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DS9 Arrival - JP

Posted on Sat Mar 16th, 2019 @ 7:35am by Captain Phoenix Lalor & Commander Gary Taylor & Commander Liselle Qwyyn & Commander Aurelia Holmes & Envoy Anje Brett & Lieutenant Commander Sthilg & Consul Toran - Son of Thopok House of Thopak & Lieutenant Commander Arrianna Salannis an Vantar & Lieutenant Kara Hoffman & Lieutenant Danica Kovitz & Lieutenant Ian Murphy & Lieutenant Commander Gallia Norris & Lieutenant Turak & Lieutenant Carter Smith & Lieutenant JG S'hib & Petty Officer 1st Class Kaywin-Li Fray

Mission: Episode 1: Hell is a four letter word
Location: Elysium - DS9
Timeline: MD1

Phoenix felt worn out. But she kept her face as serene as she could as she sat in the centre chair. She looked at her Chief of Flight.

"Eta to DS9 Liselle?" She asked

"Taking us out of warp now, Captain," Qwyyn confirmed. She worked her board and on the viewscreen the rainbow streaks of stars shrank back into small pinpoints of light, sparkling around the Cardassian built station designated by the Federation as Deep Space Nine. "Requesting an available pylon now."

Phoenix nodded and hit the ship wide comm.

[ATTENTION Crew of the USS Elysium. We are arriving shortly at DS9. There we will be having a 2 week furlough. Please prepare for disembarking."]

From the security station on the bridge, Turak asked the Captain, "Ma'am, with your permission, I would like to set up for weapons requalification for our security staff at some point during our time on DS9?"

"Speak with Commander Holmes Lieutenant, She will handle that for you." Phoenix replied.

--Lia's Cabin--

Laying on her bunk, Lia could feel the ship reducing speed. She was on unofficial sick leave, meaning she had cried off being on the bridge by saying she felt faint. In truth, she didn't want to be around people just yet.


Kara briefed her crew on what needed to be done. "Let's prepare the ship for docking. Lockdown all stations. Code blue, I don't want anything to go wrong. IN t-minus 25 minutes I want all sections reported ready. All auxiliary power to be transferred to helm to give increased power to the reaction control thrusters immediately. Prepare for temporary shutdown of all systems. We have a few things we need to get fixed up, so let's not mess this up. This is our first docking with a new team, so everyone at the ready. Gallia, I'll need you to manually adjust sensors to give helm the best optical output possible. Officer Fray, I would like you, if possible to take position at the warp core console, balance the intermix ratio's until we're docked, no less than 1.5 MG's, then lieutenant smith, our new assistant chief, will take over to reduce the power until we're in standby mode. The last person out of engineering when we're docked will be myself, regardless of any emergency. That's an order. If anything goes wrong, you are all to evacuate as per standard order, forget about me. Let's make the captain proud!"

Gallia knew she would have to adjust the sensors from the bridge for best results, but something her fiancee said had really stuck in her craw. As she passed by she whispered into Kara's ear, "Let me tell ya somethin', Hoffman, you best have been talkin' to somebody else with that forget about you garbage." She began, looking Kara in the eye to show how serious she was, "Because if you think for one bloody second you're leavin' me alone to raise that baby, you're crazier than Estelle! Ya got me?"

Kara would normally have never been so unprofessional in such a time. However Gallia's words resonated within Kara. She Reached out with both arms, throwing them around her partner, swinging her around, holding her up, and kissed her passionately. "Relax, I'm not going anywhere dafty. Now please, please, help me sweetheart?"

"Aye, I'm on the way to the bridge." Gallia nodded, "Give them console jockeys the best view we can give 'em so they don't crash our home into the bloody station. That'd be a Hell of a mess with us havin' ta clean it up."

Kara smiled wide. "Thank you Gallia. I'll have to remain here to oversee everything. Once we're docked and all stations are secure, i'll come and find you."

Walking over to Kara, Kaylee stood there awkwardly for a moment looking between Kara was Gallia, “um, structural integrity field is operating at 100%. All air locks are on standby for docking”

Kara looked around to Kaylee. "Excellent Officer Fray, thank you. I have a special assignment for you when we dock. You can assist myself and lieutenant smith in shutting down the warp core, I hope your ready for a wee challenge?" Kara winked, and smiled wide. "I know it's not your area of expertise, but it will be a good chance to learn something, don't you think?"

Kaylee gave Kara a curious look, “what are you planning to do to my girl?” She asked

"Well, I've been planning on a little upgrade project to increase efficiency of the warp core. With the adjustments, I think we can get a five percent power boost or so. That might not seem like much, but it's quite the increase really...We'll start the modifications a few days after we dock. Don't worry our team will have plenty of time to relax. It's a voluntary project, so you can decline if you wish..."

“Oh I’m there, I can’t help fix something if I don’t know how it works and what better way to learn than to pull it apart” Kaylee said, confident that Kara knew what she was going to do. “Got any plans to visit DS9 while docked?”

Kara smiled as she moved to the main engineering console, tapping some commands in, bringing up the power distribution network. "Actually, yes. I plan to visit the temple on-board the station. I had quite an...interesting experience the last time I was there..." Kara tapped her comm-badge. =A= Hoffman to the Bridge, Lt. Norris is on her way to manually adjust sensors. We're all-set down here for docking. =A=

Carter walked over to the core controls and prepared for the shutdown order. Once the core was inactive, he planned on running diagnostics on all the plasma injectors, to check for cracks or corrosion. Since he was just arriving, he didn't need any leave on the station...he preferred to work.

