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Posted on Fri Apr 19th, 2019 @ 11:38am by Lieutenant Commander Gallia Norris & Lieutenant Kara Hoffman

Mission: Episode 1: Hell is a four letter word
Location: Kara and Gallia's Shared quarters
Timeline: Present

Kara had thought it over, long and hard. She had planned out, exactly what to say. She sat, awaiting Gallia to come home. Cradling Tayalas, who cooed happily. Grasping at the bottle Kara held. ~Well Tay, you're mum Is about to find out a secret even I didn't know, until just a few days ago...I hope she understands.~ Kara frowned, a little worried about the up-coming conversation of her recently discovered birthplace.

Gallia was not in her best recent mood. She wasn't quite 'Dunphy got away' mad, but she was far from 'Tayalas said her first words' happy, several quadrants away, in fact. She lowered her head and forced on a happy face, determined not to bring her irritation at work to their home. Once she felt sufficiently right to step inside, she came through with a smile, "I'm home!"

Kara was sitting at the dinner table, holding the medical report from the Chief Medical officer. She knew eventually she'd have to tell Gallia, about what they had discovered. She smiled as Gallia entered, only too well aware of course that it wasn't the easiest of times, for either of them right now. However she couldn't put this off any longer. "Welcome home babe. Just got Tay to settle to sleep about twenty minutes or so." She mentioned. "Look, I said I'd always be open, and honest with you. You might want to, sit down cause I bloody had to when i found out." She had a very serious expression, one she had not shown Gallia, outside of Main Engineering.

This was not the Kara that Gallia knew, definitely not at home, something was very wrong here, "Okay, so tell me what's goin' on?" She asked, worried that Kara might be about to break off their engagement, "If there's somethin' wrong, we can fix it."

Kara shook her head. "You cannae fix biology, have a look..." She handed the medical report to Gallia. The report detailed, the Doctor's examination. The discovery of surgery to shave Klingon forehead ridges and adaptations to her bone structure. The D.N.A sequences once they had been revealed and unscrambled by the expert C.M.O, showed Kara was half Klingon, Half human.

"Bloody hell." Gallia swore, "Guess I better get down to sickbay and fix that bloody diagnostic machine, this cannae be right. Might ask Anje to send someone down, too, see if it's in the software."

Kara shook her head. "Gallia, there's nothing wrong with the medical equipment." She said simply. "I have been very reluctant to go onto DS9 since we arrived. My Klingon mother is already here, waiting to meet with me to discuss going back to the Klingon home world for some kind of political problem, that I can help with. I'm sorry but this is absolutely real. I'm a half Klingon, half human, all Scottish hybrid. I wonder if there's ever been anyone like that before now..." She mused, smiling.

"Are ya sure this isnae a scam of some sort?" Gallia asked, this was a LOT to digest, "And my brother, he's Vulcan, full Scot, so it's possible. Possible, I say, not probable." She stood for a second, getting a bottle of scotch from their cabinet and pouring them both two fingers, "So, when do we meet my alleged future mother in law?"

"I sort of, didnae want to leave the ship. After talking it over with Estelle I realise I have to meet her. The safest, easiest and smartest move, is to have a discussion onboard the Elysium. If it is a scam, they'll most certainly refuse, to put themselves into potential danger if discovered by being on a Starfleet ship. Plus Commander Taylor, you now, Estelle and the Medical Staff are aware of my original Heritage. I have alot of support to back up whatever decision I make." Kara explained, watching as Gallia poured the Whiskey.

"Charles sent this to me when he was last in Aberdeen." Gallia stated, slugging her drink down like it was water, "And I think Estelle's right, meeting them here is the best course of action. If it is a scam, which I think it is, then they'll bugger off when we try to get them aboard. If it's on the up and up, then at least we got the advantage of our home pitch." She poured herself another drink, "Either way, we'll get past this."

Kara smiled. "Of course we'll get through whatever happens. I just needed to be honest with what I know so far. I'd be glad if you could be there with me. I'll need your support."

"Where else would I be?" Gallia laughed, sipping the Scotch slowly this time, "Nah, they're tryin' somethin' on one a us, they're dealin' with both a us."

"What would I do without ya'..." Said Kara, as she moved in to embrace Gallia in a light hug, looking over her shoulder to Tayalas, who slept peacefully in her crib. "We'll get through this."


Lt. Kara Hoffman
Chief Engineer, USS Elysium

Lt. JG Gallia Norris
Engineering Officer, USS Elysium

Tayalas Norris


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