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A small issue with the door

Posted on Thu May 9th, 2019 @ 9:01pm by Lieutenant Kara Hoffman & Lieutenant JG S'hib

Mission: MISSION 0 - History Speaks
Location: Deck 22 - Crew Quarters
Timeline: During Shoreleave

Deck twenty two was unsurprisingly quiet, with nearly everyone on deep space nine enjoying time away from the endless corridors, non of which stayed perfectly straight, creating the illusion that the ship just went on forever.

It also meant S’hibs hooves and a gentle whistle from
his lips echoed down the corridor. “One of these must be mine...” He muttered softly, adjusting the bags over his shoulder before continuing to whistle, glancing at the names engraved onto a small sign next to every door.

“Ah, thats probably the one.” he remarked as he looked at a door with several boxes stacked outside, almost forgetting he had his personal belongings sent to the station ahead of time.

“Did i really bring this much?” he questioned himself as he chimed the door, glancing at the boxes on either side of him as the door started opening, only to stop immediately with a slight thunk, leaving it slightly ajar. “Really?” S’hib sighed as he dropped his bags to the floor and slid his fingers into the gap, pulling at the right door panel with his full body weight behind it, heaving the door open until he could fit inbetween the two sides.

Pausing for a moment as he shimmed inside S’hib tapped his comm badge and then placed a single hoof on the frame of the door as he began to push it further open.

=/\=Ensign S’hib to anyone in engineering, I would like to report a small fault with my door.=/\=

Kara was quietly taking apart pieces of a power conduit, when she heard the call through her comm-badge. Placing her tricorder onto the desk, she tapped her comm-badge, flicking her ponytail behind her head and looking around for where she left her uniform jacket. =A= Lieutenant Hoffman here, Ensign. You're having problems with your door? Where are you, and what is this problem exactly? =A=

=/\=Im on deck 22,=/\= S’hib grunted as he pushed the stubborn door fully inside the wall alcoves. =/\=I just had to open it manually.=/\= S’hib sighed as he started dragging his things inside, thankful that at least the lights worked.

=A= Very well Ensign. I'm on my way to come and take a look at your door. Hang tight.=A= Kara replied, heading out from Engineering. A welcome distractio, her work with her newest project had drained her so she needed a break.

Guessing that with a skeleton crew onboard his door would be low priority, S’hib figured he probably had a fair bit of time to kill before anyone from engineering would arrive. “Guess ill make myself at home... with the door open.” He said frowning as he looked around the small but nice quarters he had been given, Deep space nine taking up the majority of the view out of his window

Now inside however he was glad he had brought everything that he did. As nice as the room was, it was very sterile and devoid of any personality aside from a small potted plant, sat on a desk looking rather lonely.

“I’ll get you some friends soon.” He quipped as he got downon his knees and began to unclip the latches on the small rectangular crates, removing various items and placing them around his room.

old style paper books and an assortment of ornate sculptures filled his desk as he decided where to put them.

“Wonder if i can request more shelves.” He pondered, looking around the room before shuffling over to a large but relatively flat box and unclipped the locks, pealing the lid away and placing it against the wall before looking back at the rather scruffy guitar inside, its dark varnished finish blemished and faded all over despite the very protective case it was sat snuggly inside, the shock absorbing foam looking very over qualified for its job.

“May you find your song amongst the stars.” S’hib snorted, quoting what had been scribbled on the face of the guitar along with several other hand written messages from his friends at the academy. “Somehow you all managed to make it look worse.” He joked as he lifted it out of the crate and slowly walked to his bed, sitting down and adjusting the strings until they played the correct notes

“Hope you’re all finding your own songs as well.” He said softly looking out of his window at deep space nine, tapping a hoof on the floor as he started to play several notes, trying to find a song to slip into.

