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The medical life.

Posted on Mon Feb 11th, 2019 @ 10:06am by Lieutenant Commander Sthilg

Mission: Season 2: Episode 3: Determination is not always a good thing

The ships medical officer let out a yawn as he sat down in the chair after a long day of treating the sick and the wounded. He'd lost count of how many his team had treated, but judging by the surgical waste bins that were being dragged away for disintegration they’d done well.

He pulled up his coffee flask and poured himself a large one that he drank before offering one to his team. They were a good lot his medical personnel and he wouldn't want anyone else at his side in an emergency.

He said nothing as he let his team talk and vent about the long day. He chuckled slightly as he heard one of them say how this was the hardest thing he’d ever do.

He could still remember Arcturus VII his worst assignment he’d ever done. He was barley fifty when he and the KDF had been sent to that klingon built hell. Nothing but miles of slums built atop of the planets mines with billions of klingons and other aliens. Thrown in a blood worm outbreak with no medical faculties to speak off and you had recipe for disaster.

Trying to care for patients in a blood worm outbreak in tight quarters,limited supplies was bad enough without terrified klingon kids in faulty hazmat gear and flamethrowers.

He didn’t blame the kids. They’d never been trained for this and klingon quarantine often began and ended with explosions or flamethrower.

He and ever other doctor on the team would be forever grateful that the empire allowed the federation to provide a vaccine. Mining production came before klingon honour for once.

He pulled out a padd and began filling out the days reports. There were alot of them. No fatalities which brought a smile to his face. It had been a good day.

A chirp from his combadge got his attention which with a press he answered. “ Sssthlig here. “

“Sir we have good news. We have a prototype of the cure ready for testing. If everything goes well we can start replicating it within a few hours. “

The gorns heart lifted at that news.

“ Well done team. Make sssure it’sss been tesssted completely i don’t want it backfiring on uss.”

“ Will do sir. We’re sending down more supplies as well. It sounds like you guys have been through plenty today.”

“ Sssend more coffee down while you're at it. “ The doctor added with a grin on his face.

“ Will do sir.” The channel said as it closed.

“ You heard them everybody. We have more sssuppliesss coming down and i want them unpacked and in ssstorage as quikly asss we can. Then everyone hit the sssack we could all do with some sleep.” The gorn said as she stood up from his chair.

There were a few grumbles from the team, but they all stood up to get to work. They were starfleet and they followed orders.

It took the gorn and his team twenty minutes to unload the supplies and return to the temporary sleeping quarters before they collapsed into a well needed sleep.


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