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With Rebellious Intent...(PART 1)

Posted on Mon Mar 18th, 2019 @ 6:48am by Lieutenant Kara Hoffman & Commander Gary Taylor

Mission: Episode 1: Hell is a four letter word
Location: USS Elysium
Timeline: Present

ON - "Because I said so heh" - K

Kara jumped out of the turbolift onto the Bridge. It was one of her three days off for the next month probably and so she was going to take advantage of it. She looked around quickly as the bridge officers stared at her curiously. Her usual pristine Starfleet uniform had been replaced, with black leather attire. She was wearing a leather bomber jacket, decorated with metal studs and patchwork art. Her hair, usually tied into an immaculate ponytail, was styled into a mohawk, and she wore a black leather collar around her neck with metal studs. The Captain was indeed present, luckily for Kara however, seemed pre-occupied.

She quickly hopped back into the turbolift, realising that the Commander wasn't on-duty, so he'd be in his quarters. "Commander Taylor's personal Quarters" She said, as the Turbolift took her to her destination. She hopped out and ran down the corridor. Passing by fellow officers who turned to stare at her, some even laughing at her wild appearance. However today she didn't care. Arriving at his Quarters, Kara pressed the chime. Bouncing up and down on her heels impatiently awaiting a response. "Come on, come on..."

Gary was listening to some 20th century rock and roll when he heard the chime of his door. Wondering who could be coming to see him, he got up off the couch and went to the door. As it slid open his eyes went wide as he saw Kara standing there dressed like he had never seen her. "Well, this is different. The new uniform for Engineers?" He inquired as he motioned her inside and waited to hear her answer.

Kara smiled with a devilish charm, as she strutted her way in. She took a cigarette from behind her ear, and a lighter, lighting it and taking a puff. "Well commander, you're gonna be coming with me today. I've found something fun for us to do, I need your help with a holo-program I just found in one of the old databases. Trust me, you're gonna love it." She took another puff of her cigarette, as tobacco smoke rose from her mouth has she exhaled. "Don't just stand there commander, today I don't take orders from anyone, so ask the replicator for Taylor Leather 1 and let's fucking go!"

Gary was impressed with Kara's confidence and brashness, it was unexpected and refeshing. He nodded and walked over to the replicator. "Taylor Leather 1." An instants later, Black steel toed boots,with black pants, and open v neck t-shirt shirt and a black leather jacketlike Kara's along with a New York Yankee baseball cap and a couple of gold chains appeared. "I'm suppose to wear this?" He asked her.

Kara nodded, taking another inhale from her cigarette. "You'll look great. A perfect outfit, for where we're going. New york, 21st Century. This Holo-program, the author's information was too degraded, so I don't know who created it. However it's incredible. I've recreated parts of it that were unrecoverable, to the best of my ability. Call it a pet project, where I can let loose and just do whatever the hell i want. With no one to tell me I can't, y'know?"

"I understand perfectly. No restrictions. Okay give me a second,to get changed." As he disappeared into the bedroom. He reappeared a few minutes later. "So how do I look?"

Kara looked him up and down. "You're missing something... let's see, what could it be." She walked to the replicator and manually typed in some commands. A few seconds later a pair of dark, gold trimmed sun-glasses appeared. "Try these." She said, handing them to him. Oh and, we don't have to walk to the holo-deck. I've rigged up and one way site to site transport for us. Whenever your ready, let me know. Let's not let the Captain find out I did that though, I have a feeling she'd be rather unimpressed."

He took the glasses and put them on. "Better?" He asked. "Excellent idea, impressed and no, I'm sure she wouldn't be." He looked at her. "Lets get this party started."

"Sweet. Let's fucking do this! Computer activate Program Hoffman Alpha-Six in Holodeck two. Initiate site to site transport, password Kara eight-one-Uniform, when the program is ready." The computer beeped an acknowledgement. Kara looked to the commander and nodded, raising her hand into a typical forefinger,pinkie finger rock symbol. "Let's rock out!" The familiar sensation of the transporter surrounded her, and she was materialised as the world of 21st century New york was being created around them both. The holodeck framework, still visible, as the program was building.

"Welcome Commander. Prepare yourself, the action begins right from the very first minute we arrive. When you hear Our names being called, roll left with me, there will be two guns in the crate directly in front of us. Grab it, and keep your head down." Kara smiled. "My name in this program is Jinx. Your name is Gambit. The story is that we're part of a gang that steals vehicles and sells them for monetary gain. We kind of get thrown into the story but relax the same thing happens, every time even if you don't know what's happening."

Gary looked around, "21st centurt New York? Excellent." He replied as he quickly got into character. "Your Jinx and I'm Gambit and we're car thieves. I like it. Nice change of pace." He looked ar her, "I'm ready, lets do this!"