As Kara exited the turbolift on deck 22, she heard the distinct sound of a guitar, and a wonderful voice, singing a melodious song. ~Is that...~ She approached slow and peeked her head round the door to listen in, trying her best not to be spotted as she listened. She smiled, and decided to wait for a little bit before disturbing S'hib, not wanting to ruin his creative mood. She sat outside to the left of the room, her back against the wall. Placing her toolkit carefully onto her lap, enjoying the music. ~He might be too shy to sing or play in front of others, I should give him this time.~

“My friends and family they don't understand...They fear they'd lose so much, If you’d take my hand...” S’hib sang softly, as he raised of the bed and began slowly walking through his quarters, looking at the various half unpacked things he had around him.

“But, for you.. Yoooou, you.. Yooou I'd leave it all.” S’hib continued, stopping briefly as he tapped the guitar with his fingers, keeping to the same tempo as he looked out towards Deep space nine and took a short inhale. “But for you.. Yooou, you... Yooou i’d lose it all.”

Turning around and starting to flick his fingers across the guitar strings once more S’hib looked around at his still open door, pausing ever so briefly before discarding his thoughts and startinf to sing once more, elevatinf his vocals as he closed his eyes. “Give me one good reason why I should never make a chaange... Oh baby if you hold me then all of this will Go away..

Give me one good reason why I should never make a chaaannge...... Ohhh baby if you hold me then all of this will Go awaaaaay!”

Dropping his head down slightly and calming his voice S’hib said the last part of the song while walking to the door, unbeknownst he already had company. “My house in Budapest my hidden treasure chest, Golden grand piano, My beautiful castillo You Yoooou, You yooou I'd leave it all.

Oh, for you Yooou I’d ...” S’hib finished abruptly, seeing part of someones leg as he neared the door. “H-how long have you been there.” He asked with nervous snort, as he leant around the doorframe, looked down and then quickly slinked back into his quarters feeling slightly flustered.

Kara stood up slowly. Picking up her toolkit, she walked to the door. "May i enter?" She asked quietly.

“Ofcourse.” S’hib said, clearing his throat before gently placing the guitar down on his desk. “Can i get you a drink or anything?” He added, adjusting his uniform while turning to face Hoffman.

Kara stepped inside, looking over to the guitar. Raising her hand, smiling. "No, thank you. It's fine." She set down her toolkit. "So, how long have you played?"

Smiling as if remembering an old joke S’hib looked back at the guitar briefly before glancing back at Hoffman. “i started about four years ago...It was a few months into the third year of the academy, I was out with a few close friends from my class, we had been drinking.” S’hib sighed, thinking back to how ridiculous a night it was.

“As usual i was roped into doing something i didnt really understand, but apparently when you look like an animal that is associated with something called a cowboy.” S’hib snorted, giving hoffman a look that showed his amusement at it all, or lack thereof. “And you drunkingly sing certain songs, everyone finds it hilarious.” He added, walking back over to the guitar and grabbing it by the neck.

“I was given this,” He said shaking the guitar slightly. “the following week as a continuation of the joke, So i learnt how to play just to spite everyone.” S’hib laughed before putting the guitar back down on the desk.

Kara listened intently, as S'hib told his story. "I get it. I understand, you're quite good y'know. I'm sorry about eavesdropping but, I didn't want to disturb your creativity. Plus, your a good singer." Kara smiled. "Now then, let's have a look at this bloody door of yours, shall we?" She picked up her toolkit, and turned to the door. Tapping the console on the wall, the panel seemed to have no power. "Huh..." She exclaimed. "No power...?" Opening her toolkit, she took out a Sonic driver and activated it, undoing the seal on the panel, she removed it, placing it onto the floor, revealing the inner wiring of the panel. "Let's see here now..." Taking out the Sub-Micron scanner, she poked it, onto the power conduit inside the door panel and began testing it. "Yes, i see, some sort of short circuit..." Taking out her Optronic Coupler, she began to remove the damaged conduit, carefully taking the damaged conduit out and placing it onto the floor. Bending down she placed her tools back into the toolkit, picking up the ODN recoupler and her tri-corder to diagnose any Optical Data faults within the panels ODN network. She worked for about a further ten minutes, before she sighed relief. "I see.... no Damage to the ODN, which means if I replace the conduit, you should have a working door again Ensign. I'll head down to engineering and replicate the new replacement."

