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We Have Ways of Making You Talk

Posted on Mon Feb 4th, 2019 @ 6:19am by Commander Gary Taylor & Legate Anje Brett & Lieutenant Gallia Norris & Lieutenant Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen

Mission: Season 2: Episode 3: Determination is not always a good thing
Location: Field Hospital
Timeline: after Getting Approval

Jonesy had only just regained consciousness after having been out about an hour; he woke up feeling good, better than he had in a few weeks actually, made him wonder if something had been wrong that he hadn't known about. He looked around the room for a second, then groaned in dismay, so many Fleeters in there, that couldn't possibly be good. He didn't say anything, rolling over as though he was going back to sleep in the futile hopes they would leave him alone.

"This one's woken up", Anya reported, pointing at the bed of the man Mona had referred to as the dumb one.

Jonesy kept quiet, though he now knew they weren't going to leave him alone for long. They're going to want to talk, he realized, can't avoid it forever. He didn't know what they were going to want, probably want him to roll over on Quin. Can't do that, he decided, Quin will kill me, not worth it, I'll sit in prison before I let 'im feed me to them pigs. He sat up, "I'm not talkin' about nothin', right." He began, "I want a lawyer, and I ain't sayin' a thing without one."

"Fat chance, not while one of our own is out there and you hold the information we need to get her back", Anya said. She wasn't an expert negotiator but she had enough anger inside her for three.

"I ain't got nothin' ta say, poppet." Jonesy sneered at her, "Ain't no nurse in the galaxy gonna get me to snitch out nobody. Now, you've 'eard me ask for a lawyer, I'd advise you go get me one. Other than that, I'm 'aving a lovely nap."

"I am afraid your nap will have to wait." Came the cool reply as Savar stood beside the cot. "As for a lawyer, you are mistaken you have committed an act of kidnapping against a member of Starfleet. Therefore you have no rights in regard to a lawyer." The words spoken with a cool precise tone only added weight to them.

"I know my rights as a citizen." Jonesy replied, though it was, at best, a half truth. Facts being what they are, Jonesy didn't know much of anything, but they didn't need to know that, "So piss off, you pointy-eared wanker."

The insult had as much effect on Savar as trying to stop a T-Rex with a pea shooter, that is none. He continued on as if Jonesy had never spoken. "I assure you. I will not as you suggest....piss off and I will get the information we seek." Again the tone cool, precise, totally under control.

Anya had to try hard to contain a chuckle. She had half-expected Savar to respond along the lines of 'Vulcans masturbate only once every seven years', Jonesy countering with. 'Damn, I'm up two, three times a night', to which Savar's cool 'That is unfortunate' would have just been killer. Anya shook her head. Was she spending too much time with Estelle, to be having these thoughts?

"Whatever, mate, wake me when my lawyer shows and not a second before." Jonesy laughed, "Lest you got a better offer."

Savar moved forward, a hand on Jonesy shoulder, turning back around with no effort. "Your time for bargaining has come and gone. I am afraid your lawyer will not be able to help you. It is time for results."

Anje walked in not long before Savar moved on Jonesy. From her standpoint as a former diplomatic aide she was required by regulations to be horrified and intervene, but this was different, it was, as Aunt Anje always said, time for intense negotiations. She looked to Jonesy, laughing a little as she realized just how accurate the ladies had been earlier when they named him the stupid one. She wondered if even Savar was going to be able to get anything of use out of him, ~Probably be easier to reassemble a book run through a crosscut shredder than get information from this fool.~

"'ey! You can't do that!" Jonesy protested, backing away quickly, "That's telephonic rape!"

"See, if I was you I'd be more worried about the actual kind." Anje interjected with a shrug, "I mean, prisons haven't changed much in the last five centuries, so I'd be cooperative if it were me. Whatever, though," Anje said as she turned away, "your sphincter, buddy."

"Wha's she talkin' about?" Jonesy snarled, pointing to Anje, "Wha's that bitch mean by that?"

Savar's gaze was cool and utterly impersonal. "I believe you mean telepathic." He replied without humor. "I would advise you against struggling, less chance of damage to your mind. However it is your choice."