As the final pieces of the empire state building in the distance finished rendering in, the program started. In front of them an alleyway leading out onto a much larger road. A blue car, with white stripes decorating it from front to back sat in front of them, as various crates and boxes and trash bins sat around the walls of the surrounding buildings. Kara smiled. "Here....we...GO!" She turned around, as three men rounded the corner. All wearing masks and similar outfits with large gray trench coats. She lit her cigarette calmly, walking towards them. "Gentlemen, relax. I have your delivery right here, please Inspect the mechandise. My boss put us through quite alot of trouble, to...acquire this vehicle for you. I'm sure you don't wanna let him down."

One of the men stood forwards, taking out a submachine gun, and casually keeping it pointed down. "Who's the other schmuck?" He said, with quite a distinguished accent.

Gary stared unblinking at the speaker, He quietly and steathily released the safety on his 9mm auto he had behind his back. "Name's Gambit. What's yours? No wait let me guess....... Nigel."

He laughed. "Jinx and Gambit. Oh but this is so perfect. We're not here for the car ye pair of fuckin' morons. We're here to settle the score, with her!" He pointed, and all three of them raised their guns down the alleyway. A woman riding a motorcycle down the alley came to a stop beside the sports car. turning the engine off, she got off slowly, removing her helmet. Long blond hair, tied back into a bun. She wore black bike leather's. She looked almost like a distant cousin of Estelle. Kara looked to the commander. "It's the best I could come up with at the time, i used Estelle's features. She gets taken from us, we have to get her back, by basically burning our way through the entire city."

"Glad you like em Nigel." Gary repled sarcastically as his attention was drawn to the woman on the motorcycle. He could see the resemblance between her and the Estelle."Taken? Oh, kidnapped. excellent. This should be fun."

The three men all laughed. "Trixi my dear, why don't you make this easy, and come with us quietly. Our friends will be here soon, and trust me, when they arrive they won't hesitate to mow you all down, to get to our prize." Said the lead goon.

Trixie walked slowly in front of Jinx and Gambit. "It's alright, I'll go with you. No-one needs to get hurt Axle." She turned to Gambit. "You know where they will take me, gear up, and find me there alright? You're gonna need something a bit more heavy duty than a sports car and a 9mm pistol though. Jinx you know where my stash is, so... just please do as i ask." With that she turned and walked towards the men, arms held into the air. A car screeched into entrance of the alleyway, and the men with Trixie being restrained, backed away, guns drawn.

"You won't come for her, if you know what's good for you. See you." With a belly laugh, the men threw Trixi into the Black car, and got in themselves. Jinx stepped forwards. "Bastards!" Firing off three rounds from her pistol, the bullets ricocheted into the air. "Damnit...bulletproof... of course it would be." She sighed and looked to the commander. "I'll drive us to our gang HQ. We can form a plan to rescue her when we're safe."

Gary/Gambit watched as Trixie was professionally restrained. She wouldn't be getting free on her own. He watched as the car roared away. "Something more than a sports car? Have we got a tank?" He asked Jinx.

"Not sure." She shrugged. "I haven't been any further than this i nthe story. Guess we're going to have to find out eh?" She smiled, moving over to the motorcycle that Trixi had left. "Come on, hop on. There should be a map or something under the seat..." She lifted up the seat of the motorcycle, and found a small storage space. Inside was a wrapped up sandwich, a small pistol, ammunition, and a small scrap of paper with directions on it. "Aha, indeed, there are direction, commander take these directions. i'll drive, you tell me what the directions say to go, alright?"

"Why do you get to drive? And more importantly can you?" Gary asked as he climbed onto the back of the motorcycle looking at the directions as he did. Head down Broadway, turn right onto the Avenue of the Americas and keeping going until we get to Houston St. I'll give you more directions when we get there."

"She smiled cheekily. "Quit complaining, I spent the last 48 hours putting this program back together, I deserve a little fun too right? You can drive when we get to the HQ." She winked, getting onto the motorcycle, turning the ignition, and turning the gears. The bike roared to life, and she steered it out onto broadway, passing sparse traffic and pedestrians at the side of the road. Following the directions Gary was giving, they soon arrived at Houston st. Having to yell over the sound of the engine, "Where to now, Gambit?"

Gary looked at the scrap of paper with the directions on it. "Head down this street until we reach Canal St. Turn right onto Canal. When we reach the warehouse district, The third warehouse on the left is the one we want. It got a STP logo painted on the side of it."

