is a Federation Captain and her executive officer on that Shuttle, we are going to plan for the worst Lieutenant Morris."

Arrianna stayed quiet for most of the briefing. She had things to do. Mostly it was to minimize the damage these people were going to do. She shot a glance at Mountbatten for a moment then left to go find Ken and Miran.

Kara spoke out. "Ma'am perhaps with just a little luck, if we can get close enough to their last known heading, We might be able to do a polaron scan. If perhaps there was any foul play, um as you know, if any shots were fired or if debris was there but unavailed to the huan eye..., then there'd be a trace. It's worth a try. If not, then at least, we tried...Ma'am?"

"Work with Ops and Science Lieutenant. All hands on this." Mountbatten replied.

Kara Straightened up immediately. "Yes ma'am. Permission to leave and get started at once. Any delays could put our command team in further jeopardy and i'd like to minimise those chances in any way I can. Plus I can't just stand around while my dear XO and CO are missing, with all due respect, ma'am."

"Go. I dismiss you all" the Commodore repeated.

Lovejoy turned to her, "Commodore I recommend we go to yellow alert once we clear Deep Space Nines approach and departure vectors. Better to be safe than sorry."

Evelyn nodded and headed for the bridge.



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