“Thank you Lieutenant, I should probably stay here until you get back what with... the whole door not working.” S’hib said with an awkward smile, running a hand through his mane and onto the back of his neck. ~Why am i so awkard~ He thought to himself

Kara laughed a little. "Yes, that might be a good idea. I don't wish for you to have any problems, should the door close for some reason and neither You or I can get in without use of force." Kara explained diplomatically. "It'll take about twenty minutes or so for the new conduit to be ready it's not a simple process to replace this delicate type of conduit line y'see." Kara left her toolkit, placing down the ODN recoupler and holstering her Tricorder into her waist belt. She picked up the damaged conduit and headed into the turbolift. "Main Engineering." The doors closed and she was soon in main engineering where she began programming into the replicator the specifications, for a new conduit line to replace the damaged one.

After watching Kara leave S’hib let out an audible sigh, walked over to his broken door and leaned out, looking down each end of the corridor. “Guess ill keep unpacking i suppose.” He mumbled to himself as he pulled away from the door frame and turned around, moving to the nearest box of belongings

Kara pulled out the new conduit line, from the engineering replicator and inspected it closely. ~Seems to be perfect, good as new~. She soon made it back up to Ensign S'hibs' Quarters. Appearing in the doorway with the new conduit in hand. "I return Ensign, with a new conduit. Your door will work as good as new in no time." Kara stepped in, and began to install the conduit line to replace the old one she had removed."

“Thank you Lieutenant. I’m sure there are more pressing matters around the ship that require your attention so i do really appreciate you taking the time to fix my door so quickly.” S’hib said a he unfurled a long and ornately stitched rug onto the floor, It didn't really match the room but he hoped that would change once he added more life to its bland walls.

"Not at all ensign. I'm an Engineer, I fix things. Plus I dislike the idea of you being locked out, or having your door open 24/7. I'm glad you asked for help. Believe it or not, I had a similar issue while i was at the academy, and I was too shy to ask for help." Kara spoke, a sense of nostalgia in her tone, as she clamped the conduit into place, bringing up a sealing tool, to affix it into the network.

“Is that why you decided to be an engineer? So you wouldn’t have to ask anyone for help.” S’hib playfully, a half laugh half snort leaving his muzzle.

"No. Not at all infact. I grew up in a wealthy area of Edinburgh. My parents were all set to have me combine their tailoring and crafting businesses together through me. However, from an early age, I displayed an aptitude toward machines and circuits. I'd often hide project of mine under my bed, or in the cup-boards. My mother found out about it eventually, she suggested I go down the engineering route. Knowing I wouldn't be happy sewing dresses or crafting rings. She knew what was best for me" Kara explained, finishing the repair. "All sorted. " Kara stood back, and tapped in a few commands into the wall console. The door closed, and opened at her command. "Computer, set this door to Ensign S'hibs' voice command only." She whispered to him. "Set a password, speak it aloud and the computer will only open the door for you, when you tell it the passcode you have set."

Walking over to the door and standing beside Kara S’hib simply looked at the control panel before leaning forward slightly. “Olpul.” He said with a deep gruff in his native tongue as the computer chirped in acknowledgment

Kara smiled and nodded to S'hib. "That is that. Your door is now fixed, good sir." She exaggerated a bow. "I'm glad i could be of assistance."

Rubbing behind his head with one hand S'hib let out a small chuckle at the bow before extending out his other hand. "Thank you, again.. You have really made me feel welcome." He said awkardly. "I'll try not to break anything else."

"Don't mention it, but this wasn't your fault so relax, ok?" Kara packed away her tools after she had set the wall panel back into place. "Anytime you need a helpin' hand, I'll be there. It's what friends and comrades are for. We're all basically family anyways, since we're all the Elysiums children." Kara smiled. ~That's wierd, since when did I start talking so philosophically....ahwell~

"Well I hope the rest of your shift tonight goes well, Lieutenant." S'hib said with a deep nod of his head. "Once again, thank you."


Lieutenant Kara Hoffman
Chief Engineer

Ensign S'hib
Security Officer


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