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All with the best intentions

Posted on Mon Apr 22nd, 2019 @ 12:42am by Lieutenant Kara Hoffman & Captain Phoenix Lalor & Commander Gary Taylor & Lieutenant Carter Smith

Mission: Episode 1: Hell is a four letter word
Location: USS Elysium - Engineering
Timeline: Present

Kara sighed, sitting in her office in Engineering. The terminal in front of her displayed the shield generator configurations. She had something on her mind, that needed to be addressed. She tapped her comm-badge. =A= Lieutenant Kara Hoffman to Captain Phoenix, Commander Taylor and Lieutenant Smith. Can you please join me in Engineering. I have something I need to discuss with you all.=A=

In his office, Gary heard Kara's summons. He tapped his combadge and replied. =^= I'm on my Lieutenant. See you shortly.=^= As he finished his conversation, he wondered what was going on in Engineering that Kara needed to see them there. He shook his head, rose from his seat and headed for Engineering. He would find out soon enough.

Smith, who was in Main Engineering, tapped his commbadge. =^=Acknowledged.=6= And then he headed to the office and activated the chime.

Kara was pouring over data, so engrossed, that she almost did not hear the chime at all. Her office had been locked for several days now. "Come in" She said. She looked like she hadn't slept in a few days, her usually immaculate ponytail was looking bedraggled and needed to be retied. However this project had kept Kara too busy. Several empty cups of coffee sat on her desk, along with a mountain of padds. She looked up from the screens to see her assistant. "Hi lieutenant. I'm waiting on the Captain and the commander too. Sorry to drag you away from your leave like this."

Smith nodded, "Of course, chief.", then sat down on one of the chairs.

Gary arrived at her office next. Entering he saw Smith and Kara. He saw the mountain of PaDDs along with several empty coffee cups scattered across her desk looking like empty soldiers. His eyes went to her. "Kara? What is going on?"

"Commander." She smiled, as she saw him. "I'm glad you came, thank you. I'll wait for the Captain, before i explain whats going on, is that alright?"

He nodded, "Of course it is. No sense in repeating yourself." He agreed.

Kara nodded and lowered her head once more, to continue examining the information being displayed on the screen, tapping commands fervishly into her console. Muttering to herself, as she did so. "Power requirements...yes. 400...right... no wait, 450... that's doable, with some tweaks perhaps." Her voice trailed off.

Smith was concerned about the chief, she seemed to be having problems with something. "Chief, anything I can help you with?"

Kara looked up, opened her mouth to speak, but then stopped herself. She frowned, sighing. "I said I would await the captain, but, perhaps I should begin explaining, and I can recap once the Captain arrives. "She stood up, moving the chair away from the console. Tapping a few commands, the screen on the wall behind her, displayed the technical specifications for a Prototype shield generator. "This Gentlemen, is the Sornis shield amplification generator." She sighed. "About two years ago or so, on the planet Sornis three, in the Beta Sector. A genius mathematician and engineer, developed a new way, for shield harmonics and generation to work. The theory, as it was at the time just a simple theory, was called the Sornis theory. Simply put, It allows a much higher density fractal multi-phasic shield, to be affected over anything you wish. A planet, a comet, a station, a ship or into a smaller portable device that, in theory ground troops and soldiers, could set up portable shielded bunkers if they came under fire. The idea was fantastic, however the first few prototypes failed to meet Starfleet specifications. Simply because, Sornis three and it's surrounding systems, did not contain the wealth of resources that our sector does, and Starfleet were unwilling to fund the prototype research due to other complications. So the project fell apart, and was buried." Kara turned and nodded to the screen behind her, picking up a cup of coffee from the table, and taking a sip. "This, is my version. It's a project I've been working on. With the increased power, from my warp core tweaks, in theory, we should be able to increase our defensive strength, by a factor of nearly 3, with this device. Before i submitted it to the Starfleet Engineering and research department. I wanted you all to weigh in on what you think. I also, wanted to ask, if the Elysium could be the ship, to undergo the generator's tests, if Starfleet do agree and allow me to construct the prototype." She sighed Looking between the both of them, picking up several padds. "Most of the data can be found on these padds, and some in the computer database. Have a look, tell me what you both think."

Carter looked at the screen and picked up some padds and started reading. We would read, then move closer to the screen and check a part of the equation, then back to the padds, then back to the screen...again and again. Finally he looked up, "It could work."

