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A Plan Forms

Posted on Fri Jan 11th, 2019 @ 11:04am by Lieutenant Commander Anje Brett & Lieutenant Commander Estelle Hertz MD & Lieutenant JG Gallia Norris & Petty Officer 1st Class Anya Neeze & Corporal Mona Lott

Mission: Season 2: Episode 3: Determination is not always a good thing
Location: Field Hospital

With both of them out for the moment, Mona suggested, “I think we should let the stupid one go back there. He’ll lead us there, tagged and everything. The other one might think he’s too smart, and try to lead us somewhere else, or just try to flee.”

“I cannae disagree with this outta hand, Mona. There’s just one question.” Gallia said.

“This one”, Anya said, pointing at Jonesy. “He’s more intellectually stunted than the other guy. I know, they’re both stupid.” She figured she knew what Gallia was about to ask.

“I dunno.” Gallia shook her head, “He might rabbit on is, head for greener pastures or somethin’, I think the other one’s more likely ta head back to the fort. But, this isn’t really an engineerin’ question, I suppose.”

“You’re right. We should get help from the skipper or the XO”, Anya said. They’d have to take responsibility sooner or later, anyway. Why not involve them now? “Okay, maybe the XO. He won’t let the skipper come down here anyway.”

Estelle walked up to them, saying, “Dorso’s out of danger. He’ll be a while to recover but he’ll suffer no permanent damage. At least not physically.” She didn’t know what he’d been through. How was she to know the man had been lucky enough to be unconscious through the whole ordeal? She was still worried for Liorga, both her physical and mental safety, especially seeing what deranged fools had apparently taken her captive. “Have we got any news?” Her hands fidgeted with her medical kit, betraying her nervousness.

“Anje’s tryin’ ta narrow down them search parameters.” Gallia replied, her accent unusually thick as it often was in times of great stress, “I cannae say when she’ll be bringin’ us an answer, but she didnae expect it to take too long.”

“I think there’s another option, too”, Mona started. “You see, they think Anya and I are nurses. If we send Chief Stupid here back, with us, to treat or inoculate them or whatever medical babble you can come up with that’ll convince them, we can sneak into their camp, kill everyone and bring Liorga back with us.”

“That’s an interestin’ thought.” Gallia nodded, “Though I dinnae think Cdr. Taylor’s gonna be so keen on it, especially not just the three of us.”

“The two of us”, Anya said. “Mona and I. We can at the very least wear a concealed combadge or a viridium patch, to let Fernando and a strike team know where to beam down.”

“No chance of you goin’ without me!” Gallia fired back, “I’m in this for the long haul.”

“Gallia, you’re an engineer, not a soldier. Best not get in the way”, Estelle said.

“In the way?” Gallia laughed, “Yeah, best ask Senior Chief Pratt about me in his hand to hand combat course. I can handle meself, dinnae ya worry ‘bout that.”

“This is something for the professionals”, Estelle said. “I don’t want anything to go wrong during the rescue.” She looked at Gallia intently. “Please, let them work.”

Anje came out of her work tent, her hair and uniform disheveled, but with a smile on her face, “I’ve narrowed it to four locations, I’ll narrow it more once I can get some of our fighter and shuttle jockeys to do some flybys of the locations, see who can spot some pigs.”

Gallia was fuming, she needed to be there for the rescue, it was her fault they were captured anyway. She was about to tell Anya and Mona that she was going whether they went with her or not when Anje’s remark hit her, “Pigs?”

“Pigs.” Anje nodded, “One of the half price Pirates of the Caribbean mentioned their boss, a Mr. Quinn, being wont to feed people to pigs. So we’re looking for a large herd of pigs…”

“Are you sure that’s not just figurative language?” Estelle asked. “I like Mona’s idea.”

“No, I’m sure that it’s literal pigs.” Anjee shook her head, “The fear was too real in their eyes. These are real pigs we’re looking for, and they’ve really been used for the purposes mentioned.”

“You think Liorga might…?” Estelle didn’t dare finish the question. Her face was noticeably paler.

“Not a chance.” Anje stopped her, “They’re keeping her alive.”

“Good enough for me.” Gallia shrugged, turning to Mona and Anya, “Alright, let’s go get them. A big herd of pigs willnae be hard ta find, we’ll smell ‘em kilometres before we see ‘em!”

“Gallia, that’s a really bad idea.” Anje shook her head, though the Scot didn’t seem dissuaded.

“I can do it myself then.” Gallia blew it off, her anger, at the kidnappers and herself, was overriding everything now.

Anje stepped in front of her and planted her feet, “Gallia, I could give you a direct order, but I don’t think you’re going to listen to me. So hear this, I will fight you if I have to.” ~Crap, this huge Scottish bitch is gonna kill me…~

And from behind, Estelle placed her hands on Gallia’s shoulders. She was even a bit taller than Gallia, so she could see Anje’s face peering over Gallia’s head. “Gallia, please. This is costing us time, let the soldiers do what soldiers do best.” She had a firmer grip on Gallia’s shoulders than she probably should have, without realising it.

Gallia probably would’ve noticed and maybe said something, if she hadn’t been too busy laughing, “Did ya hear that?” She cackled, “She said she’d fight me.” She motioned to Anje, laughing harder.

“I really don’t see what’s so funny, Gallia”, Estelle said, growing more annoyed by the second.

“If I have to.” Anje replied, though she knew if it came down to it Gallia would break her easily enough. That’s when she noticed that Gallia’s laughter was not mocking, but genuinely amused, ~Good, that means she’s not going to kill me…~ “Besides, are you really going to abandon your best friend at the worst moment of her life?”

“What was that?” Gallia stopped on a dime, if Anje had wanted to make her angry, she’d done it. She doesn’t understand, Gallia reminded herself, she doesn’t know this is my fault.

Mona looked at Anje. “If I may suggest, we should call and report our findings. Let the XO put together a team, perhaps?”

“Excellent idea.” Anje nodded, turning to Gallia, “Lt. Norris, Gallia, perhaps you should consider the possibility that these people might be looking for more victims? You’ve got to suspect that the doctor would make an attractive target to human traffickers. She might not fetch the same price as a Deltan, but still…”

“Which is why I should go”, Mona said. “They’re going to be salivating for an Orion.”

“I’m calling the ship”, Estelle decided. “Hertz to Taylor. Commander, I think we have a lead on Liorga’s position. Would you join us down here, plan her rescue?”


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