"You stay away from me, mate!" Jonesy shrieked, "Get me a lawyer NOW!"

"Don't you get it, friend?" Anje laughed, "You're not under arrest by Starfleet security, you're an enemy combatant who assisted in the kidnapping of two Starfleet officers. Have you never heard of enhanced interrogation?" Starfleet hadn't used 'enhanced interrogation' since her Aunt had been the Admiral in charge of Intel, not openly anyway, but she was banking on Jonesy not knowing that.

"I. Want. A. Lawyer." Jonesy replied, though he as starting to get worried.

Anje sent a look to Savar, hoping he could see where she was going with this, "We can do whatever we want to get our people back." She pressed on, "Going along with the mindmeld might be a lot easier."

"She can't do this." Jonesy protested, looking around for whoever was in charge, needing to get out of this. Lowering his head when he realized that she seemed to be the one in charge, "Shit..."

"The Commander is correct. Your options are severely limited. It would be in your best interest to cooperate. Less chance of mental trauma."

"I ain't lettin' you probe me, 'less you gimme some reassurances." Jonesy began to negotiate, "I'm lookin' for a deal, right?"

"You have no say in what you will or will not allow." Savar countered, "It is time to begin. If you wish to deal you should have taken up dabo." He said perfectly deadpan.

"You're bluffin'." Jonesy laughed, "If you could do them enhanced interpretations you already would've! Now, you want information, it's got a price, see?"

"Vulcans never bluff." Savar retorted and took a step towards him.

In the next bed, unknown to the others, Bug had woken up and had been listening to every word Jonesy was saying; that bastard was about to sell everybody out to save his own miserable skin. Not only was he going to sell him out, he was going to bring Quin down on all of them. No way, Bug decided, no way he's playing with my life.

It didn't take him long to construct a plan, especially with everybody focused on Jonesy and his pathetic attempts to make some sort of deal. The brunette from earlier, Lt. Commander something or other, had her back to him, her ponytail dangling down her back between her shoulder blades; yeah, he decided, that'll do. Leaping to his feet he grabbed her hard, twisting her hair around his arm and wrapping his other arm around her neck, almost cutting off her airway, "Alright, you lot, listen up!" He ordered, "One false move an' I'll kill her right in front of ya!"

"Bug, man, you're losin' it!" Jonesy said, trying to calm his 'friend.'

"Shut up, Jonesy." Bug spat back, "I heard everything you told them, you're tryin' to save your ass at the cost of mine. Soon as I'm done with her, I'm gonna snap you in half."

"Umm... Bug?" Anje gasped, breathing was becoming difficult, "This isn't helping your..."

"SHUT UP!" Bug snarled, pulling her in closer and starting to walk her backwards out of the tent, "And all of you keep back or she dies, got it?"

This wasn't going according to plan. Anya had her phaser drawn, pointing at Bug and Anje. "I can take the shot, Commander", she said.

"Don't worry about me. Savar, do the meld!" Anje ordered, "Find our people!"

"You shut up!" Bug said threateningly, pointing back at the others, "And you all back off. NOW!"

"Could you maybe let go of my hair?" Anje asked.

Bug quickly changed tactics, moving his hand from her hair to her throat, planning to choke her until she shut up, "Like this better, do ya?"

"Ac...tually.." Anje struggled for air, "Yes." With the last strength she had left, she kicked Bug hard in his groin, causing him to wince in pain and release her against his will. She immediately dropped into a split on the floor, offering Anje an open shot at her erstwhile captor.

Anya shot him, though her gaze followed Anje. The splits, unprepared, like this. That was impressive. "Nice move." She wasn't above giving praise where she felt it was justified. She had her phaser still pointed at the unconscious man, but stepped up to Anje and held out her hand to get the other woman back to... well, on her feet, if not exactly anywhere approaching height. She wondered whether lifts smelled a lot different to Anje, but quickly banished the thought.

"Liked that, huh?" Anje said as the other Anya helped her up, "Lettered in gymnastics in high school, was Academy champion, too." She quickly ran a hand through her hair, grimacing when she pulled out several broken strands, "Asshole..."