Gary didn't answer, he was looking over the PaDD and taking in the figures Kara had mentioned. When he had finished he looked at her and spoke, "Very interesting Kara. I have a few questions, while increasing our defensive strength is welcomed what or our offensive capabilities? There has to be a drop off. Also what about our maneuverability? We're already not that nimble."

Kara smiled, and nodded. "Your right of course, there were drawbacks. at least, there were. The biggest drawback, was that we'd lose up to or close to 5% full weapon power, if the shields were at maximum capacity. However, with the adjustments both to the warp core and to the generator itself, i believe that I can ensure a 0.57% loss of power, within acceptable tolerance for standard star fleet shield systems. As for manoeuvrability. There would be no changes. I have detailed these findings in this report." She tapped the console a few times, and her detailed report appeared onscreen for them to see the evidence for themselves. I've also tested this design, on the holo-deck, and have evidence, to prove that it might be at least worth a test run. However the Captain and you are the ones to make that decision."

Gary looked at the PaDD again and then back to Kara, "You are the engineer Kara if you and your team can pull this off I'm all for it. However I feel that there are going to be some problems with the power distribution grid as well as the power consumption."

She nodded. " I must admit, we won't really know the challenges, fully anyways. Until we build, install and test the system. However, i have a great confidence, in what we've come up with so far. I really do believe we can improve The Elysium, perhaps all ships within the federation with this technology. However, as i said, we won't know until we test it."

The door opened and Phoenix raced in. "Sorry" she said as she did so. "So sorry Lieutenant!"

Carter stood up when the captain entered the room.

Kara turned, to see the Captain arrive. "It's quite alright Captain. Are you well, i hope?" Kara asked with a sincere tone.

"Yes, so sorry, had some ... things to wrap up with the Commodore."

Kara took a sharp inhalation of breath, pursing her lips together as her fist clenched just a little. "Oh, I see." Letting the stress wash free from herself as best as she could manage, she smiled. "I'm sure all Is well with our "honoured" guest?" She wasn't one for sarcasm, but she made quotations with her hands, shaking her head.

"Well Captain, I was just explaining to the Commander and lieutenant smith of the pet project I and a select few of the engineering team have been working on for the past few months. I'll save all of the boring details and jargon, I thought you might have appreciated a watered down explanation. Without the technical jargon that goes into a more...formal report." Kara narrowed her eyes as she studied the Padd's that were scattered across the desk, before muttering and sifting through them to pick one out. She nodded and handed it to Phoenix.

"Aye, that'll pretty much sum it aw up, should be'an easy read too...min' you, i've nae really bin' tae sleep for a wee whileh, so forgiv' ony mistake's an a' 'at, ken fit at's ah like Cap'n." Kara smiled wide, without really realising it, the lack of sleep must have triggered something, her Scottish accent became stronger. "Och, Dinnae min' ah 'is, 'appens if a' git tae muchl'd ken." She laughed and shook her head, stumbling a little and catching herself barely on the seat in-front of her. It seems lack of sleep, caused her to experience a similar sensation as being intoxicated.

Phoenix nodded. She took a moment to read the Padd. "Very well. You have the go ahead."

Kara stared at the her Captain. She hadn't actually expected Phoenix to agree. "Oh." She looked around the room for a moment. "Cap'n. Thank you!" Came her outburst. "Ye' won't regret it, I promise!"

Gary stood in silence as Phoenix made her decision. Now it was up to Kara and her engineering team to see if they could deliver.

"Well." Kara smiled. "It's time I was honest. I've already constructed the prototype. I had it beamed to DS9 in secret when we first arrived. I'll submit all of the correct files to Starfleet for approval, but I don't think they'll have any issues with a field test. the Prototype still needs a few tweaks, but I believe in a week or so, we'll be ready to hook it up and give it a go." Kara explained. "If all goes well, this new tech will go a long way to aiding not just us, but thousands of other ships, from science vessels to Dilithium freighters in the federation."

Phoenix smiled. "That's fine Lieutenant. We trust you. Just keep doing what you are doing ok?"

Kara smiled wide and saluted. "Aye ma'am. You bet."


Captain Phoenix Lalor
C.O, USS Elysium

Commander Gary Taylor
X.O, USS Elysium

Lieutenant Kara Hoffman
C.E.O, USS Elysium

Lieutenant JG Carter Smith
A.C.E.O, USS Elysium


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