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Posted on Sun Mar 17th, 2019 @ 11:15pm by Lieutenant Kara Hoffman & Commander Gary Taylor & Lieutenant Carter Smith

Mission: MISSION 0 - History Speaks
Location: Ship's Transporter Room
Timeline: T-1.5 Hours before Docking at DS9


Carter materialized in the Elysium's transporter pad. He looked around and saw, besides the transporter officer, a Commander and a lieutenant.
He stepped down and stood straight.
"Lieutenant Junior Grade Carter Smith, reporting for duty!"

Kara smiled wide. Her Brown eyes watching over the man carefully. ~This is my new assistant? Interesting...~. Kara stepped forwards first. "Hello there Lieutenant. I'm Lieutenant Kara Hoffman, You're chief Engineering officer. I'm sorry, I wouldn't normally skip over the commnder..." She turned to commander Taylor and Frowned. "However I'm interested and curious as to why you wish to be part of my team. Please do not think me rude or trying to put you off or anything...I just want to know what your passion is...and how skilled you are, since I've never met you before."

Carter nodded to the commander. "Sir", then he turned back to Hoffman. "I've trained my entire life for a chance to serve on a starship. I was born on a starship. As soon as I could walk, I was spending time in the engine room with the engineers."

Kara smiled wide. "Fantastic" She let loose with enthusiasm. "That's just.. brilliant. That's exactly the kind of confidence I had when I first joined. The commander will tell you for sure. I want to test you however. We'll soon be docking with DS9. I want you to be the one to oversee final procedures after we've docked. You DO know standard Star fleet procedures for docking I hope? If not, I can send the information to your quarters. You better read up, this will be a test, and no I'm not kidding. If you don't do well it'll count against you. As harsh as it sounds, just because you've been welcomed on-board by the command staff, doesn't mean your part of my engineering staff yet." ~I should really not be so harsh, Matias wasn't as harsh to me as this but, I need a good team for the Elysium. Surely if he has applied for assistant Chief Engineer, this should be a breeze...right? Then again it would have been easy for me, but for him...Time will tell I suppose~

"I am familiar with the docking procedures, lieutenant." Carter looked at her. "I may have just graduated from the academy, lieutenant, but because of my accident, I had plenty of time to review all procedures, lieutenant."

~Excellent. Well then. When the time comes, You'll know what to do. We'll arrive at Ds9 in a day or so. If you prove yourself, then I promise you'll have earned my trust. I look forwards to seeing what you can do. Afterall, part of my Engineering team will report to you so do your best!" She turned to commander Taylor. "Apologies Commander, I may have gotten a bit to eager and cut you off. I am very sorry. However I'm sure you understand just how passionate I am..." Her brown eyes sparkled slightly as she looked to her commander, hoping he did not think her rude.

Carter looked at the commander to see if he had anything to add, or orders for him.

Gary had watched in silence as Kara questioned her new ACEO. She had come a long way and she had his and Phoenix's confidence as well as trust. His eyes went to Smith as he silently evaluated him. He appeared confident without being arrogant. Sure of himself and approachable. Finally after several seconds he spoke, "Welcome to the Elysium Lieutenant Smith, you have a lot to live up to."

Carter stood straight and looked at the commander. "Thank you, sir! I plan on doing the best I can, sir!"

Kara nodded to the commander. "If it's alright commander, I'd like Lieutenant Smith to report to engineering as soon as possible. We're due to dock soon, and an extra pair of hands will be incredibly useful." She turned to Carter. "I realise you've only just arrived lieutenant so this is a request, not an order. Feel free to decline if you wish." She smiled warmly.

"I have no objections Kara after all you are Lt.Smith's direct supervisor. So place him where you need or want him." Gary replied easily while watching Smith and his reaction to this latest bit of news.

Carter looked at them both. "I am very eager to get to work, commander..lieutenant."

Kara clasped her hands together. "Excellent, just what I hoped you would say. I'll show you to your Quarters to drop your gear off and give you the tour. Although it will be shorter than usual, we have just under an hour to be down in Engineering to begin docking preparations."

Carter nodded to the door. "Lead the way, lieutenant. The faster I get to work, the better."

Kara smiled, looking to her commander. "Of course. However I can't take off running, until my commanding officer dismisses us. Sir? Do you have any questions?"

Gary shook his head at Kara. "Go both of you. Run off to engineering and try not to hit anything this time." He teased.

Kara saluted. "Aye sir, can't make any guarantee's but we'll try" She winked cheekily, moving to the door of the transporter room. "Alright lieutenant, let's go."

"I'm right behind you, boss." Carter replied.


Commander Gary Taylor
XO, USS Elysium

Lieutenant Kara Hoffman
Chief Engineer, USS Elysium

Lieutenant JG. Carter Smith
Assistant Chief Engineer, USS Elysium


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