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An Engineer's Arrival

Posted on Sun Jul 15th, 2018 @ 7:22am by Captain Phoenix Lalor & Lieutenant Kara Hoffman

Mission: Season 2: Mission 2: Just Breath
Location: DS9
Timeline: Present

Kara barely had time to find out why she wasn't allowed access to her vessel, before she was promptly escorted to an out of the way office by a seemingly rushed off his feet Bajoran security officer. He grumbled "You're captain is located here". Before he pressed the door buzzer and stomped away. Kara turned to watch him leave. "Great, I still haven't got a clue what the heck is going on. I hope this isn't too complicated." She scratched the back of her head waiting patiently for the response of her new Captain, leaning a little to the left as her heavy bag weighed her down a little.

The door slid open and a female voice called out "Come!".

The office was at 1/2 illumination and from behind the desk, rose a woman with captains pips. "Ah Lieutenant, please come in. How can I assist you?"

Kara Entered the office, setting her heavy bag down beside the door. Before waling forwards a little, standing to attention and saluting. "Ma'am. I'm lieutenant Kara Hoffman, your new Assistant chief engineer. Reportin' for duty." Her Scottish accent cut through, as much as she tried to disguise it. She let out a small breath, awaiting her Captain's orders.

The name registered in the Erisian's mind. "Ah yes. Please have a seat Lieutenant." She waved to a seat in front of the desk. "Sorry about the abnormal place for this meeting."

Kara took a seat smiling. Relaxing a little, as she flicked her hair back to clear her eyes. " It's wonderful to finally meet you Captain. Ever since my transfer request was approved from Earth Space dock, I've been so excited. Oh and nervous. I just hope I can do well. Is there, um..." She hesitated a little. "Anything you would like to know about me?"

Phoenix studied the lieutenant before her. "As you have possibly noticed we are unable to be on the Elysium right now. There is some sensitive upgrades going on which no one, is allowed to be on board for."

Kara sighed a little, she had been so excited to arrive, now she had to wait, and wasn't allowed to know why. She was a lover of al lthings technical afterall. "I understand Captain. I am meeting with the doctor later this afternoon, to get my physical done, so i can be medically signed off. I won't ask too many questions about these upgrades, i'm sure if I ever need to know i will be informed."

"I am sure the chief engineer will be able to fill you in. He is very good at his job." Phoenix looked at the schedual she had on her desk. "You will find him either in his temporary quarters or on the promenade most likely. Look for the large wolf on his hind legs with a pretty Trill lady beside him, most likely."



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