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Detente, maybe?

Posted on Sun Apr 21st, 2019 @ 5:39pm by Envoy Anje Brett & Cadet Freshman Grade Ludmilla Brett

Mission: Episode 1: Hell is a four letter word
Location: Anje's Quarters
Timeline: immediately after Meet the Commodore

Ludmilla had thought about going to sleep early, or going to check in on Jessica, but had decided, with no lack of urging from their mother, to wait for her sister. The door whooshed open, turning Ludmilla's head as her sister walked in in full dress uniform, "So, still hate that thing?" She laughed.

"You have no idea." Anje replied, quickly removing her jacket and shirt, turning her back to Milla, naturally, as she put on her old USS Bozeman t-shirt. Turning around she said, "It was sweet of you to wait up for me."

"Mom's idea.' Milla answered honestly, "But I'm glad I did. By the way, the whole cloak and dagger thing with changing your shirt was totally unnecessary. Not like I haven't seen your boobs before." She snickered, "Thanks to Talia Strode everything else."

"That bitch." Anje sighed, then laughed, remembering the time Talia, her best friend, had convinced her to go skinny dipping in the backyard pool, "I mean, it wasn't totally her fault, Teddy and Franky Dominicis did steal our clothes, but she should've known better than to invite those two assholes."

"Yeah, I remember." Milla wiped tears from her eyes as she remembered Anje and Talia's walk of shame back to the house. Walk? More like the forty yard dash of shame, "Computer, play 'The Streak.'" Milla ordered.

"Computer, ignore that bitch." Anje countermanded, stopping the song before Ray Stevens even managed a single note.

"What?" Milla laughed even harder, "It wasn't like anyone else saw. Hell, nobody would've known if Teddy and Franky hadn't put your clothes on the auction block at school the next Monday."

Anje took a seat beside her sister on the couch and rubbed her forehead in pain at the memory, "I still hate those guys."

"Oh, you're only mad because Talia's bra drew a higher price than your entire outfit." Milla joked, though it wasn't untrue at all, you could damn near set up housekeeping in Talia's massive cups.

"Yeah, well, least I never painted my hair." Anje fired back, running her hand over Milla's barely there hair, "I actually like this on you. It was just a shock at first."

"Thanks." Milla replied, "And if you really want us to look alike again, offer stands."

"Uh, yeah, no, I couldn't pull that look off." Anje declined, she'd never matched her baby sister in beauty and she knew it, "Not as pretty as you, I'm afraid."

"Oh, bullshit." Milla dismissed her statement, internally cursing Cheline as she did. Once upon a time, before Cheline, Anje had been daring and confident, now she always seemed to feel inferior and unattractive. She realized then she wasn't ever mad at her sister, she was in mourning for the woman Anje used to be before she kissed that rattlesnake. She laid her head on Anje's shoulder, lamenting, "But, truth be told, neither of us are as pretty as Bo."

"Oh, no shit, right?" Anje groaned, their brother Bozeman, or Bo, was ridiculously good looking to the Nth degree; he'd stolen a potential boyfriend from Anje when she was graduating the Academy and he was coming in, "I had no idea Peter was gay..."

"You had no idea you were gay!" Milla chuckled, "Your gaydar sucks, sister. Besides, Pretty Boy Bo probably turned him."

"You know that's not how it works.' Anje laughed, adding, "Though if anybody in the galaxy could..."

Milla yawned and stretched her arms, causing Anje to do the same, "Let's get ready for bed." The younger woman suggested, "Sounds like we both need some rest."

"Right." Anje agreed, following her sister to the bathroom area.

[Five Minutes Later]

Anje, clad in her Bozeman shirt and cloud pajama pants, walked to her bed, finding Milla already in it, "Oh, you want to sleep there?" She stated, then offered, "I can sleep in the other room if you'd like."

"I wouldn't." Milla shook her head, "You remember when I was little, I'd have nightmares..."

"And you'd come sleep with me." Anje nodded, "I'll never forget."

"Well, not talking to you all this time..." Milla started, pausing as she realized she had tears streaming down her face, "Has been a nightmare."

Anje wiped Milla's tears away with a nearby towel, "Well, nightmares always end, and this one is over, too." She said, getting into the bed beside her sister, "Computer, play Milla's Sleep Sounds, file 7-A."

The sounds of a snow storm in the Russian wilderness filled the room as the sisters settled in for sleep at the end of a too long separation, one both vowed would never happen again.


Lt. Cdr. Anje Brett
Chief Ops/Not as Pretty as Her Brother Bo
USS Elysium

Freshman Cadet Ludmilla Brett
Engineering Cadet/Not as Pretty as Bo, Either
USS Elysium Academy


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