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Finally Home

Posted on Sun Apr 7th, 2019 @ 7:28pm by Lieutenant Kara Hoffman & Lieutenant Commander Gallia Norris

Mission: MISSION 0 - History Speaks
Location: Kara and Gallia's Quarters
Timeline: after return from Cortic VI

It had possibly been the longest few days of Gallia's life that hadn't involved some member of the immediate family dying unexpectedly. The mission on Cortic felt like it had gone on for months and the ending was, to say the least, not completely satisfying. She was exhausted, hungry, dirty, and angry that she'd had to watch that scumbag Dunphy escape justice, but she had a feeling there was something on the other side of the door that would make things better for her. Placing her thumb on the lock, the door whooshed open, admitting her to her home, not her tent, her home for the first time in what felt like ages. She looked around for Kara and Tayalas, finding Tayalas fast asleep in that fancy crib Estelle had made for her, no doubt Kara was in the bathroom or something and would be there in a minute. With that in mind, Gallia slid her boots off and took a seat in the chair alongside Tayalas' crib, listening to the baby's peaceful breathing and wondering what she was dreaming of.

Kara emerged from the bathroom, wrapped in her towel. With a loving toothy grin, she dropped her arms. Moving over to where Gallia was, as quiet as she could and wrapped her arms around her fiance kissing her neck. "I've missed you. I've heard you've had quite a rough time."

"Aye." Gallia nodded, "The bastard got away." She shook her head and leaned on Kara, "I just wanna forget it for now, love." She wanted to, but she couldn't. She remembered his threats towards Julia and her family, if something happened to them, it was her fault. Should've pulled the damn trigger...

Kara kissed the back of Gallia's head and rubbed her arms lightly. "Just take it easy my dear. Let me get my pyjama's on... would you like a cup of tea, to settle you?" Kara asked.

"No, thank you though." Gallia answered, "What I'd like is a nice shower, maybe a glass of water, and to change up and get in bed with you." She took off her jacket and pointed to Tay, "I take it she's been sleeping well."

Kara nodded. "Yes, she's been an angel as always, no problems." Kara pulled up her hair, drying it with her towel, and wrapping it. "I am so exhausted."

"Tell me something, love." Gallia began as she got together a towel and cloth for her shower, "Do you think you could kill someone? I mean, if you weren't sure they were an immediate threat, but knew they had been and were going to be again?"

Kara stopped, caught off-guard by such a question. ~Gallia, just what the hell happened to you...~ She thought. Her eyes lowered to the floor, as she sat on the edge of the bed. "Well..." She began. "To be honest... probably not, no. Even if my life was in danger, even then I'm not entirely sure i'd be able to, unless you or Tay were in danger. It's strange but, I like to believe all life forms and creatures, can eventually come to understand each other through talking and peaceful communication. So... could i stab someone, or shoot someone in such a position? No. I'd always hold out hope and give them every opportunity at redemption, even if that meant I'd die. I suppose, it's just who I am. No matter if someone was once a murderer, even a person like that can change. This much has been proven over the centuries. That even the most diabolical people, do what they do, because perhaps their view of the world is skewed or darkened...mis-shapen. There's always a chance to help someone change...I will always take that chance, and hold out my hand to help others, i'd never just shoot first. I'd never be able to live with myself."

"I had him in my sights." Gallia began, sitting back down beside Kara, "Quinton Dunphy. The man who kidnapped Liorga, the man who swore to track us all down after he was free and kill us and everyone we love. I had him, all I had to do was pull the trigger and it would all be over. Now, now I've got to look for him in every shadow, not to mention hoping he doesn't go back for the others. Julia, the doctor who helped Estelle with the waves of wounded, he knew about her husband, her child, threatened them in front of me. Anje, too. And me. So by extension you and Tayalas are now in danger as well. All of this could've been avoided if I'd just pulled the bloody trigger, but I didn't even try. I didnae want to be the 'bad guy' so I took him prisoner. Now he's free out there somewhere, and I don't know where, nobody does, and we're all in danger. An' I cannae help feelin' it's all my fault for bein' weak."

