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First Dates continued

Posted on Fri Jul 13th, 2018 @ 7:56am by Lieutenant Commander Jaeih t'Noramei-McKinley & Lieutenant Wynter

Mission: Season 2: Mission 2: Just Breath
Location: DS9 Jaeih's quarters

Once Wynter had left the meeting with the captain and command staff he headed straight for Jaeih's quarters. When he arrived he stopped and hit the chime, in what would have been perceived by most as nonchalant, but was a bit emphatic.

The door slid open and Jaeih stood there. She wore a silk robe and was toweling her hair dry. "Come in" she said softly and stepped back to let him in.

Wynter entered silently as he looked at Jaeih. "Do you greet all of your dates this way?" He asked with a small smile.

"I wasn't expecting anyone else." She smiled. "Besides you've already seen whats under rhe robe."

He chuckled. "So as far as your concerned since you were expecting me and I have seen what is beneath that robe you don't need it?" He said teasingly.

Raising an eyebrow she studied him."Do you have time for whats under it?"

Wynter sighed. "Not nearly enough to truly do what we would like I am sure. Since I am sure we will both need to be able to walk and be alert in a few hours. Unless you can think of something to do until then."

"Dinner and drinks then. Fun can wait" Jaeih sighed and smiled. "Eat in?"

"Sure, I can grab something while you get dressed. What would you like?" He asked.

"Oh salad will be fine." Jaeih smiled as she headed for the bedroom.

Wynter smiled. "Alright salad it is, just don't take to long." He teased as he went to organize their meal.

Jaeih wasn't long. She came back 3 minutes later in black leggings and a dark green tunic and barefoot.

Wynter finished the salad and turned to Jaeih. "You look amazing." He said then pausing. "Wasn't that one of the outfits your otherself wore often?"

"Yeah but its a normal outfit for me when I am in the comfort of my own cabin. Besides my otherself was pregnant so comfort counts"

He smiled. "Yes, but it was what my otherself told me about you and that outfit." He teased.

She rolled her eyes. "Men. Worse gossips than little old ladies on the front steps of the local church."

Wynter sighed. "I work in intelligence you can't blame me for plying my trade."

Jaeih smirked at him. "There's being a spy and then there is gossip."

He chuckled. "True, but gossip is usually a good source of Intel. Look at pillow talk, it helps find out certain things."

Jaeih sighed. "Well I do hope Pillow talk is confined to just the two of us?"

Wynter chuckled and was about to reply when over the comm came the call for the crew to head to the Eclipse. "Well dates on hold again." He sighed.



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