Anya grabbed the man by both his wrists and dragged him back onto the cot, and none too gently. She was angry with him, and all proper, considerate and measured behaviour didn't seem as important to her any more. She didn't break any of his bones, but he'd certainly have bruises. A quick trip to the replicator later, and Anya had him tied to the bed. "Are you okay, though? Should you go see the doctor?"

"Nah, he just broke some hair and gave me a bruise." Anje shook it off, "Hope his nuts hurt for a month."

Savar had watched the proceedings impassively. He had confidence that his fellow officers would resolve the situation quickly. He was pleased to see his confidence hadn't been misplaced. He turned his attention back to Jonesy. "Now, let us continue."

"Hey, what the hell???" Jonesy gasped, "You shot Bug! That weren't needed, mate!"

"Perhaps you would prefer to join him?" Savar questioned. As he reached for his own phaser. "I assure you I can get the information we need if you are unconscious though I cannot guarantee your mental state will remain unimpaired."

"Look, you want help, fine, but I'm gonna need some guarantees. Some protections as it were." Jonesy said, his hands up in front of him, "If you want me ta sell out Bug and Quin and the rest o' his bunch, I can nevah, and I do mean nevah, run inta 'em again. They'll kill me for sure."

Savar looked at him with a faint air of disdain, " The time for negotiations has come and gone. I do not require you to 'sell out' anyone. I can get the information..... unfiltered and unaltered directly from your mind." He raised his hand, "Let us proceed."

"Screw it." Anje interjected, "We'll get it from the other guy, then drop this guy off with Quin, tell him the whole thing was his idea. He wanted, no, he begged to help us. How does that sound?"

Savar nodded, "That is acceptable." he looked at Jonesy, "It seems your cooperation is no longer needed."

"Whoa, mate, mate, you're overestimatin' my price here." Jonesy said quickly, "I just wanna vanish far 'way from that lot. I don't mind givin' 'em to ya, I just would prefer not to be killed by 'em later. That's all I'm askin' for here."

"Incorrect. I know exactly what your price is. Before any deal can be made I must view this information." As he moved to Jonesy. His hand coming up to place it on Jonesy's face.

"No way, mate." Jonesy pulled back, "Not until you guarantee my safety."

"Incorrect." Savar intoned stiffly as his hand fell on to Jonesy's cheek. The man stiffened and his eyes glazed over. "Your mind to my mind. Your thoughts to my thoughts." He intoned as he gained access to Jonesy's mind. His mind was a cesspool. With several graphic and lurid images of what he wished to do with Liogra. The man was disgusting, a pig like the ones he was so afraid of. Then he came to the information they wanted. "A large gun protects it. It will need to be neutralized. Access can be gained from the rear. A stream runs close and will mask any sound coming from that area. The pigs are in a pen that is adjacent to the home and provide cover for any force approaching from that side."

"Are they like Earth pigs or are they Targs?" Anje asked, knowing Jonesy was now open, he might even reply to her questions now.

"They ain't targs." Jonesy replied, though he really didn't know what a targ was, "They're jus' pigs, the Kling-en kind."

"He means Targs." Anje sighed, "Lovely." That eliminated any chance of using that entrance for an approach, anyone trying to come through would be eaten alive, unless they shot all the targs and gave away their position so they could merely be shot to pieces...

"Which means, good thing they're kitting Mona out", Anya said. "She might have to go in the front door, give us visual data, so we can configure the transporters to get a team right in there?" Anya figured, even if they had the exact location, there were going to be complications, unless... "Maybe that vaccine she's supposed to give them, if we could make that into a slow-acting sedative? Once everyone's got it, they fall asleep ten minutes later?" She felt the time delay was necessary because they'd otherwise catch on before the plan could be implemented.

Gary had just walked in as Savar was conducting his mindmeld with one of the prisoners and heard him mention a big gun. "Before anything is done we need some recon photos of this big gun, then we can come up with an appropriate plan."

"If it weren't for the hostage situation, we could even blast it from orbit", Anya said. "Something always has to complicate things."

Gary glanced at the security officer, "We'll consider every option in dealing with it. The first and most important goal is to get Chief Liorga back safely along with any other hostages."


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