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A new question...

Posted on Mon Mar 11th, 2019 @ 3:16am by Lieutenant Commander Gallia Norris & Lieutenant Kara Hoffman

Mission: MISSION 0 - History Speaks
Location: Kara and Gallia's Shared quarters
Timeline: Present

Kara sighed as she brushed her hair in her chair, before tying it up into her usual ponytail. ~I suppose it's time. I hope this goes well, asking Gallia's brother for his blessing to marry his sister. I've never had to do this before, on-top of that i've never spoken to him before...well here we go.~

She tapped in a subspace frequency for Charles and hesitated before accepting. Her hand hovered over the screen. ~I've got nothing to be worried about.~ Shaking her head, and her fears away, she pressed the accept command, and awaited the response from the other side.

[[USS McKinley NCC-34997]]

Cdr. Charles Sarek Norris, Chief Science Officer and, as of the next morning, Executive Officer of the USS McKinley had been fast asleep when his console came to life. Wiping the sleep from his eyes, he saw a name, Kara Hoffman, "Kara Hoffman...." He said it aloud, his sleeping mind still not able to pinpoint it.

"That's Gallia's new girlfriend, dear." Vayanla informed him, "Hope your sister hasn't gotten herself in trouble."

"Aye, myself as well." Charles agreed, accepting the incoming call, "Yes?" His logical Vulcan DNA kept a stoic expression on his face, though his family-centric, fiercely loving Scottish upbringing had him bracing for the worst, not knowing what he would do if his other sister had been killed, too.

Kara stared at the screen, taken aback by who she saw. ~Wait, Gallia didn't mention...~ She observed the man's ears. ~Wait, a vulcan? h-how on earth can there be a scottish vulcan? gonna be rather interesting. Stay calm~ She was nervous however, and her voice cracked as she spoke. "H-Hi there, sir. Do I have the, pleasure of speaking to Charles, Gallia's brother?" She cleared her throat and did the best genuine smile she could muster to ease her own nerves.

Charles remained silent for a second, studying the woman's expression. Clearly Gallia's safe and unharmed, otherwise she would've approached in a different manner, this is clearly something of a more personal nature, "Aye, that you do, lass." He replied, making no effort to disguise the accent he'd picked up being raised by Scots, "What can I do for you?"

She took a breath, and with the sound of the familiar Scottish twang, felt as if she'd known this man for years, even though she had only just met him today. "Sorry Charles, I apologise if i'm disturbin' your evening. I'm actually calling regarding a rather personal matter. You see, I'm sure you know that I am Gallia's partner and well...there's something we need to talk about. Just promise you'll hear me out, it's important, to both of us and you too."

"You have my undivided attention then." Charles replied, keeping his expression neutral, "Speak your mind."

By this point Vaylana had sat up behind her husband, she was beginning to show, and whispered softly into his ear, "Keep an open mind, love."

Charles didn't reply aloud to his wife, only nodding before turning back to Kara, "Now then, what's on your mind?"

Tayalas, who was up until a few moments ago, sound asleep had awoken. Being hungry after her nap as usual, she began to let out cries and moans, to signal she needed her parents. "Hold that thought for just a sec Charles, a mother's duty calls y'know, hold tight." Kara got up from her chair and swooped upon Tayalas, lifting her up and nuzzling her nose, with her own. "Hush now sweetheart, Momma's here. Let's get you your bottle. Ok my little cherub? There that's it, my love." Kara had grabbed the prepared milk solution in the bottle that sat on the counter to the side of the crib, and helped Tayalas to suckle. Moving back to her chair, she sat, cradling the baby in her arms. "Y'see Charles...I wanted to ask...what your thoughts were on me and Gallia getting married."

That stopped Charles in his tracks, not the question about Kara and Gallia's marriage, but how well Tayalas took to Kara, not to mention the very fact that Gallia would even leave Tayalas with her, "Well, this is quite a sight." He began, his eyes a little misty, "You've somehow managed to get both of the miracle babies to fall for you. Ya see, Kara, mum and dad, they didnae think they could have kids of their own, so they adopted my sister Dolana and I. Then one day we're fishing in Aberedeen, Mum comes to us, Dad, Dolana, and I, and says, 'I've the best news. Charlie, Lana, you're gonna have a little sister.' We'd, of course, come to believe that this wasn't possible, so we're over Titan about it."

He stopped for a second and got a glass of water, "Gallia, she barely made it." He continued, "She came out two pounds light, Doctor tells Mum she's not gonna make it. Great Aunt Mary, she chases the bugger right out of the room!" He laughed hard, "It was a week and a half before we could bring her home, Mum still in a hoverchair, Dad pushing it, Lana carrying her new little sister, the miracle baby. That was our first miracle..."

"That one." He continued, pointing to Tayalas, "Is Miracle Baby Two. You do know the circumstances of her birth, I take it?"

Kara frowned, listening to the story. "Actually...I don't. Gallia and I never talked about it in any great detail. I know that Tayalas is Dolana's child by birth, and that the father is currently awaiting Trial for the murder. I remember feeling very angry, that even in this advanced era, murder's still happen..."

"Aye, and I understand your feelings, since they're my own." Charles nodded, "They had to deliver Tay by c-section, a full two months early. Gallia, she was hurt fighting with the perpetrator...." He paused and rubbed his eyes, he would never address Rico Cardille as anything but the perpetrator, "Almost killed herself. Stayed by Dolana's side, fighting to save her, then wouldn't leave until they'd delivered the baby. Nor would she release the child to anyone, not until Vaylana and I got there..."

"When I got her to give me Tayalas, she'd been up for four days." Vaylana interjected at last, "Wouldn't let anyone else near her. So, you'll understand, that little blue angel is precious to us, we almost lost two to get her into the world."

