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A Klingon issue

Posted on Mon Mar 11th, 2019 @ 8:40pm by Lieutenant Kara Hoffman & Lieutenant Commander Sthilg

Mission: MISSION 0 - History Speaks
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Present

Kara entered into sickbay and located the Doctor. "Hi doc, Sorry for not making an appointment, I've just come from Engineering. Can i have a chat with you, there's something I want you to check, if you could?"

The gorn doctor had just been getting a coffee when the cheif engineer approached him. " Off course chief what do you need me to check."

"Well it's a little complicated. I wonder..."Kara paused for a moment. "You see, I was recently informed that, I'm not fully human, at least according to a certain Klingon House. Apparently, I'm half or a third Klingon...'m not sure, but they said they used advanced masking technology to hide my true identity. I was hoping that maybe you, of all people, cold find out the truth. "

" Hum." The gorn said as he tapped the side of his head. " I can't think of any Klingon tech that could do sssuch a thing, but if you've identity has been hidden we should be able to find out. Follow me if you pleassse."

"Thanks doc. Commander Taylor was spoken to by a Klingon woman who claimed to be my birth mother. She claimed they used something to hide my true identity. I've never heard of any Klingon technology that could do that either, however there is much about the universe we don't know. I suppose it might be possible..." Kara followed the doctor.

" Well, no matter the tech there ssshould be evidence of changesss we can find. " the gorn said as he walked into one of the rooms and started tapping on the computer console. " Pleassse ssstand on the white sssquare. I'll take a holographic recording and ssstart examing from there. " He said pointing to the area of the floor.

Kara moved over to the white square on the floor and stood still. "I'm ready when you are doc'."

" And all done. Can you step of pleassse and we can get ssstarted." The gorn said bringing up the holographic recording and starting at the chief of engineering skeleton. " Now they may have masking technology, but they can't hide biology. We'll ssstart looking for the mossst common sssigns that you may have Klingon parentage and go from there." The old gorn said as he zoomed in on her skull. Forehead ridges were always the most common indicator.

Kara stepped off the marked area, and moved to stand behind the Gorn Doctor. "This will be interesting..."

The gorn was clicking his tongue against his mouth a common trait he did to help him think. Using his fingers he drew a square on the holographic skull and pulled a section from it before flipping it over. His white eyes focused before he flipped the skull over to take a look at the jawbone. " Kara did your family tell you if they'd had any sssurgical producersss to correct issuesss with your jaw and forhead?" The gorn asked politly.

Kara wrinkled her face up as she thought about that question. After a short time, she responded. "Nothing that I can think of, no. Why?" She enquired.

The gorn zoomed in on the two pieces and with a flick to the side brought up a different light spectrum. Some areas were a different shade compared to the others. " You can sssee here it looksss like sssome partsss have been filled down to correct them. The Klingon used it asss a technique to help agentsss going undercover in the federation. Mossst doctorsss wouldn't know to look for it. It'sss not complet proof, but it is sssomething."

Kara watched as the doctor pointed out the areas that were different on the holographic image of her own skull. Seeing it for herself, she nodded. "I...see" She took a breath before speaking. "So this might be evidence, that possible bone structure augmentation was done to remove klingon ridges? Doctor, does this mean that I am half-Klingon? Or is there more you can show me? I just...This all seems so crazy to me."

" It's a posssssibility. There are other reasssonsss it may have been done, though I can't sssee why they'd have been kept quite. Would you like to have a ssseat thisss mussst be quite a ssshock to you either way." The gorn said offering his most concerned voice.

Sitting down slowly, Kara stared at the hologram infront of her. There seemed no doubt that she had been operated on, and couldn't remember it. "Just what the hell is going on..."

" I don't know my dear. Who was this Klingon woman who told you this?" The gorn asked calmly.

"I'm currently unaware of her full name, but she called herself K'leela I believe. I have a suspicion that she'll find me on the station. Commander Taylor was told that their Bird-of-prey would be staying close by to us. I have no doubt at all, they docked at ds9 to wait for me."

" I don't recognissse the name. Ssshe could by lying, but I don't sssee why ssshe would. We can keep looking for more evidence that you were altered. It'sss how they were able to hide any tracesss of klingon in your DNA that confusssesss me."

Kara thought silently for a moment. "Does the federation have any technology to change or hide dna? I might have just thought of something..."

" A few, but mossst of the are highly classssified. Why what are you thinking?" the lizard inquired.

Kara sighed. "I wonder if perhaps my "mother" somehow convinced someone high up in starfleet to supply such technology to her. I suppose there's no way to know for sure unless she admits it? This is such a mess."

" I'm sssorry all this hasss been brought up my dear. This can't be easssy for you to process." The doctor said assuredly as he unclipped the thermos from his belt and offered her a cup of coffee.

Taking the cup, she thanked the doctor and sipped tentatively. "Well, there is not much use in worrying over something I can't fix is there doc'." That seemed more like a question that needed no answer. "Thank you for your time, patience and expertise. I suppose I'llwait until K'leela appears. How am i going to explain this mess to Gallia, that I'm not human, i'm a half human- half klingon instead...." Taking a big gulp she finished the coffee and handed the cup back to the doctor.

The old gorn who knew the pain of loss tried putting on the best reassuring smile his ugly mug could manage. " Tell her the truth. If ssshe really lovesss you ssshe lovesss the you ssshe'll sssee your ssspirit is the sssame one the all mother gave you and it alwaysss hasss been yoursss."

Kara tilted her head a little nodding. "I didn't realise you could be so poetic doctor. What you just said, was beautiful. Thank you"

The gorn chuckled slightly. He knew his people odd pronunciation of federation basic was anything, but poetic. " It'sss a little ssspin on what my wiffe sssaid to me when i asssked her how ssshe could love sssomeone with my ugly mug."

"Well it is beautiful. Alright thank you doctor. Can you send any other findings to me if you find anything else. I'm going to go back to my quarters and wait for Gallia to come back from her shift." Kara stood up from the seat and nodded to the doctor. "Really, thank you for all your help, it means alot to me."

" Off courssse. I'll keep looking and sssee if i can find anything elssse." The gorn said calmly

Kara nodded a final time, before leaving sickbay; with more questions at this point than any real answers.


Lt. Cdr Sthilg
CMO, USS Elysium

Lt. Kara Hoffman
Acting Chief Engineer, USS Elysium


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