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"They took WHAT?"

Posted on Mon Jul 23rd, 2018 @ 8:23am by Captain Phoenix Lalor & Lieutenant Commander Jaeih t'Noramei-McKinley & Commander Gary Taylor & Commander Liselle Qwyyn & Lieutenant Commander Matias Grronkil & Lieutenant Commander Sthilg & Lieutenant Tate Sullivan Ph.D. & Lieutenant Leah Bailey & Lieutenant Commander Arrianna Salannis an Vantar & Lieutenant Wynter

Mission: Season 2: Mission 2: Just Breath
Location: USS Eclipse, Docking port
Timeline: MD 3 Early morning


"Commander Holmes to Ops. Please contact all Elysium personnel, and have them report to the USS Eclipse immediately". She then turned to Gary, "Message passed, crew will be reporting as we speak". She stopped and spoke to the Captain, "I doubt either Styles or Wynter will have not noticed the crew reporting to the Eclipse, you may find them there". She then left with Taylor.

Phoenix didnt leave. She stood silent looking at the screens. And watched as the hijackers got through the firewalls and got what they wanted. Sighing she counted down in her head.


The Crew was assembling. All they had been told was to bring just the basics. No personal items other than clothing. And now they milled around in groups talking in low voices. Dufflebags lay in piles near the walls next to the docking hatch.

Tate reported as directed and dropped her duffel bag where the others lie. It hadn't taken her long to pack, as she wasn't the sort of person to have a lot of personal belongings. A more pressing concern was making sure the crew was as calm and focus as they could be given all the changes that they'd had to endure of late. She spoke quietly to each crewmember who met her eyes, hoping a smile was enough to make up for in part some of the confusion.

Matias was next. He put his duffel bag down and entered.

The gorn arrived next yawning slightly to himself. His duffle bag hung under one shoulder whilst a medical kit hung on the other.

Arri came from Deep Space Nine Ops after ensurng the Ely was evacuated as per orders. Her disciplined mind was busy trying to find some rationale behind why Phoenix would order such an irregular evacuation. Perhaps it was a malfunction in the ship? Perhaps Deep Space Nine's crew knew something she didn't. She was busy running computations.

She exited the turbolifts. "Computer compile the known incidents of complete starship evacuations in the last fifty years. List reasons in percentages." The computer responded "fifty-four percent starship decommissioning, twenty-one percent maintenance, fifteen percent intelligence operations ten percent miscellaneous, nine percent training simulations, one percent other.

Arri's eyebrow raised. "Computer data on USS Eclipse?"

[The eclipse is an intrepid class vessel.] Came the reply.

One of the security officers spoke to the growing crowd. "Your attention please! We've just been informed that senior staff, department heads along with assistants may now enter."

"Excuse me?" Leah shuffled between two much larger officers - one of them a Gorn, of all things - to get towards the front. "I think there's been a mistake, my assignment was the USS Elysium, not the...Eclipse was it?"

Arri spoke up when she heard Leah and spoke. "Your orders are correct." The Alindari said in her usual calm voice. "Apparently, we were ordered off the Elysium, and then ordered to report to the USS Eclipse without any explanation, Lieutenant."

There was silence to that statement

"I suspect this to be an operation by Starfleet Intelligence due to recent research and analysis I have performed. The sudden evacuation and the nature of the ship we've just been assigned to are clues. Furthermore, we're being subjected to the tell-tale 'need to know' theme Starfleet Intelligence is known for when they manipulate people who don't have clearance. Also the ship's name is a clue. 'USS Eclipse.' It positively screams 'spy ship.'" Arrianna mentioned with her arms folded.

"You think to much Arri" the voice of the Elysiums commanding officer cut through the chatter. Phoenix was not dressed in her normal uniform with rank pips. She was in dress whites. Behind her two security officers in black stood their faces stoic. "Ladies and gentlemen lets get aboard shall we? Lets not keep the captain waiting."

Wynter arrived with Jaeih a moment later, just soon enough to hear Arriana. "Arriana don't be silly we don't name our spy ships like this. Besides we use smaller ships which are maneuvaerable, and have cloaking devices, oh and we paint them all black." He said with a grin.

Arri spoke. "You do not need cloaking devices and black paint for a spy ship. All one needs to do is make an important ship look unimportant. You're still making a spy ship look like a spy ship." She mentioned. "I suggest taking a freighter and refitting it. But I suppose the boys in Starfleet Intelligence will always need their toys." She smirked at Wynter.

Jaeih rolled her eyes and sighed. "Don't get him started Arri" She said softly as she watched some crew depart and others head for the hatch.

Phoenix merely stepped up to the hatch way herself. "Keep talking and you will miss the ship." she said.

From beside the hatch, Liselle pushed herself away from the bulkhead, arms folded across her chest. "Now, now. You know I'd never leave without you," she said. "Well. Probably."

Phoenix gave the Commander a smirk. "I know" she said to her best friend. "Now, everyone on board before the Eclipse leaves without us." She waved the crew forward.

Once the crew were on board and the hatches sealed, Phoenix stood just inside the Hatchway and hit the comm. "Captain Lalor to the Bridge. All hatches are sealed. The ship is ready when you are Captain."

Seconds later, a voice came back through her com. "Understood Captain. Please report to the bridge."

"Acknowledged" And Phoenix, her bodyguards in tow headed for the bridge.



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