Tayalas turned from Kara to the screen, she recognized the people there and knew they were talking about her, she shook her little hand and said, "Sana..."

"Hello, wee one." Charles smiled, turning his eyes back to Kara, "She's comfortable with you. And she's speaking. This pleases me."

Kara smiled wide hearing Tayalas speak, but her smile faded a little as she thought on what she'd been told. "Gallia...yeah both her and Tay are one of a kind. They are my world, I won't let anything happen to either of them. So, I suppose a have a new question for you. Would you...give me your blessing to marry Gallia? It wouldn't feel right unless i asked y'know..?"

"Well, I've been impressed with what I've seen." Charles began, "Not only are you good with Tayalas, you're apparently good for Gallia, which was my main worry, she can really pick 'em as the saying goes. Atop of that, you held to our traditions and showed respect to me as the elder sibling. Aye, you've got my blessing, lass."

"You should warn her though, Charles..." Vaylana said with a smile, her husband was forgetting that though he was the titular head of the Norris Household, the clan's matriarch was still a force to be reckoned with.

~Warn me? Gallia...what else could there possibly be...~ "Thank you Charles. It means a great deal to me to hear you say that." Kara frowned, and placed Tayalas' bottle on the desk. "So, what else do I need to know?"

"Sana." Tayalas said, as sternly as a baby could manage, though she clearly wanted to know what was up, too.

Charles laughed at his niece, so like her mother, "I can see Dolana in her." He said with a grin, "It's like turning back the hands of time. And, as my wife has said, I do need to, not so much warn you, as advise you that our Great Aunt Mary is going to insist on giving you the once over herself. She will, no doubt, agree with my assessment, but will insist none the less. She has great pride in our clan's name and history, she'll insist on making sure you're worthy. However, on my end, she'll wake to a message from me informing her of the joy Vaylana and I feel about your choosing to spend your life with my sister and help her raise Tayalas, that has always been enough to sway her and I see no reason that would change now."

Kara's eyes widened. "I've heard about Aunt mary before. I don't think I have anything to worry about, I'd be glad to meet her, and prove to her just how suitable I am. I'll be asking Captain Lalor to marry us, I'm hoping we can have everyone here on the Elysium, if that's acceptable?" Kara smiled, and kisses Tayalas' forehead softly. "This wee yin'll steal the show no doubt." A loud hearty laugh escaped kara, thinking of Tayalas grabbing everyone's attention.

"I find that a pleasing idea." Charles smiled, "And that one steals the bloody show everywhere. From the nursery to the stars. She's almost pure Dolana... My sister, she was the shining star of the family. She liked the spotlight while I was ambivalent to it and Gallia shied from it completely. Gallia, yes, your over the top confident Gallia, used to hide behind me and Dad when she was a sprog... Wouldnae come out until we convinced her whatever new person she was hiding from was alright. Dolana got her over it eventually but her nickname until she was about eight was Mirage, because if you didnae know her already, you'd see her for just a second and she'd vanish."

"Thankfully your Great Aunt took the time to introduce all her teachers to her." Vaylana laughed, "Otherwise she'd have never gotten through school."

With a gasp, kara tilted her head a little. "Really, I can hardly believe that Gallia was really that shy as a youngster. She's so different than that now. How adorable." She smiled, lifting Tayalas to her cheek, and giggled lightheartedly. "You're momma's such a mystery sometimes eh Tay?"

Tayalas giggled and said, "Sana." rolling her little eyes as though that was the most obvious thing ever.

"And, yes, painfully shy." Charles continued, "She didn't get picked on though. Ever. It was made known that anyone caught picking on Gallia would answer to Dolana, and Andorians are, as we know, famous for their even tempers."

Kara smiled, but it was a half smile at best. "Yeah, I know exactly what an Andorian temper is...My supervisor was AndorIan on Earth space dock. I learned alot, but it took a while, as you can Anyways it's still utterly adorable. I can believe Gallia wouldn't tell me. Simply because she's a proud Scot, unwilling it admit such...things. It's just too sweet after-all. I am such a lucky lass to have met her. Everyday I remind myself just how special I am for being able to be there for both Tayalas, and Gallia..." Kara hadn't noticed, but tears had begun to roll down her cheeks.

"Aye." Charles said simply, watching Kara with Tayalas, adding, "You'll do."

"I'm so glad you think so. It'll make Gallia so happy to know you're supporting her and us in our decision. We haven't quite decided an official date for the wedding, but as soon as we do, we'll let you know!" Kara was over the moon happy, she was a little nervous, however all of that had fallen away quickly.

Vaylana nodded at her husband's decision, this woman would do for sure, "You keep us advised, I'm looking forward to it." She turned to Charles, "We should let Kara get Tay back to bed, and we should get back to bed ourselves."

"Indeed." Charles nodded, "It's been a pleasure meeting you, Kara. Tayalas, you be good, okay?"

Tayalas cooed and laughed a little, moving her little hand towards the screen as if to touch her uncle's hand, an action Charles reciprocated.

"You'll do indeed." Charles nodded, "Live long and prosper."

"Thank you both for talking with me. Live long and prosper" Kara smiled one last time and pressed the end transmission command on the screen. "Well Tay, back to bed for both of us. I'm exhausted." Kara stood from her chair and moved to the bed, laying down and placing Tayalas beside her. She smiled and lay there not quite falling asleep, just thinking on everything that had happened throughout the day. ~I'll stay awake for now, when Gallia comes in i'll tell her about charles and Vaylana's blessings~


Lt. Kara Hoffman
Acting Chief Engineer, USS Elysium

Cdr. Charles Norris
XO, USS McKinley

Lt. Cdr. Vaylana Norris
CMO, USS McKinley

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