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Reporting aboard

Posted on Wed May 1st, 2019 @ 9:49pm by Commander Gary Taylor & Commander Aurelia Holmes & Lieutenant Commander Jason Morris

Mission: MISSION 0 - History Speaks
Location: USS Tempest
Timeline: Before Departure

OOC: Before Departure Post

Jason sat at the table in the crew lounge, drinking his lemonade while waiting for word of his shuttles departure. When he was given his new posting aboard the Elysium he was quite conflicted, the whole reason for him to request a shipboard assignment was to give Alex a little bit of adventure but starfleet decided that he was going to go by himself. 'I hope the ship wont be in danger much, maybe the Captain will let me bring him to the ship.' Now he was sitting in the crew lounge of the USS Tempest being transported to the Elysium without Alex. 'Maybe asking for this assignment was a bad idea.'

Crewman Leats was looking for the guy they would be dropping of on the Elysium, she was told the guy was security and tall but nothing else, this was the third deck she on looking for the guy when he decided he would wait a bit. Grabbing a water she sat down at an empty table behind some random guy. "Where the hell is this prick." Leats said to no one."Hes suppose to be reporting for a new ship but is no where to be found. You'd think he jumped ship." Leats said a bit to loud.

Leaning back a bit Jason understood that the Crewman was talking about him. Standing up Jason took his drink with him as he left the crew lounge and headed down to the shuttle bay. 'Call me a prick huh?' Jason though to himself. He was a bit more then mad at the fact he had to leave Alex with some friends from the academy but somethings just needed to be avenged. Jason walked all the way to the shuttle bay and then proceeded to sit on a near-by crate to see how long the crewman would take to find him.

30 minutes later Crewman Leats walked into the shuttle bay truly convinced that the guy she was looking for was either a myth or was never aboard. She was walking up to his bays officer when she spotted a guy sitting on a crate out of the corner of her eye. Looking at the man who was taller than most others in the bay and wore non starfleet dress uniform. Deciding this might be the guy she was looking for she walked over to the man. "Excuse me sir, are you the security officer transferring to another ship?"

"Yes, I'm transferring to the Elysium." Jason said looking at the crewman.

"Excellent sir, if you would please board Tibetan, it will be leaving in a few minutes." Leats said happy that she finally found the mythical prick. Not waiting another second Leats turned around and left to continue her work.

Jason looked at the Crewman and wondered why she didn't get mad at him. Standing up a little sad that nothing else was said Jason walked over the the shuttle and boarded it waiting for it to take off.

The shuttle pilot looked back at Jason."Alright Lieutenant, we are taking off in a minute, flight time will be just under 5 minutes. Enjoy the view." The pilot turned back around and started to fly the shuttle out of the bay.

The shuttle took off and flew a short but practically straight shoot to the Elysium. Within 3 minutes the shuttle was docking and offloading its cargo. Jason walked out of the ship and into the shuttle bay, taking a look around he pondered what kinda problems he could foresee in the future. Walking out of the bay he turned towards the nearest turbolift and walked into it. "Bridge." He said and waited as the turbolift took off to his requested destination. The turbolift stopped and opened to the bridge. He stepped out of the turbolift and headed for the officer of the watch.

Lia was on the bridge when a stranger entered, she wasn't Officer of the Watch but he was heading for her. "Slow down Lieutenant, you want to tell me why your on board this vessel?" She still wasn't up to scratch physically, so her temper was kinda short.

"I'm looking for the X or the Captain, I'm reporting for duty Commander." Jason said while standing to attention and waiting for her response.

"X? I take it you mean the First Officer Lieutenant, what department are you posted to?" He looked smart, but his way of talking got on Lia's nerves. "As for the Captain, you may have to wait on that. She's busy right now, so Commander Taylor will fill you in".

"I'v been assigned to the security department. Would you please tell me where Commander Taylor is then?"Jason said looking around the bridge for the Commander.

Lia pointed to a door just off the bridge, "That's his office right there, he might be in there or on one of the holodecks training. I will see you once you've reported on board, I'll be in the Security Office".

"Yes Commander." Jason said as he stood waiting for the commander to dismiss him. He got the feeling things were not okay with her and he didn't want to get on her bad side right now.

Lia had returned to her computer screen to continue her updates with the Security files, when she became aware that the Lieutenant hadn't gone. She now looked back at him, "Dismissed Lieutenant, in short go find the XO". She had to admit, he was a canny bugger. Anyone else would have just left, but he waited that was one point in his favour.

At that time. Gary returned to the bridge exiting his ready room. He saw Lia talking with an officer he hadn't seen before and she looked pissed off. "Problem Commander?" He inquired politely figuring it was the best way to approach Lia especially considering what she had just been through.

"No Commander, but this one's for you. Seems this Officer is reporting aboard, the Captain's busy so looks like your up". Lia looked towards the new Officer, "Well Lieutenant looks like you've found the XO, I'll see you later no doubt in the Security Office". She now returned to her updates, strangely it calmed her down. And she needed to calm down, she had a journey to go on.

"Ah well." Garry nodded, "Here I am, now what can I do for you Lieutenant?"

A little on edge with the way the Commander spoke to him Jason turned towards the executive officer. "Lieutenant Jason Morris requesting permission to come aboard and reporting for duty, Sir." Jason said extending his hand that held a PADD with his jacket ready to be read.

Gary took the offered PaDD and read over it.. "Stand at ease Mr. Morris." as he continued to read. "I see you met Commander Holmes your department chief." As Gary finished reading he looked at Morris, "Welcome aboard the Elysium Lieutenant. We're a fairly easy group to get along with. Go find your quarters, get something to eat and then you can check the duty roster for your department so you know when to show up."

"Aye Sir." Jason said taking a step back and turning around. He walked off the bridge and into the turbolift.


Commander Lia Holmes
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Elysium

Lieutenant Jason Morris
Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Elysium

Commander Gary Taylor
Executive Officer
USS Elysium


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