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Your Nobody Called Today

Posted on Mon Feb 4th, 2019 @ 2:56pm by Legate Anje Brett

Mission: Season 2: Episode 3: Determination is not always a good thing
Location: Ops tent/Anje's Memory
Timeline: after We Have Ways.../2 years in the past

Things were getting hot, only going to be getting hotter, and soon it was going to be all hands on deck for the rescue of Chief Liorga, and Anje had been going almost non-stop for the last day or more, stopping only briefly for personal hygiene and meals. She'd fought sleep hard, but it wasn't going to be staved off for much longer. As she sat in front of her console, she started raktajino, the good, non-replicated kind, waiting for it to brew...

[Risa, 2393]

A beautiful woman with chin length auburn hair sat propped up on her elbow, staring lovingly at a younger woman with a long black mane, "Good morning, beautiful." She smiled.

"Been waiting long?" Anje asked, exhausted from the night before she'd slept hard, but was thrilled to wake up and find Cheline looking down on her with such love.

"Never too long when the reward for my wait is you." Cheline Halliwell replied, leaning over to kiss her lover, "I'd wait years for you."

"Well, I'll try not to keep you waiting too long for anything." Anje promised, "Even if we do have all the time in the galaxy."

"That's right, baby." Cheline smiled, stroking Anje's face, "All the time in the galaxy." She walked to the window, looking out over Risa, "This place is beautiful, like almost as beautiful as you."

Anje stood up and followed her lover, not bothering to take the blanket with her, much less get dressed, and wrapped her arms around the taller woman's waist, "Nothing compared to you..." She cooed, kissing her lover's back.

"We should get ready, angel." Cheline said, "We've got a busy day and your Aunt will be here any minute cracking the whip."

"She can be a bit of a slave driver." Anje laughed, her namesake aunt, Ambassador Zhukov, had been quick to inform her this conference on Risa was not a vacation, she was working and if she could work, so could the rest of them, "Wonder if she'll give me the day off for being in love..."

"Your aunt wouldn't give you the day off for being in traction." Cheline joked, "Go get in the shower, I'll get breakfast ordered."

"Okay." Anje nodded, "I'll keep it warm for you."

The shower, a real non-sonic one, began to release it's life affirming waters, reminding Anje why it was the most beautiful of ancient technologies. A quick step in, then out with an 'eep' as the water was still too cold, led Anje to turning her attention back to Cheline as she stood in the bedroom of their suite. She stared lovingly at her girlfriend, the woman she'd pursued since she was XO on the Bozeman-A and Anje a shuttle pilot, the last three months since Cheline had revealed she shared Anje's feelings had been the best of her misplaced life, ~It's like we were sent to the future so I could find my Cheline.~

She watched as Cheline sent messages back and forth with someone, probably someone else assisting with the conference, she decided. ~Crap, could be my aunt already looking for me. Being that maddening woman's aide is like the twelve labors of Hercules; she never seems to think she's asking for too much and it never seems to end.~ As Cheline entered, dreading the answer, she asked, "Who was it?"

"Oh, nobody." Cheline lied. Clearly it was somebody, but she knew Anje wouldn't question her.

"Okay." Anje shrugged, not following up on it as Cheline predicted, though she did wonder who 'Nobody' was...

[USS Pearl Harbor, later in 2393]

"So, do you think she's going to give me the job?" Cheline asked, she had been waiting for an answer for too long.

"I think so." Anje replied, though she didn't know for sure. Her aunt was a hard read, "And if she doesn't so what? You're the Captain of the Pearl Harbor, one of the newest and best ships in the fleet, that's an amazing accomplishment."

"Yes, but it's a stepping stone and I don't want to stand on it too long." Cheline replied, she was getting irritated with Anje and with her Aunt's infinite foot dragging. The fact was she needed this time as the Chief of Staff to Ambassador Zhukov to ensure herself of an Admiralty in the future. She could see the confusion and hurt in Anje's eyes and knew it was time to rebuild the dike, "Besides, that way we can be together all the time, my love. Start planning for our future. Maybe even get married..."

Anje began to glow, the idea that Cheline wanted to marry her was the most wonderful news in the galaxy, "I'll keep pushing her on it." She promised with a kiss on her lover's lips. As the passionate liplock progressed she noticed a young JG Lieutenant with a scowl on her face, who shot Cheline a look of fury and walked out of the lounge. When the kiss broke, Anje couldn't help but ask, "Who was that?"

"Nobody." Cheline replied, watching the other woman leave.

[Risa, a month later]

"I'm sorry, Anje, it's over." Cheline informed her now ex-lover, "I just can't do this anymore."

"But why?" Anje sobbed, "What did I do wrong? We can fix this!"

"It's nothing to fix." Cheline sighed, "We've just drifted apart being in separate places, I guess me not getting that job at the embassy was fate's way of letting us see we weren't meant to be."

"No, that's bullshit." Anje heaved a protest, her face stained with mascara lines, black rivers of anguish, "I love you! I have since the first time I saw you! We can't give up! I'll quit as my Aunt's aide, transfer to the Pearl so we can be together..."

"I'm sorry, Anje." Cheline said flatly, rising to leave, "Feelings change."

"You're lying, Cheline." Anje said, her tears having briefly stopped as she realized it, "There's somebody else. Who is it?"

"Nobody." Cheline shook her head, "Good bye, Anje."

Anje collapsed on the bed as the love of her life walked out the door, her heart shattering as it closed. She ran to the window and looked down into the street, wanting to call out to Cheline to come back, to give her another chance....

She saw Cheline walking to a beam out point with another woman, who looked for all the world like that scowling JG from the Pearl...

[Cortic VI]

Anje lurched bolt upright, tears streaming down her face, as the raktajino maker whistled, letting her know her drink was ready and freeing her from that horrible dream. She wiped tears from her face, along with black mascara, looking to the chronometer and seeing she'd been out for about three minutes, ~Felt like a damned eternity...~ Living that moment had been hard enough, having to relive it was nightmarish, "Computer, play Sylvia..." She instructed.

Your nobody called today, she hung up when I asked her name.
I wonder, if she thinks she's being clever...
You say nobody's after you, now I see that it's true
But I can love you like Nobody can
Even Better...


OOC: With apologies to Cdr. Taylor, I know this is his gimmick :)


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