Standing again she began to pace a bit, "I mean, did I endanger our family and friends because I didnae want to do somethin' unpleasant? I knew it was necessary, an' I didnae pull the bloody trigger. What if he goes after Liorga again? Maybe he even kills Estelle. Then I've sacrificed my best friend..." There were, of course, bigger concerns for Gallia than even Estelle's safety right there in that room, but she didn't want to even think about them; the idea of losing either Kara or Tay was simply too horrific to indulge.

A long sigh came from Kara as she stood up, and embraced Gallia with all the love in her heart. ~Gallia, if ever you can feel what I feel, I hope it's right now.~ "Listen." Kara began. "I'm so proud of you. Because, if you had pulled that trigger I'm not sure we'd be the same. I'm not sure how I'd feel. Unless you yourself were about to die, then It's never worth killing. I'm not sure, you could easily live with it either. To simply justify it as removing one bad person from the universe as a good deed, right? You are not a coward, I know that better than anyone Gallia. Stop beating yourself up so much. Sometimes, there's just nothing we can do. Frankly, I think the bravest thing you did, was to NOT kill him. Now, perhaps he has a chance to change his ways." She sighed. Holding Gallia's shoulders tightly, looking her in the eyes warmly. "Now if he takes that opportunity, or not...who can say. However at least we've given him the chance to. Sometimes, at the end of the day that's all we can do; not to mention Starfleet doesn't exist to simply kill people who cause problems and move right on... I cannot say for certain, whether or not he'll come back. All I do know is, it'd drive someone crazy to worry about such things. I'm here to protect you and if he does come back, this time I'll be able to step in, whereas I couldnae last time. Nobody, will touch you, or my friends again. I'm proud o' ye love. I really, truly am. I also believe that the captain and commander Taylor would have no option, but to read you the so called riot act if you HAD killed him. As I said, Starfleet doesn't exactly take killing lightly... Your not weak Gallia. You were strong. I'm proud of you. I don't know what the hell went on down on that planet, but perhaps you need to talk it through, with a counsellor sweetheart? If such a burden is going to weigh so heavily on you, it can cause stress, difficult emotions and feelings that can make day to day life almost impossible if we let them."

"You've no idea." Gallia shook her head, "And I'm glad you don't know what it was like, it... it wasn't pretty. I just... he sat there like he somehow knew he was going to be freed by someone, told Julia he knew where she lived, knew about her family, told her he was coming for them, and now he's out there and capable of doin' just that...."

Gallia took her towel and cloth and smiled, "I'm sure I'll feel better after a shower and a night in my own bed. Maybe that'll settle my nerves. Besides, he probably hauled ass for the bad lands as quick as he got sprung. I mean, man would be a fool to stick around after that, it's just too hot, right?"

"Yeah. He'd be insane to stick around. He'll slink back under a rock somewhere, hopefully to stay there. I hope Starfleet keeps an eye on the people on the planet, after all of this."

'If it doesna go up like Praxis did..." Gallia sighed, the realisation that the problems for that planet, all those people, still weren't over tore at her heart, though it did have the unintended benefit of making one Quinton Dunphy seem like small potatoes. She gave herself the once over, including a surreptitious sniff test, realising she didn't stink and wasn't too dirty, "Ya know what, I'll wash my face and brush my teeth, wait to take that shower in the morning. All I really want to do is get back in my bed with you, see how much that helps. What do you think?"

Kara smiled meekly. ~Aye... that planet, has some major issues. I hope they find a way to stabilise it before...~ Kara shook off her thoughts, if she continued that train, she'd never get any sleep and be exhausted for tomorrow's early shift. "Aye, sounds fine to me love. I'll keep you safe, dinnae worry."

"Not worried one bit." Gallia said honestly, home had that effect on her. Washing her face and brushing her teeth quickly, she slid into her soccer shorts and t-shirt, cuddling up beside Kara, "Very safe here." She drifted off to sleep quickly in Kara's arms, Tayalas' breathing soothing her to slumber.

Kara held Gallia lightly, but with a protective purpose. She whispered. "I love you Gallia, I love you Tay. You two are my...two guiding stars. I'll protect you both for always, I'll never leave you, I swear." Closing her eyes, breathing softly Kara also soon fell asleep beside her fiance.

Lieutenant JG Gallia Norris
Engineering Officer, USS Elysium

Tayalas Norris
Cutest Daughter ever, USS Elysium

Lieutenant Kara Hoffman
Chief Engineering Officer, USS Elysium


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