Kara took off once more. Riding down the road, turning right onto canal street. Massive skyscrapers, clad with concrete and glass, fell away in the distance. Giving way for large warehouses, clearly a built up industrialised sector of the city. Coming to the entrance of the third warehouse, it seemed derelict from the outside view. Pulling up to the large rusted steel doorway, Jinx rolled the bike to a stop; flicking the parking stand down and turning the engine off. "Well, what the heck do we do now." She said, pointing at the large padlock and heavy steel chain covering the handle into the warehouse. "We'll have to find a way in I suppose. Any ideas? I wish I could just burn through it with a Phaser. Seems we'll have to be a little bit more resourceful."

Gary was only half listening to Kara. He was busy looking for a way into the warehouse. He looked around the outside and the assorted stuff piled around the warehouse. There were tires, radiators, starters, windows and seats and much, much more. He suddenly bent down and grabbed something off the ground. "Got it!" He yelled holding up a long piece of pipe. "Our way in." As he moved back to the door. He slid the pipe through a gap between the chain and the padlock and twisted. His muscles bulging he twisted some more. "Come on you son of a bit...." He stopped as with a final twist the chain snapped and slid to the ground. He looked at Kara. "Ta da! Now we can enter the promised land." He stepped aside. "After you."

Kara turned around, and put her hands onto her hips. "Why, oh why...Do I feel like you've done this before commander... nice one!" She skipped over, and opened the heavy bolt handle, and pushed the warehouse door open a crack, to look inside. What she saw, was almost ridiculous. "Oh, my...commander, come and have a look. You wanted a tank? Apparantly, I can do you one better." Inside the warehouse, was without a doubt, the single most ridiculous thing, Kara had ever seen. Inside sat boxes and crates filled with various guns, ammunition, military supplies and hardware. There was a huge tracked machine, armour plated with a front mounted machine gun cannon. Kara stared in awe. "Holy shit, now that's some serious hardware."

Gary nodded in approval. "Now, that is what I'm talking about!" He replied in unbridled glee. "Let get some ammo and some of the smaller firearms. No telling what we're going to run into in getting Trixie back." He looked at Kara, "Why did this Axle take her anyway?"

Kara shrugged her shoulders dismissively, sighing. "Beats me, I haven't a single clue. I know as much as you do right about now. I suppose we'll find out when we go to the first informant to track their whereabouts. Y'see I know where they are, but going straight there won't work, we have to follow the story. Somewhere in the warehouse, we'll find clues, to people who are part of that shady group. Contact addresses, etc. We go there, extract information and when we have enough clues, we go to the location and get Trixie back." ~Of course, o nthe way, we'll no doubt have to face off an entire army of opponents. The author didn't give us this behemoth of a military machine, just for fun.~

"It's okay, makes the chase even better." Gary said easily. "Lets get what we can use and find these clues and get about getting Trixie back. Because I came here to kick ass and chew bubble gum and I'm all out of gum." He said with a smile.

"Then that machine is yours for the taking. I'd get familiar with the controls, even i have no idea how such an ancient military vehicle would ever run, let alone be useful in combat. But it worked for the people of this time i suppose, considering it's size..." Kara faded her voice, almost to a whisper, as she wandered over to an open crate at the side of the warehouse. "I've found my weapon, this suits me to the ground, aw hell yes!" She hefted a shoulder mounted minigun from the crate. "Now, this is more my style. Wait, what are these..." Looking beneath a small piece of wood, splitting the container in half, there seemed to be thrusters of some sort. "Oh, my goodness. Is this an ancient version of a jetpack?!" She giggled and jumped up and down with glee. "This is gonna be so much fun!!"

"Don't have to tell me twice." He said even as he rummaged around the crates looking for a suitable personal weapon. He stopped and looked at what Kara was holding. "It might be. I know the militaries of the world played with the idea but the jetpack never went into mass production." Gary stopped bent down and let out a whistle, "Oh mama! Come to daddy!" As he held up a Heckler and Koch G36 assault rifle equipped with a lower barrel to fire rifle grenades. "Got my toy." He said proudly as he scooped up extra magazines for it.

"Most excellent. Let's spend the next hour or so, gearing up, and getting to grips with this technology. Once we're ready, we can rollout to the first location. Oh yeah, that reminds me, we still need to find out where our first hit will be. There should be some plans or schematics somewhere here. We should look for those too."

Gary nodded at her words. "Makes sense to me." As he shouldered his weapon and moved to climb into the massive vehicle and learn it's controls.

Kara started taking pieces out of the crate she was at, including an instruction manual for putting together and using her little toy. "Seems there's some sort of work area over here, I'll put this thing together over there. Let me know when you've figured out how to use that thing without getting yourself or me killed. It'll soon be Shooty blowup bang bang action time!"

End Of part 1 "Wait, I'm thinking...hnnngg...ugh... how do people do this?!"

Commander Gary Taylor as "Gambit"
XO, USS Elysium

Kara Hoffman as "Jinx"
Chief Engineer, USS Elysium


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