Spotting someone she didn’t recognise, Kaylee wandered over to him, “hay there, I’m petty Officer Kaywin-Li Fray” she said with a smile.

"Lieutenant Junior Grade Carter Smith, just transferred in."

"Me too, well I've been here a little longer than you, but still!" Kaylee said with a smile on her face, "where are you from?"

"I was born on the USS Franklin, so I've been many places." Smith smiled back. "What's your story?"

--Science Labs--

Danica sat back at her terminal, glad to be arriving back at a station. It had been months since she'd been so close to 'civilization'. The Elysium itself had been a huge step up in amenities compared to her situation on the Grissom. But an actual station? Now that would be nice. She made sure the sensors were prepped to go into standby while they were docked. A whole week would be very nice though. She wondered what she'd get up to during that time.

She looked out at the other science officers, seated at their stations. "Let's make sure we've got the stations ready to power down. Don't need to go blowing out any relays because we left something running."

Murphy looked up from the cage of rats he'd brought up with him from his office in the Academy. He could have set an auto-feeder to feed them, but honestly, that felt like a bit too clinical of a way to treat them. Normally they occupied a cage with several little rat tunnels to explore, interlacing behind his desk in his office. He called them lab rats, but they were more like pets. Pets that didn't die within a week of him getting them like fish tended to do. Plus, you could actually pet them, whereas that tended to get messy with fish. "The academy's science annex is already shut down." He reported. "I can assign you some cadets to assist if you need them. It would be good hands-on experience for them."

Dani nodded as she looked over the room. It'd be a great training opportunity for those cadets, and it'd save her team a lot of time. "Sure, send them my way. They can get more familiarized with some of the equipment, even if it is just the standby features." She transferred a few of the reports from the terminal to her padd for review later.

Arrianna entered the science lab and her eyes zeroed on Ian. "Interesting. Vermin.... in my lab...." she was referring to Ian, and she enjoyed tormenting him until she got out of her lab.

"I think she means me, and not my little ratty friends." Ian said in a stage whisper, smirking. "And since I've pretty much done my part for the department, I think I'll go see to getting the rest of the academy settled. I'll have those cadets report to you in half an hour, Lieutenant Kovitz." He said, heading for the exit.

Orin entered and immediately dodged to the left to avoid colliding with Ian exiting. "Sorry." he mumbled before noticing the pips on his collar, and added, "Sir." He continued his way over to his commanding officers, and quickly handed over his readiness report. "Ma'am, ma'am." Orin started, nodding to both his superior officers. "The archaeology lab has been properly shut down and all equipment in stowage. Is anything else needing to be done?" He figured he wasn't planning on doing anything anyway and might as well be helpful. It wasn't like DS9 would allow him to bring his weapons on board for use in the holosuites, and he was getting antsy for some exercise.

"I think we're in a pretty decent situation. What do you think, ma'am? Any last prep?" Danica turned to her superior.

-Diplomatic office-

Toran had already packed his own things and was currently wondering how his daughter was getting along. In truth she was always a better packer then he was. He was however a bit nervous. We as after all going to do a bit of work, and then meet with a few members of his own household. Jera on the other hand was heading down to Bajor. It wasn't that he thought anything would happen, he liked his in laws for the most part. It was just that he had not been apart from his step daughter for literally years at this point. And he knew she was having some amount of problems at the moment.

-Personal Quarters-

Jera had already finished backing and was instead going over her boarding logs. She knew where the shuttle to Bajor was, and had memorized the time the shuttle would be leaving, but she was really to nervous to stop looking. It had been years sense she had been 'home' and she was. Very honestly worried that she was no long.. well Bajoran enough.

-Bridge- Gary came onto the bridge, slid into his chair and activated his screen to monitor various ship's functions as they prepared to dock.

Anje had manned her bridge ops post, nodding to Taylor as she did. They hadn't really spoken since the fighting on Cortic VI ended, but that didn't worry her as much as it once would have.

From his seat, Gary caught Anje's nod and he gave her a short, crisp nod in return. She had acquitted herself well on Cortic VI. He was glad to have her along on the mission.


Down in the ship's sickbay the gorn doctor was whistling to himself as he made his way to the coffee machine. It had been quite with no real emergency to deal with though he was looking forward to being able to resupply at DS9. He always started to worry when holes started to appear in the supply room.


S'hib sat in his pitch black temporary quarters gazing off into space, Time had slipped away from him hours ago as he drifted in and out of a dream-like state, until is glassy eyes lit up as the Elysium dropped out of warp, bringing the lazy Sequus back to reality with A flick of blinding light. The deep reds and blues of the ship's nacelles announcing its presence amongst the countless stars.

"Finally!" He exclaimed with a sigh of relief. "Computer lights on," S'hib murmured eagerly as he got up on his hooves, only to wince back into the chair and cover his eyes a moment later. "Computer, Dim the lights..." He added painfully before slowly looking over at his uniform, neatly folded on his bed. "...And notify me when the Elysium has docked with the station."



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