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A new face

Posted on Sat Mar 16th, 2019 @ 6:16am by Lieutenant Kara Hoffman & Lieutenant JG S'hib

Mission: MISSION 0 - History Speaks
Location: USS Elysium - Deck 19, Main Security Office
Timeline: Present


Kara wandered deck 19 for what seemed like an eternity. She had mapped out almost every inch of the Elysium, yet somehow deck 19 was the one deck that was like a maze to her. Almost half an hour passed, before she stumbled upon the Main security offices. "Oh for goodness sakes." Exasperated she leaned against the corridor wall. ~This is ridiculous, I can't have gotten myself so lost, I'm the Chief Engineer. What a mess. I'll ask a security officer for directions and I'll order him to keep it silent. If the Captain ever found out I got lost... I'd never live it down.~ Kara was joking of course. ~That's right, defuse tension with a good old joke~ She pressed the chime on the offices, hoping that someone was inside.

Surprised by the notification S'hib jumped slightly, dropping his PADD for which he tried to catch several times, bouncing it between his hands until he just stood up straight and let it clatter to the floor, Snorting loudly and flicking his head to one side he was glad that nobody had been around to witness. "Just a moment," he huffed as he scooped up the PADD and trotted to the door, Looking down as the door opened up. "Ah, Lieutenant. How can I help?" He asked as his tail thudded against the door frame, still frustrated about dropping his PADD.

Kara had heard there was a Sequus on-board, however she did not realise that he was a security officer. Not wanting to be rude, even though she was exasperated and totally lost, she put on a joking comical voice. "Ah, yes hi there..." She paused and looked to his collar. "Ensign! Right, yes. You must be Ensign S'hib. We haven't really been introduced have we. um.." Kara paused again. "So, yes um, this is the security office, right. yes, absolutely where I needed to be, right now. Because..." She coughed and smiled. "Um sorry, welcome on-board by the way Ensign, How rude of me." She held her hand out to introduce herself. "Kara Hoffman, Chief Engineer. Pleased to meet you." ~Crap, well it's totally obvious that I'm embarrassed now, good job Kara, good job.~

Slowly clasping her hand with his four digits awkwardly S'hib gave a small snort as he stared at the woman before him. "Thank you, I thought it would be best to get to know the ship while the majority of the crew was on the station, Would be pretty embarrassing if I got lost on my first shift." He said before stepping back, his Hooves clicking loudly on the metallic floor. "But do come in, Is there anything I can help you with? he added moving over to an open locker and closing it with his PADD inside.

Kara laughed uncomfortably. "Ah yes, getting lost on your first shift, haha. That would totally be...embarrassing, right? Like, totally..." Kara stood awkwardly looking around. She then looked up to the tall Equus. "Look, Ensign I'm sorry. I feel I need to be honest. Getting lost on your first shift isn't that bad. I'm Almost eight months on-board, now Chief Engineer and I am lost. I got myself completely turned around trying to find a certain power conduit. I thought I knew it from memory and I didn't want to ask for any help, or tell anyone. However here I am, with you admitting that I'm totally lost." She smiled. "However, this is the perfect opportunity for a small break and to perhaps get to know you a little bit."

Adjusting his uniform before walking back towards the door S'hib turned to Lieutenant Hoffman "Perhaps we could figure out where you wanted to be together?" He said beckoning her out into the corridor. "At any rate, the company will be a welcome distraction."

"An excellent proposition." She followed S'hib into the corridor, and walked alongside him. "So, tell me a little bit about yourself Ensign, what brings you from your Homeworld, here to the Elysium? Don't say the replicated Romulan ale, that stuff is terrible." She smiled, putting one hand into her jacket pocket casually.

"My parent's migrated to earth when I was very little, Naturally I found my self enlisting with Starfleet like everyone else." S'hib snorted before cocking his head with a strange smirk. "Though replicated or not, I never particularly enjoyed Romulan ale." He added as he thought back to the academy. "It's not sweet enough."

"Agreed." Kara replied, as they both walked the corridors. "So, you grew up on Earth. I understand. Why security? I mean, what brought you to the decision that being a security officer, was what you wanted?" Kara smiled. "I became an engineer because I had a natural interest and flair for tech, so you must have a flair for fighting and protecting. Right?"

"Not so much fighting, though I can hold my own if I need too." S'hib quipped as he thought back to the academy and what made him choose the path he did.

"While in my second year, There was an unannounced Academy wide test." S'hib huffed with a small ounce of pride. "They wanted to see how students would react to a scenario that took them away from the comforts of the classrooms and staged a fake terrorist attack." He continued, glancing over to Hoffman. "And when I was faced with the situation, I ran towards the phaser fire."

Kara smiled. "Ah yes, I too was involved in something similar. It's standard practice now at the academy, a form of psychological testing. Really helpful for cadets and newcomers to find their place, or what they're passion is. Even if they didn't know it until that point. A wonderful idea." Kara looked at the corridor walls. "Ensign, you realise..." She shook her head, as they approached the security office doors once more. "We've just walked in a circle, right?"

Throwing his hands up in the air S'hib stepped back with a fake shocked expression. "Don't look at me, I was following you." He added playfully, feigning innocence as a single ear flicked about atop his head.

"Hilarious." She smiled. "Well it doesn't matter, I enjoy the company and meeting someone new and interesting."

"Same goes to you," S'hib replied, bowing his head slightly. "I'm hoping the Elysium will be a place I can call my herd, Everyone I've met so far has been very receptive of me." He added before tapping on the LCARS display outside the Security office. "But I do think we should use a map." He added as he brought up a layout of their current deck.

"Well, as much as my pride wanted me to avoid it. I suppose you're right, a map is a fine idea. I need to find Plasma conduit junction A-58."

"A-58..." S'hib mumbled as he trailed off, zooming in on the Plasma conduit in question. "There it is." He added, turning to Hoffman and smiling. "Look's like it's near a turbolift..." S'hib snorted before glancing back at the display and pointing. "...that way."

"Fantastic. I'll let you lead the way Ensign." She walked beside S'hib once more. "So, what are your aspirations for the future?"

"Well, I just became a tour guide on my first day aboard so maybe admiralty by the end of next week?" S'hib snorted with before laughing out loud. "But in all honesty, I haven't thought that far ahead yet." He added as they rounded a corner.

Kara also laughed. "Quite right, aim for the stars." She said, as they rounded the corner, they hit a dead end. Kara frowned looking around her, then up at S'hib. "Ensign, are you playing a practical joke? It wouldn't be the first time. Now, in all seriousness let's just go to where we need to?"

"I'm not." S'hib huffed as his right hoof scrapped against the floor before he trotted over to another wall panel and requested the same information as before. "See...Junction A-58, It's supposed to be here," He added with a loud snort, looking at the wall before them. "As well as more corridor." S'hib finished, shaking his head and turn back to the display, lifting a hoof before stomping it in protest at the situation.

Kara moved to the wall panel and examined the map. "Well, from memory, this map appears to be correct." She took a moment and examined closer. "Except...a few corridors seem to be out of place, I just can't remember exactly. This map does feel different than the one I studied though.."

"Seems there is more than a power conduit that needs maintenance," S'hib said as he got down on one knee and examined the closest service panel, clicking it carefully free from the casing and looking at a bundle of Isolinear chips inside. "Where does the map say Memory bank J2-7 is supposed to be." He added before placing the cover back on. "Maybe the maps got two locations mixed together..."

Kara smiled and spoke quietly. "Elysium, If this is your idea of a practical joke, you win, well done. Now I'm gonna put this right, you cheeky miss." She bents down, beside the Ensign, and examined the chips. "Alright J2-7 should be in the next corridor on the right." She took her tricorder from its waist holder, and scanned the area, moving it over the wall panel, to scan the isolinear chip interface. "Seems there is indeed a mix-up with the pathways of information. Should be easily fixable, if we can find the source. Let's get moving ensign, or we'll be wandering in circles forever."

"This might explain why I have also been getting lost." S'hib frowned as he followed along beside Hoffman. "Maybe it's not an isolated incident, but since the majority of the crew know their way around it hasn't been picked up on." He added running two digits along the ridge of his jaw. "Maybe Avalon's memory is more human than you thought." S'hib said jokingly.

Kara smiled. The technology that gave this ship its life, she was convinced, also was alive in it's own way. "Well, I think you might be right about that ensign. Although more logical minds would state that it's simply a tech malfunction, I'd say it's more like a bio-tech issue. There's quite a few biological components within the ship. Bio-neural gel packs to be more accurate." She explained, as they rounded the corner, Kara looked down to her Tri-corder. "Yes, here we are. The panel is just down here." Kara bent down and opened the wall panel examining the interface.

"Here's the problem alright. Seems this interface has developed a minor malfunction, disrupting information flowing to the LCARS systems on this deck." Kara tapped her comm-badge. =A= Hoffman to Engineering, Send a repair team to deck 19, Memory bank J2-7. Seems the memory interface has developed a fault and is disrupting systems on this deck. Hoffman out. =A=

"It's not everyday security gets to help the Chief engineer fix the ship, But I guess you could say I protected the crew from getting lost." S'hib quipped cheerfully as he looked down at Hoffman closing the wall panel.

Kara stood back up, after marking the wall panel with her tricorder. "Indeed. You really saved the day ensign. I would still be lost, if it weren't for your assistance. Hows about I take you to Quarks for a drink and a game or two of Dabo, when we finish our shifts? My treat, to say thank you for your help."

"No need to thank me Lieutenant, I'm happy to help." He said cheerfully, Gently flicking his head to the side. "But I will still gladly join you later on and you can show me how to play." He added with a slight nod.

She clapped her hands together gleefully. "Excellent! I promise, you'll love it!"


Ensign S'hib
Security Officer, USS Elysium

Lieutenant Kara Hoffman
C.E.O, USS Elysium


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